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How to open Demon Doors!!

Grey House Demon Door:
Complete the Mayor's invitation quest to marry Lady Grey of Bowerstone to open the Demon Door and get the Axe of Ronok which is behind it.

Barrow Fields Demon Door:
Open the Demon Door to get Will Master's Elixer by being obese with a full health bar. Do this by quickly eating red meat, apple pies and drinking beer.

Darkwood Marshes Demon Door:
To open the Demon Door and obtain Will User's Dark Suit successfully defeat a horde of Hobbes in the challenge set by the Demon Door.

Rose Cottage Demon Door:
To obtain Will User's Bright Suit give the Demon Door a rose or a cheap gift.

Greatwood Gorge Demon Door:
To obtain Wellow's Pickhammer the Demon Door will require that you do one of the following evil deeds:
A) Eat Crunchy Chick food in front of it
B) Commit Murder in front of it
C) Be 100% evil

Greatwood Caves Demon Door:
To obtain the Cutlass Bluetane at the Demon Door take a combat challenge to test your multiplier, your multiplier must be at least 14 when you approach this Demon Door. Use a physical shield during the challenge to keep your multiplyer from dropping off and use Slow Time to avoid damage.

Heroes Guild Demon Door:
Buy a lamp in Bowerstone and Shine the Demon Door with it and it will open to reveal the Tattoo Card, Books and Elixer of Life.

Knothole Glade Demon Door:
To open this Demon you have to shoot it with a bow which is at least as powerful as the Ebony Bow. When the Demon Door has been opened you will receive an Elixir of Life.

TwinBlade's Camp Demon Door:
This Demon Doors requirements to open is that you bring three of its friends. This Demon Door has bad vision and can be fooled into seeing three of its friends by getting three members from your party to wear the following clothes:
1) Dark Will User's Clothes
2) Bandits Gear
3) Bright Plate Armour
You will find the Dollmaster's Mace behind this door.

Added 22 Sep 2004, ID #2441, by Sanzano
Ask.com and get

Another way to steal from the stores in any town and get $$$$

Okay so first if you are a beginner on stealing I prefer a small town so you go to any town go in the store and tell the guy to follow you and then you bring him to a store that sells beer then buy some then give him beer till he gets drunk then tell him to wait but if it still has the follow sign while hes drunk he wont follow you then you run back to the store and if no ones there you can steal all the stuff in the store and sleep till the next day (not night time) then go back to the store and the guy should be there sell your stuff you stole or keep it then you can do it all over again

Added 23 Jun 2012, ID #8134, by max34561

Get a whole bunch of weapons

Freeze your game by running into bowerstone with assassin rush. While loading push back on the left stick. Everything but you in you game should freeze. Now go to oakvale and steal all the weapons from the guy who sells armor and weapons.

Added 21 Nov 2011, ID #8114, by ilide18


When you get to Bowerstone North buy all the diamonds. You could sell them all back and get a small profit; or you could go to Oakvale and sell them all to the items dealer for a much larger profit.

This gets you money faster. Every time you visit Bowerstone North you should buy the diamonds so you can add to your inventory, the more you have the more money you get.

ID #7976, by Guest

will master made easy

Ok so you need to earn enough pointsto get the summon skill, once you have it put it on your quick list and do it over and over, every time youu summon it gives you three will points. With a full will bar I get around 400 will points at a time before I have to use a potion or wait for mybar to refill.

Added 28 Mar 2009, ID #7818, by pokemonmaster34

Money, Money, Money

This is a glitch which can help you get a lot of money

Firstly, Go and buy a house(i recommend not buying the house in bowerstone south for it sucks)
Secondly, Upgrade the house until you have got the trophy cabinets.
Thirdly, Put your most valuable trophy's into them
Fourthly, Go and sell your house the break in and steal back your trophy's

Then do it over and over again till you have the desired amount of money


Added 3 Mar 2009, ID #7805, by Unmasked-Hero

secret messages

When you start a new game, enter your name as this to get a secret message:

Krunk-you heard about the time I killed me a couple of heroes?
Krunki-my hands are red with the blood of thousands.
Krunkn-I once killed a white balverine. I did. It's true.
Krunko-you know I once burnt down a whole village?

Added 17 May 2008, ID #7604, by joshbl56

Unlimited $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Ok what you do iz you beat Jack o Bladz and hero save then skip the creditz
And you get 26000 gp for beatin Jack o' Bladz each time and repeat until your happy
Then (optional) watch all the creditz then you
Should get all the money and you keep playin the game after you beat Jack o' Bladz
Then you get tonz o money

Added 9 Mar 2008, ID #7538, by Renjii Abarrai

Lots of cash and XP

On arena quest:
*save upon entering arena
*THEN buy whatever you need
*do arena until you defeat the second rounds of trolls/ogres
*at this point return to cells
*do a HERO save
*load the data you just saved and you will be outside of the arena with all XP and cash earned in the fights
*repeat as necessary.

Added 13 Aug 2007, ID #7297, by mitchc13

Cheats and Other things to Help

Sword Of Aeons Tricks:

1st: Get the Sheild Spell from the Guild, and Level Up your magic, then since it recharges your mana so fast the sheild will stay on forever until you run out of mana.

