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How To Get Alot More Money In Sims 3

To get alot more money, you have to go shopping and buy food (I'm suggesting you buy CatFish) you then go back home and place them in your fridge. After 5 minutes go back into your fridge and get the food you brought out, then go back to the shopping store you then sell the food you want to sell. (CatFish are worth 17 000 each!) Hopefully, this will give you heaps more cash and make you rich!

Added 29 Sep 2011, ID #4721, by Guest and get

Easy unlimited money

*sims 3 wii only*Go to the fuit store,buy 106 THREE STAR CATFISH,go back home and put them in fridge!!!!!Wait 20 seconds or more then,put them back in your inventory,go back to fruit store and sell them!!!!You should get $999,999 simelons which is unlimited money [everything for free]........good luck .......*IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THIS CHEAT BEFORE OR don't HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY IN SIMS 3 THEN YOU MAY WANT TO TRY BUYING A FEW LESS 3 STAR CATFISH BEFORE THE 106 ONE CHEAT!!!!!!!*[THIS DOES WORK,TRUST ME ;)

Added 28 Aug 2011, ID #4680, by sims3.girl

Falling in love

To get someone with your sim, go to talk to them and be friendly at first. After you have done that for a little bit, change from friendly to romantic. HOPE THIS HELPED! {Sometimes they will reject.... & you can have more than 1 "Friendly Sim" <3

Added 21 Jul 2011, ID #4592, by Guest

Money cheat

Go to the shop, Buy lots of catfish(around 100 of them) then go back to your house and put all of them in your fridge then take them all out again. Take them to the shop and sell them all. After You will then have unlimited money (999,999) spend it well

Added 8 Jul 2011, ID #4557, by Guest

How to have 2 toddlers at the same time on Wiii

After you just came home from Birth click on youre partner again and click "try for baby" once more after that you will be rushed to the hospital.

Added 7 Jul 2011, ID #4554, by Mrs.eyeballeater

Unlimited cash!

If you want unlimited money the first thing to do is go to the Fresh fruits corner store. Then, get like 100 3 star catfish. Take them home, put them in your fridge (Press OPEN and then the picture of a backpack) And then unload. After, exit out of your fridge and fast-forward 20 seconds. Then, go back to your fridge, and put all your catfish back into your inventory, go back to the fresh fruits corner store, and sell them. After selling about 80 you will see that you have made 999,999$ That will stay that amount forever, if you purchase an item it will stay the same. This WORKS. It's pretty cool stuff, have fun!

Added 29 May 2011, ID #4499, by Guest

Quick Money

You can easily earn a few thousand dollars if you go to friend's (or stranger's) houses in the game. Usually, they're more likely to be at home in the middle of the night, so try and wander around town then. Find bookcases in the houses, open them and move all the books into your inventory. You can sell these books at the book store. When you've successfully looted every house with a bookcase, just go to the library and take everything there - it will take several trips as your inventory will get full, but it brings in good money!

Added 23 Apr 2011, ID #4440, by Guest

How to get a big house and more money to buy a house

How to get more money to buy a house:
If you want to get more money to buy a house at the start of the game you should create 6 people (or more if you can)
Because the more people you have at the start the more money you will get to buy a house. If you have 6 ppl you will get 45,000!!
How to get a REALLY big house:
If you want a bigger house than the one you have 2 buy, follow these steps:

1. If you have 6 ppl and have 45,000 buy the land in the top left hand corner for 7,000

2.If you go into the home style it will (should) say buy home.

3. Now you should be able 2 look at all the really cool houses and if you buy one of them you can save up to build another extension to your house and you should have 38,000 to buy a house.

4. If you get fed up with your big house and want a different one, just go into sell and at the top it should say sell house

5. When you sell your house you will get money for it and then you can buy another one!! Hopefully this cheat will come in usefull to some people!!

Added 21 Apr 2011, ID #4438, by Guest

How to get LOADS of money!!!!

I don't know if this is a cheat or if it is an accident my wii had but I bought 103 catfish in the supermarket (but the MUST be ALL 3 star) I then went home and put them in my fridge I slept for as long as I wanted,I took them out of my fridge and sold them to the supermarket and then it gave me £999,999. And whenever I buy anythung it DOESNT take it out of my money AT ALL!!(WARNING) THIS MY NOT WORK FOR you BECAUSE I'm NOT SURE WETHER IT ACCIDENTLY DID IT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 16 Apr 2011, ID #4433, by Guest
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