Power to the People Platinum

Do not use Devastators while too close to your Infected allies, as doing so is likely to quickly deplete their ranks. Perform Tendril Barrage Devastator (hold Y B, Triangle Circle) or Groundspike Graveyard Devastator (hold X Y, Square Circle) while in Critical Mass, but only when surrounded by a large enough group of soldiers to justify some lost allies. Destroy tanks with Blade Air Slice (lock-on and press the Y/Triangle button) and basic attacks with the Blade Power equipped. While marked tanks are on the mini-map (denoted by red skull icons), target them exclusively and leave the soldiers to your Infected allies. Collect the red orbs left by destroyed tanks when killed to reach Critical Mass.

Mark: 2:25:0
Reward: 102000 EP
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Added 30th Jun 2009, ID #1378

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