2nd: Go to the clifftop path (the one near the lychfeild graveyard) and go fight the undead, they keep popping up, stay there for about 10 minutes and get your combat multiplier really high, I got mine to 72, then collect experiance pretty soon you'll have over 100,000 general experiance.

3rd: Get any spell that only uses a bit of mana such as assassin's rush, your mana recharges these really fast before they deplete,so you can use these often.

*Hint* if you don't want to become really evil with the sword of aeons, just kill your sister save about 20,000 gold (which isn't hard near the end) and go donate to the temple of Avo or go to the clifftop path near the undead, they give you +2 good every time you kill one.

*Hint* Watch ALL of the credits in order to keep playing the game after you've killed jack, but be patient. They are long.

Some Demon Doors.

One By Hero's Guild: Show him the light from your lantern.
One in Rose Cottage: Give him chocolates
One By Witchwood: Get your Combat multiplier higher or at 16 to do this, go into hobbe cave.
One near Greatwood (I'm Not Sure): get someone to follow you to the door and kill that person in front of the door.
One near Grey House: Marry Lady Grey.

Some ups and downs about being good and evil:

Good: Everyone likes you, Although it is hard NOT to do evil things.
Evil: Nobody likes you but you can steal no matter what.

Easy Arena Strategy: Go near the blades if your low on health run around and let whisper defeat the people. (they will still try to get you though and watch out for arrows)

And Finally, Love Hints,

Lady Grey: First You'll need To get her a black rose, then go to oakvale get a spade, and dig between the 2 boats on the beach then go return them to lady grey, now she'll tell you to fight thunder, You have to do the Save your Mother quest first and then escape. After you finish that go to the path that leads up to headsman's hill. He'll fight you.

Other People: Most have their own distinct personality, although to generally get them to like you, you have to give them gifts, make a sexy hero pose, flirt, and show off your trophies.

Well this concludes the cheats I've found so far. Hope it Helped.
~ Masta

Added 26 Jul 2007, ID #7266, by Masta Sword57

Infinate expiriance

Do you want to be unstopable??? If so when fighting jack of blades kill him and hero save when you get the sword (dont kill your sister or destory sword just save) when you load you will start with the stick on your back the exp you got from the kill but not the sword (boo) do as many times as needed or until at desired exp level.

Added 21 Jul 2007, ID #7254, by jkac

Get items an weapons thu a loop hole

I noticed while playing this great rpg of a game that when you taake a mission and retrive items during it, if you save and then reload you will have to start back on the beging of the mission but you will keep the items you have found. So in conclusion if a extra weapon,agument or etc would help you with money or what ever you desire I sudjest you try this out. Your friend,thepublicsenemy

Added 1 Jun 2007, ID #7116, by Thepublicsenemy

Freeze the game allowing you to do whatever you want!

Hey this is a cool cheat that I found out awhile ago, It allows you to freeze/unfreeze the game whenever you want allowing you to do whatever you want.

First off I havent played the game in awhile so if there is anything that I say
That doesnt go along with the game...Then just ignore it(=P)

Step 1: Go to any door/exit, (to another city), and use berserker, (become big
Red dude), walk through door.

Step 2: While the game is loading make sure you hold the down button on your
Controller. When the game loads you should immediatly walk back into the door
That you just came from. Step 3: Wait until you become normal and walk back through the door, the game
Should be frozen allowing you to do whatever you want, kill whoever you want,
And something else cool, If you shoot an arrow it freezes in the air until you
Unfreeze the game.

How to unfreeze: Alls you have to do to unfreeze the game is take a shovel and
Dig anywhere the game will automatically unfreeze. Happy Gaming! =]

Added 5 Feb 2007, ID #6936, by maverick418

Infinite money and sliver keys

This will only work if you haven't opened the chest at Rose Cottage, dug up the sliver key their or finshed the Hobbe Cave quest.

Take the Hobbe Cave quest, then go to rose cottage go to the dirt mound, dig up the sliver key, go to the thorn bushes. If don't want to get evil points by slashing the thorns go to to leftmost part and press A, you should go through the thorns and get the 500 gold. If you don't mind getting evil points just kill the thorns. Hero save and repeat as desired.

Added 25 Nov 2006, ID #6707, by Shrike

Unlimited Mana Agmentations!

Ok for you will user's here is what you gotta do, when you face Thunder don't open the chest in the (Headsman's Hill Cave) that you fall down to.

Save opening it for when you are on the last quest (when you are stopping Jack from activating the focus sites) and when you get in Gibbet Woods head through the demon door you opened and go to the cave and open the chest.

Then you save, reload and do it over again until you have as many Mana Agmetations as you want and if you have the Frying Pan and a Master Longbow you can agment them to make your mana last way longer!

