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Wii Sports Cheats and Tips

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Lots of cheats for you to check out including getting a strike every time when bowling, silver boxing gloves and unlocking a practice tennis court.

More Wii Sports Wii Cheats and Tips

We have 163 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Wii Sports please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Wii Sports Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Silver Boxing Gloves

When you have defeated the Grand Champion (Matt) in a boxing match you'll be able to unlock the silver boxing gloves by holding '1' when the screen becomes black before a boxing match.

Unlock Practice Tennis Court (Blue Court)

Press and hold 2 at the warning screen that shows after selecting characters.

Never Lose Skill Points

This is a little gem of a trick which will prevent you from losing your Skill level in a game of Tennis, Boxing or Baseball you've just lost. What you have to do is just as you lose the game press the 'Home' button before the 'You Lose' display appears on the screen and then exit the Wii menu. If your timing was correct your Skill level in that sport will not have decreased when you reenter it.

Wall Breaker

When you are playing the Tennis 'Target Practice' game if you don't hit the target you will hit the brick wall around it making the part of the wall you hit go a slightly darker colour. When the bricks get dark enough they will create a hole in the wall and if the ball goes therough the hole the training session ends.

Change the color of your bowling ball

while the game is loading press...

up for a blue ball

down for a green ball

left for a red ball


right for a gold

Blue Tennis Court

When it's loading when your going to play tennis hold 2 and you'll play in the blue practice court

Strike 99% of the time

What to do is move the cursor right to the 1st red marker on the floor and don't rotate your man any degrees at all. Then you hold down B and pull your arm back and do the motion as your about to throw the ball in a straight line, but don't let go of B then wilst your man is holding his arm in the air you go to do the motion again but throw your hand right as far as you can so you infact do it twice and you will get a strike. I swear it works. You will look an idiot because everyone will wonder what your doing but they wont be laughin when you just got 10 strikes in a row.

Underhand Pitching

To pitch underarm in Baseball, press 2 once inbetween a pitch. To go back to overhand pitching, press 1.

Instant Strike x2

In the tutorial where you have to knock down a crazy amount of pins you see there are bumpers on the sides. Move your Mii all the way to the left or right and aim straight across the bumper. All pins will fall and it will even double the strike!

Homeruns, No errors, and faster men

Some Miis you make are better than others. Not all Miis are "strong" enough to hit home runs. Others don't know what to be out means. I have a man named "Luther" and he has never gotten out. Another can hit out of the parks easily. Experiment with them and keep the ones that are good. I also have a theory that if you fill the Mii's nameroom with symbols, it makes him stronger. Good Luck!

How to get all the pins down in the second training mode( For bo

OK first off I've already tested this and it has worked all the time

1.) Go to the edge of the bowling court. (any side is fine)

2.) do a hard swing at the edge (and I don't mean break the TV)

3.)(this never works every time but, it does some times) you should hear a click.

4.) you should then her an explosion then all the pins should fall down.

Hope I helped some gamers out there Smile

Ultra Serve

On wii tennis it is possible to serve much faster than usual.

To serve, press A and send the ball into the air. At its peak swing your remote. This will send the ball speeding at a much higher velocity than normal.

This is all about timing, so make sure you time your swing as well as possible.

Boxing Tips

Hold Wiimote in front of face to block high attacks.

Hold Wiimote in front of stomache to block low attacks.

To Uppercut, move in a bowling motion. (Start low and Swoop up)

To Side jab, Punch outwards, and cut inwards.

Bowling hints

Hello again people! I have here today some tips on how to change the colour of your bowling ball!

Ok, to get different coloured balls for your Mii to use, when starting a game of bowling, simply use the d pad (directional buttons) in one of the following ways.

Blue (default colour)


Pink/red whatever you want to call it






I hope this helps! Thank you for reading!

