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Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough and Guide

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Treasures - Of Mice and Mechs

Treasures are scattered in the area. After finding them, you have to quickly return them to your hideout before the time runs out or before you get damaged. If ever you fail to do so, the treasure will return to its original location and you have to keep trying until you safely deliver it to the hideout. It will help clearing out the enemies along the way to make your job a lot easier.

#1. Brass Spyglass
At the back of the circus tent west of the hideout

Brass Spyglass

#2. Medieval Metal Man
Requires: Samurai Armor
Near the walls northeast of the hideout

Medieval Metal Man

#3. Rolling Pin
Requires: Archer costume
On top of one of the kiosks in the circus area.

Rolling Pin

#4. Bell Tower
This is located in the balcony of one of the houses northeast of the Clock Tower

Bell Tower

#5. Golden Arrow
Sabertooth and Thief costumes required
Head to the northwest corner of the map, where the entrance to a cavern is located. This is where you entered using Sir Galleth during the job: Mechanical Menace. Jump to the offshore platform to find the lever. Change into the Thief costume and step on the lever. Use the catapul to return then head to the door.

Golden Arrow

#6. Jeweled Shoe
Southeast of the main castle bridge, in the lower platform beside the docked boat.

Jeweled Shoe

#7: Coin Purse
Archer Costume required
Head to the castle then turn to the right once you see the drawbridge. There's a quiver basket there that you can use to reach the treasure on across the moat.

Coin Purse

#8: Archer's Handbook
Archer and Sabertooth costumes required
Head to the castle then turn to the left once you see the drawbridge. There's a quiver basket there that you can use to reach the next platform. Use the sabertooth costume to pounce on the next dummy and reach the treasure.

Archer's Handbook

#9: Silver Mug
Your landmark is the bakery. West of it is a cellar, past a catapult. You'll find the treasure inside.

Silver Mug

#10: Magic Potion
Archer Costume required
Your landmark is the tower in the southeast corner of the map. Head to the west of the docked ship to find a catapult. Use it to reach the ship then head to the other end to find the arrows. Use it to reach the off shore platform containing the treasure.

Magic Potion

#11: Stained Glass Compass
Sir Galleth required
This is located on top of the tower to the northeast corner of the map, just north of the bakery. Simply scale it using Sir Galleth's Catapult Crash.

Stained Glass Compass

#12: Golden Anvil
Sir Galleth required
The tower is located south of the clock tower. Use catapult crash to reach it.

Golden Anvil

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