You need 15 keys to open the chest, and try this little cheat on the Bandit Spy Extraction Quest (If you do, hire the bandits, but kill them to get back the money)

Added 18 Oct 2006, ID #6550, by Sk8in time

Fable heros guild glitch

This glitch is near where you give the cooking apples to the woman and she gives you a blueberry pie part anyway goto the wall near the archway were it leads to her is and walk along that wall until your half way between the arch and the river then turn to face the wall and you should walk into the wall if not walk further either to the arch or the river until you do

Added 31 Aug 2006, ID #6291, by cybervince

Easy good/bad points

What you have to do is on the trader escort quest, at the very beginging kill one of your traders and don't let the new trader follow. This will get you 140 Evil points. Hero save, then load your new save. You will start just outside darkwood where you beging your quest. For good points do the same proccess but don't kill the trader and let the new trader follow. You will get 120 good points. (I think)

Rinse and repeat till your as horned and ugly or white or glowing as you want.

Hope this helps. Gethasename =-]
(Pronounced Gef-a-sen-a-me)

Added 14 Jun 2006, ID #5853, by gethasename

Alot of EXP

After you kill Jack of Blades and get the Sord of Aeons equip another wepon or a bow and start hitting you sister with you other wepon or magic and do this as many times as you want. You will get alot o EXP for it.

Added 20 Jan 2006, ID #5208, by monkeydth

Lots of money from the start, and lots of strength EXP and evil

Ok, so you find fable hard? Do you crave the knowledge of glitches? Or do you just plain like cheating?
Who cares? I just decided to post these cheats because I like helping fellow gamers, so here they are:

Ok, for this you need the beserk and assassin rush spell, the ability to steal and a shovel.
This works in any area, but I shall use Bowerstone south as an example, just to help people who've just about started.
First go to bowerstone south but don't go into it, just get to the point where the gates open, then beserk and once you are beserked fully use assassin rush to rush into the town... Now you get the loading screen, during loading hold down on the left thumbstick so as soon as it loads you will exit the town and still be beserked. Then as soon as you leave town wait for the beserk to wear out (it wears out almost immediately) then the game should be frozen, except for you of course (a good way to check if it's frozen fire an arrow, if it stays in mid-air it works, if it shoots into the distance, oh dear, try again). If the game is frozen go back into town, then it's easy pickings, my routine is to break into the clothes shop with your fists and then you get a fine, but remember, guards are frozen so they can do nothing about it! Now punch the shopkeeper to rotate him around so he's staring at a wall, then steal his stuff! Then go to the weaponsmith, his display weapons should not be out unfortunately, but I figured how to get them out! Go to the bed near the shop and choose to sleep in it, then as the screen darkens, run out of the little hut where the bed is (just to stop your fines going up even higher) sleep again until day and night has passed (basically sleep in it twice) then his weapons should be out, grab them all, but mainly get the obsidian pickhammer and obsidian cleaver (just keep sleeping until you get both of these) but take note that you can only have one of each type of weapon at a time. When you have stolen sufficient amounts of items, go outside the town and dig with your shovel, the game should unfreeze! (note: do this when the game starts getting laggy and jumpy or else it may crash, another way to get rid of the laggy/jumpyness is to leave the area you are in and then re-enter it, huzzah the game is smoother!) when the fines have reduced to 0 in that town then just go back and sell your items to a shop keeper! Repeat until filthy rich!!! (you may also use this cheat to do other things, let your imagination loose!)

If you are looking to create an evil character then this is the cheat for you, however if you want to be good then you can still do this for the exp but you will have to do a hell of a lot of good deeds to make up for this evil ordeal

First go to bowerstone south and get the school teacher to follow you to the area where the fist fighting is, enter a barn, target him and punch the living daylights out of the teacher and then flourish him a.s.a.p. He should fall on the ground, then keep kicking him until the blue outline around him fades away, then take a few steps back then move foreword to him until you have another blue outline then continue kicking him, repeat until evil points are at desired level or strength exp is at desired level. (Tip: I found the easiest way to do this was to flourish him near a wall, every time you kick him you move slightly to the left and this wall was stopping me moving left so all I had to do was continually tap 'X', then I got bored so I paused it, stuck in my turbo pad, unpaused it then used adhisive tape to stick down the 'X' button on turbo, I turned my TV off and decided to do something else, I then came back later and I had enought exp for full strength, and I hadn't even killed the wasp queen!!)

Ok, now this is 100% pointless but might be a little cool in some opinions. In the heroes guild go to the archery training area and walk into the wall round the left hand side of itand keep half walking into the wall and half walking next to it, sort of 'wall-hugging' you will soon walk throught the wall at a certain point! Totally pointless but I can't believe fable developers didn't notice this!

I really hope you use these cheats as I am sure they are all 100% genuine (the last glitch may be only on my disk but still I hope it isn't


Added 5 Aug 2005, ID #4309, by rorspen10

Get Strength Experience Fast!!

Warning: this might cause a divorce with lady grey.

Ok first you have to be married to lady grey,then at night when she is in her room,push her until she is behind a statue then lock on her with left trigger then keep punching her,dont use special (B) button. Dont worry no guards will come in.Do this about for 30 minutes or how long you want to go for.Even when she divorces you just keep locking on and punching her.

*Have about 5 bars of physique and about 5 bars of speed

Added 24 Jul 2005, ID #4202, by dyermit
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