Yours faithfully

PokemonMaster2143 ;]

How To Hit A Fast Ball On Tennis

Alot of people will use the really fast ball but wount now how. First off you must be playing Wii Tennis of course, now wait untill your the server, when you are throw the ball up and don't hit it. Now through it up agian and hit it just as it reachs it's full height, now hit the ball. It should fly across the field and looks like there is more than one of it. If you use that agianst the computer, they sometimes don't hit it but sometimes they will so be careful.


In bowling never bowl it right down the middle, because you probably won't get a strike.

Baseball:Fast Speed

Do you feel like you aren't getting enough speed? You can go faster: by just flicking you wrist. You can get up to 93, 94, and 95 mph. I never got higher than 95 mph.

Boxing help

When you get high in skill points, you will get punched at ALOT more. So keep moving from side to side, and when it goes slow motion, punch them 'till their dead! Ok, so maybe not that far, but you should do more damage then nomal, and anything helps when your up there. Don't forget, if you lose, hit home before it says YOU LOSE!


If you hold the wii remote in front of you, buttons to your chest, and flick it when you want to swing, you will hit line drives and homers better.

99 pin strike

In the wii training area you will find many choices click the one with the picture of a bowling ball it's the one in the middle when your at the very last level scroll your wii person to the end and try to throw it on top of the wall dividing the gutter and the lane then as it goes you'll hear a click and all of the pins will fall strait down. it takes a couple of tries bit you'll get the hang of it.

Reduce Curve in Bowling!!!!!!!!!

To reduce the curve all you have to do is let go of the ball higher instead of letting go at the normal height, if you do this right your ball will go up in the air, then come down but will have very little curve, plus your a lot closer to the pins!!(p.s. If you let go too late, it will bring up a screen that tells you how to release the ball, forget it and try again releasing the B button a little bit sooner.)

Change bowling ball color

As The screen is fading to black for bowling, hold down the control pad until it fades to bowling for these colors:

Code-------------------------- Effect

Control Pad Up -----------Blue Ball

Control Pad Right -------Gold Ball

Control Pad Down ------Green Ball

Control Pad Left ---------Red Ball

Bowling ball color

After seletin yo me,hold on of the arrows in the wii remote. And press A at the warnin screen (up blue, right gold,down green , left red

91 Pin Strike in Power Bowling Training

To get an automatic 91 pin strike in the last round of Power Bowling, Throw the ball on the right or left rail (depending on if you are right or left handed) so that it stays on it the whole time. If it reaches the end without falling off, you will hear a "click" and an explosion. Then all the pins will fall down from the shockwave. NOTE: This only works on the last round.

Bowling cheats

I have three cheats, 1, once you obtain pro status, you get a sparkled ball with a cool pattern that looks like a checker board like thing. 2, scare the crowd! To do this you must drop the ball backwards while doing the throwing motion, then the camera will turn towards the crowd to show you their shocked faces and them jumping. Finally, change your ball color! To do this you must hold down the control pad in any direction and you'll have a different colored ball. Notes on 3 you must do the control pad thing just after you clear away the dangerous objects screen and different directions give you different balls.

Up; blue

Down; green

Left; red

Right; gold/yellow

I hope this helps!

Different colored bowling balls

Ok first you need to get on bowling.

Ok next when it's black and 'bout to go on the game on your wii remote is the little arrows.

As soon as it goes on the black bithold the left, right or bottem arrow and a different color ball will be on Smile (hold right for the gold ball)

Level 10 Bowling Strike

This is pretty hard but you will get used to it, if you do it often enough. What you have to do is, when you get to level 10 on the Bowling Training, move right over to the side, but leave a little room to move your sight not position, press A and move over. Chuck the ball up into the air and put a little bit of spin, not too much. If done correctly, the ball should roll right down to a little red dot, push it, and cause an Earthquake! All the pins should fall over, getting you a strike. I think it works on level 9 as well.

If you didn't get all that, I'll put it into steps for you.

1. Get to level 9 or 10 on the bowling training.

2. Move right over and press and A then move right over again.

3. Throw the ball into the air and put slight spin o..

Hidden Platform on Hole 3!!!

