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Wii Sports

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Full Review for Wii Sports by SCUM_OF_THE_EARTH

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The first game everybody will get for the Wii. This game comes with every console you can buy. Once you open your little box, out pops Wii sports for you to love and care for. It contains the proper actions for all sports you play so you actually have to play sport.
Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis. Have fun with your brand new sports game, you don't even need to leave the house to play sport! Isn't that fantastic? Make sure you tighten the wrist strap as well, otherwise you'll be in for breaking a television. We wouldn't want that now would we?



The graphics of this game is maybe in the middle but it deserves a 9. The missing 1 is taken out because of the mii graphics. Although you get to create yourself and various other people of your choice, it does not resemble real life very well. Baseball: When playing baseball, the miis don't have any legs, they bob up and down to run and they don't have any arms, only floating hands. The field on the other hand is spectacular! When your mii slides dust flies up from the pitch. The ball spins and bounces away, or into your opponent. You get a great piece of graphics once you hit the ball out of the park as well.
Bowling: This is some great work of art as well. The alley is as shiny as it would be in real life. You can see reflections of lights and all. The ball spins or doesn't spin depending on the way you bowl it and you can actually see the ball spinning the way it's turning. Your mii again, does not have any arms.
Boxing: Your mii doesn't have any arms in this one either. You can uppercut, jab, and do many other boxing strikes without any arms, amazing isn't it? The boxing ring is great and the side strings really bend when you run into them. The crowd isn't all that good though. Golf: The golf graphics are definitly the best graphics in the whole game. The trees are drawn and animated with great precision to real trees. The green is perfect and the rough is long, and dark. Once you're heading for the rough, you'll know it. You can see the flight path of the golf ball and you can make it spin in whatever direction you want.
Tennis: You do not have arms in this either. The graphics for this game are up there in the top, but not as good as golf. When you hit the ball out, you can get it stuck on the roof, it can hit the pole of the net and rebound into the exact direction it would fly in real life. The crown are actually miis as well, but I'm sure they are not ones you have created.



The music for Wii Sports isn't that great. They sounds you get when you're playing are the best. When you bowl the Bowling Ball you can hear it hit the floor, hear it knock over the pins and hear it fall into the gutter. When you hit the tennis ball, it has some resemblence to real life. Even when you're playing outside, the ball has that echo sound you would get if your playing inside. You can hear the bounce and the plonk against the wall. You'll also love it when the crowd cheers you on. When you play golf, the golf ball makes a nice ting sound once it's hit off of the tee, but it doesn't sound correct. When it bounces in the rough or fairway I don't think it sounds correct either. Nothing about this games sound really makes you think of real life much. Baseball is about the same as golf. It makes a nice sound but you can't really make it sound familiar to life. Boxing is one of the best, although it too has some of the same characteristics to golf and baseball. The punches sound really cool but still do not match proper life.



Gameplay is pretty sweet. There are many things for you to do. You have to swing your arms to play any of the 5 games on this disc. Baseball: To play this game you need to have good reactions. Sometimes your opponent with throw you a ball purposly at your feet. You only get a short amount of time to realise where it's heading and whether or not you're going to hit it. The speed of the ball will vary and test out your reactions even more. You don't have to make the characters run yourself or throw (when fielding). When you're pitching, there are many different balls you can do. Use the arrow keys, 'A', 'B', '1' and '2' buttons to test out all of the perfect balls you could send your opponent back to the bench with.
Bowling: You can choose what colour your ball is, where you bowl it and how much spin it has on it. Get a strike and the scores are exactly the same as normal bowling.
Boxing: Keep building your skill level in this to unlock some new gloves. I'm not telling you how good they are or what they look like, you'll just have to do it yourself. Test oput your newly developed boxing skills with this game and practise your hooks, jabs, uppercuts and many more just by moving you hand. You need to attach the numchuck to the wiimote before you can play this game.
Golf: There are different holes in this for different skill levels. If you consider yourself a begginer, then you can choose to play on the first three holes. If you consider yourself an intermediate player, you can chose to play on the middle three holes. And if yopu consider yourself pro you can choose to play on the hard, last three holes. You can also choose to play all nine holes at once. This is a great game to play with friends or family in my opinion. Tennis: To play tennis you have to swing your arms in a forehand, backand, and smash motion to hit the ball correctly. You also have to time your hit to aim in different directions of the court. You do not have to make the character run yourself or steer, all you have to do is swing and hit.

There are also mini games that can help with your skill level toward each game. Test your fitness level and see how old the wii thinks you are. You can also practise the sports in practise mode, you have various courses to do and continue to better your score everytime you play it.



This game doesn't last very long. You'll continue to play the same things over and over again and get bored very quickly. It's one of those games where you'll be bored of it one day and two days later you'll love it again. Since there are only five games, you have to continue to play and better your skill level. After a while, it will get boring and you'll want to do something else. Although the fitness test and practise modes are there, you'll get bored of them after a while as well. It's still a good game to play, but it doesn't last too long.



Overall I give it an 8/10. It has great graphics and good sound. It's most likely a great game to all sport lovers. Althogugh the lastability isn't good, it makes up for it in everything else. The gameplay is fantastic as well. There are so many different things you can do in one game. This is one good game that you don't even have a choice of not getting or getting. Once you have your Wii, you're going to have this game as well. Enjoy and have fun with it, I know I did.

Final Score: 80%


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