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Easy money if you've passed the Arena cheat

First got to Bowerstone or any other town with a house you own. First take your most expensive trophies and put them on the wall then sell your house break the door down, take your trophies, buy back the house, repeat until satisfied.

Added 26 May 2005, ID #3760, by Aus Jon72
Ask.com and get


Easy Renown
Buy a spade. In the Guild, choose a new Quest and choose to Boast about it. You will be transported to the Boast Podium in Lookout Point. A group of people should flock to you and cheer. Step off the podium and find a diggable patch of ground. Now dig. Every time you dig, the characters in the area will be reloaded; as this is the only place in the game where human NPCs are randomly generated, the generation process will be repeated and more people will spawn. Continue doing this until you have a huge crowd of people, then pull out a Trophy and show it off to the amassed onlookers for huge amounts of Renown points.

Additionally, killing masses of them at a time with magic will net you a large Combat Multiplier and a nice chunk of experience.

Note: Your XBox may lag if there are too many NPCs on-screen at once; therefore, 100 is a good recommended upper limit of NPCs.

Added 15 May 2005, ID #3709, by Zelda Fan

Have "It" With Your Wives

To do it with your wives just tell them to follow you into your house and keep on pressing the A button until she turns green then soon after a message will apear saying " Go to bed with your wife" then press A for yes. The screen will go black but you will be able to hear your wife say things like "Your so naughty" and " You must've used your will on me."

Added 22 Apr 2005, ID #3606, by shadow11191

Possible infinite items

You firstly need the steal skill for this to have a full effect go to a tarvern and buy all his beer (NOT THE KEGS) get a shop owner to follow you and get him smashed (DRUNK) go back to his/her store and raid all the items in the store by doing the 5 finger discount. Want more items?

Sleep until it is day again and repeat as many times as required.

Hey who says nothing is free in the World?

Added 21 Jan 2005, ID #2966, by MeltonMania

Infinite keys

When you go to rose cottage to do the "save the boy" quest, go the the flower mound and dig up the key, then hero save and reload, you will be back in Greatwood, then go dig the key up again and you will still have the one from last time.

Added 6 Nov 2004, ID #2616, by tsukasa14

Greatwood Gorge Demon Door

To open the Greatwood Gorge Demon Door, you need to one of the following:

(1) Eat at least 10 crunchy chickens in front of it
(2) Kill at least 4 people in front of it
(3) Be 100% evil

Added 21 Oct 2004, ID #2558, by liquidbutter
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