To get to the hidden platform on hole 3, adjust your angle to the left so your looking at the mountain/cliff. You should see it on your mini map to the right of the screen, it will also help you find out about how hard to hit it!!(p.s.It's pretty hard to get there, so don't try it if your new and not so good or maybe challenging your friend and it's pretty close or your still not too good, been there, done that.)Happy cheating!!!

Extra Training Courses

To get bonus training courses, go to training at the main menu. Then play any one you want. After playing it, you will unlock a harder training course.

How to pitch under arm but fast!!!

WHen the game begins you have to hit 2 on the wii mote. You will feel the remote vibrate barley. You can change back just press 1.

P.S. Hope it help ^^.

Super Shot!!!

When playing Wii tenis there is an almost unstopable shot that I call the Super Shot. To do this all you have to do is hit the ball at the highest part of the serve. If done correctly the ball should smoke and go super fast. (It may take a few times to get the hang of it.)

Everything I know about wii sports

I hope nobody has submitted any of this yet.


When your just about to start the game with the black screen hold this button on the d pad.

Left-- pink/red

Right-- gold

Down-- green

Up-- blue

"POWER THROWS" in the wii training part get up to the last one, go all the way to the left or to the right and go 2 or 3 clicks toward the blue barrier, your basically trying to push the red button right at the end if you do they all go down.

If you get pro you should get a star ball, it should be heavier.

Now for TENNIS

When starting a new game hold no.2 on your wii remote to get the blue court.If you get pro on tennis you should get a silver bat.

Now for BOXING

When you get pro ..

Super pro

Get 2400 and ull be super pro with a golden racket

Shiny Bowling Ball

To get the shining bowling ball, get 1,000 bowling skill points and when you bowl it will have glitter and stars all over it.

Automatic 91 pin strike


In the second training thing for bowling at the last set of pins (91) try and aim the ball on the blue barrier bowl it to the end were theres 2 red buttons hit them and all the pins will fall down

Note:it may take a bit of practice before being able to master it.

Please leave a comment and a rating thanksSmile

Change the color of your ball in Bowling

To do this, you must hold one of the following buttons just before the game starts as the screen is black;





Hope this helped you get the ball color you wanted.

All the wii sports cheats

Ok theese are all the wii sports cheats I know

Bowling:in practice on the 91 stage rotate the ball 2 times and bring to the right all the way. If done correctly it should cause an earthquake and get a strike. Heres the code to get different balls... Up=blue right=gold down=green left=pink

Baseball:to throw under hand press 2 note:(you don't have to press it every time) to change back press 1. To throw a curveball hang on to the b button to throw a screwball hang on to a and to throw a splitter hang on to a+b

Tennis: to get a different court on the black screen... Hold on to 2. You should get a blue court. To throw a really fast serve wait tell the ball gets to the highest point and hit it. I hope those cheats helped I sumbit some more a.s.a.p

Bowling:crowd jump

In bowling swing but when the ball is right behind you let go and it should go toward the people behind you and they will jump!

How to get a strike on the last ball on the power throws trainin

You can get a strike on the last stage without even hitting a pin! But it takes some skill ! If you can manage to roll the ball all the way down the lane on top of the bumper, you will hear a click and then an explosion, which knocks down all the pins !!

To give yourself a chance at this skill shot, you need to know how to loft the ball. When the frame starts, press the A Button and move the aim two clicks to the right. Then, press A again to switch to agjust the direction. Move your Mii all the way to the right, next to the bumper. (Do the opposite if you�re left-handed.) Finally, loft the ball. The loft makes the ball land on the bumper, and if you throw it straight, it will roll all the way to the end, giving you the bonus. However, if you don�t throw the ball perfectly, yo..

Golden racket

Get 2400 skill level most ppl got 2399 but you gotta loose 0 matches so then it says super pro then the golden racket has 50.5 more speed than the pro racket speed.

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