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599 Zelda_Fan 20th Apr 2007 88% Read Review
746 SCUM_OF_THE_EARTH 2nd Dec 2007 80% Read Review
1027 DeadWing 31st Dec 2008 96% Read Review
1054 pokefreak934 22nd Feb 2009 90% Read Review
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A Quick Review... Added 22 Feb 2009, ID #2504
Wii Sports is the perfect game for gamers new to the Wii system. It introduces the new controls, so a gamer can get used to how the Wii Remote registers their movements and mirrors them with their Mii on the screen. The games included are: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. Each of these games can be played by yourself or multiplayer with two or more Wii Remotes. Playing alone, try to increase your points by facing harder opponents, and become a pro by earning 1000! Try singles or doubles tennis, bat or pitch in baseball, go for a strike in bowling, shoot under par in golf, or knock out your opponent in the boxing ring! Or practice with the training modes, where you can play 3 different minigames for each of the sports and compete with other users on your Wii for the highest scores! Try to earn medals - bronze, silver, gold, or even platinum! - by achieving certain scores. This game is fun, can be picked up again and again, and is great to play with friends or family. and get
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