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Wierd horse glitch

I was bored and went to the very top of the throat of the world and jumped off without a horse and I fell down the steep montain then died but when I did it with shadowmere he launched hundereds of feet and I fell off and slid down the steep hill hitting trees and the screen didnt go black and loaded my last save untill I stopped. Its not very helpfull but it's fun to watch I enjoyed doing it over and over again! Have fun!

Added 5 Jan 2012, ID #4479, by darkelderscrolls and get

Easy Mountain Climbing

So if your having some trouble with getting to the top of mountains or can't find a good path up then buy a horse. If you got Shadowmere then your good. Find yourself a mountain side and start galloping at it, hold down sprint while riding a horse, and eventually you should find yourself riding straight up a hill.

Yeah apparently physics isn't a strong point for Skyrim.

Added 21 Nov 2011, ID #4396, by nightmare2
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