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Hardline Pro challenge hint

Make your killstreaks all care package related killstreaks and share them to make the share 10 killstreak crates challenge breeze on by.

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #3730, by Glaceon and get

Flak Jacket Pro challenge hint

For chucking back nades, just go to the tower on firing range and prone after getting enemy attention. They'll chuck nades at you and all you have to do is sit there and throw them back. Watch out for Semtex, though, but the Flak Jacket should protect you.

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #3729, by Glaceon

Scavenger Pro challenge hint

For the one where you need to kill 5 People with resupplied frag/semtex nades, just chuck your nades when the battle starts and go from there. If you have Warlord pro, having two grenades makes this easier.

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #3728, by Glaceon

Super Sight

When playing COD Black Ops online there is a way to eliminate almost all of the recoil from your gun.

Simply buy and equip the Red Dot sight attachment, (Reflex has never worked for me) then make your Reticle: "Circle with crosshairs" then change the color to Blue. After that killing people should become very easy. *NOTE* I have found some guns do not work with this hint.

Added 24 Feb 2011, ID #3658, by JustAnotherCheater

How to survive Zombies on 5

Okay then guys, basically, on the middle level, down the stairs, open up the 2 barricades. And now, when the zombies come in, start running around in circles. The zombies will start following you, and because of the speed difference will never catch up with you.

However, because of the layout, then can kind of take shortcuts. So, never ever stop. Turn around sometimes and shoot them, but only for about 3 seconds, and never full our stop moving.

Also, for reasons I do not understand, leave the elevator to the bottom floor on the bottom floor, and spam teleports until you get to the middle floor, and you will not have any gas zombies.

So, don't forget, never stop moving.

Added 3 Jan 2011, ID #3457, by CRAZY CHEATS

How to have CoD points when at the beginning of prestige

When you're level 50 and going to prestige, it is almost certain that you'll have loads of CoD points, and therefore you buy all emblems, layers and such, all the things that you don't loose. But those last ones? Keep 10 000 cod points, and you'll be able to start out with 30 000 in the next prestige. Here's how:

1. Be ready to prestige
2. Enter a "High Roller" wager match
3. When the map is locked, prestige, the game has taken the buy-in
4. Be "In the money"

When you're done with the game, you're a prestige level one, but you start out with all the money you won in the wager match

Added 31 Dec 2010, ID #3450, by a100_sausages


Contrary to popular belief, you don't lose everything when you prestige. Here's the purchasable things that you keep (there may be more, and it may have changed as of patch 1.04)

-Emblem icons, layers, and Playercard backgrounds
-Having your clan tag and Emblem on a gun (you still need to get the level to put them on, but they'll be free)
-Different Reticules for sighs (confirmed Red Dot Sight)(doesn't save all of them, the top few ones aren't saved, but the rest are) and reticule colours (not lens though)

Things that are reset are:

-Challenges (except lifetime)
-Purchased Guns, Camos, Lens colours, attatchments
-Face Camos
-Perks, and Pro versions
-Lethal Grenades
-Special/Tactical Grenades

Things that are kept(without needing to purchase)
-Your Current Playercard
-Leaderboard and Combat Record scores
-Available Playlists

Added 15 Dec 2010, ID #3414, by CRAZY CHEATS

How to hit enemies with every single bullet in your clip without

This may sound weird, but this is one of the easiest challenges ever. The reason for this is that there is a glitch for this. The thing is that also enemy aircrafts count as enemies, and hitting aircrafts is easy.

The only one a bit tricky these challenges is the Olympia, as it doesn't reach the Aircraft. However, without Steady Aim, you will have a wide spread and it shouldn't be to hard to hit people either.

Here's the strategy for the selection of aircraft:

1. Choose a helicopter, they stay in the air for a long time.
2. If you have it, use ghost pro, as the killstreak reward won't see you.
3. The attack helicopter is the best, as it is the least dangerous helicopter.

Gun types:

Because of poor accuracy on many guns, tap or burst fire. If you don't want to get shown on the map, use a silencer.

1. Light Machine guns: Use the HK21 as it has the smallest mag. Because of poor accuracy, tap or burst fire. If you don't want to get shown on the map, use a silencer.

2. Submachine guns: Use one of the many SMG's with only 20 rounds in the clip. The MAC11 is unlocked early. Use a grip.

3. Assault rifles: Use either the M14, th FN FAL or the M16, as these are not Fully-Automatic, they're precise and they haven't got the biggest magazines.

4. Sniper rifles: Use the L96 or the PSG, as they both have a 5 round magazine.

5. Handguns: Use the Python as it only has a 6 round cylinder.

That's my hint, hope it helps.

PS: Do this as quickly as possible, this glitch will probably soon be removed.

Added 30 Nov 2010, ID #3354, by a100_sausages

how to get out of the chair

you repeatly press R1 and R2 really fast then you'll get out and then go to the computer behind the chair if you want if you do put(Zork or DOA or FIVE) those are the map packs

Added 15 Nov 2010, ID #3303, by CallofDutyfan
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