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The Hatch

Put The Hatch In The Diner If You Want To Get G alva Knuckles on the roof(DINER). I advise against this if you don't have the ladder attached (BUS). EXTRA:UNLESS you R EXPIRIANCED don't PUT THE HATCH ON THE DINER


No thumbs

Added 5 Mar 2013, ID #5223, by Guest and get


R you playing one in the chamber on in the on nuketown? Well you should because there is a great camping place there. If you enter the green house you will see a tv. There is a spot behind the tv where someone can crouch. It has a dresser under it. Jump onto the dresser. Go behind tv and crouch.
You will be hidden.

Added 19 Jun 2012, ID #4709, by zombiekilla164

Unlock DOA

On the main screen, you press L2 and R2 back and forth until you stand up. Then go to the computer and type DOA. Have fun killing those zombies!

Added 15 Jun 2012, ID #4703, by 123rocks456

More Claymores Trick

To get tons of claymores first buy claymores second put tons of them in a corner where zombies can't get them them like 15 rounds or so later start picking them up if you want but you can only hold 2 at a time. Put thumbs up if working tell friends.

Added 7 Dec 2011, ID #4437, by THUNDER335

Pretty awesome gun.

This gun is an awesome and my second favorite gun, I've been using it online since I was at level 29, now I am at Prestige level 2 level 30, this and the Ballistic Knives are really good together.

Ak74U+Warlord perk+Rapid fire+grip.( epic!!)

I would suggest Hacker (because you'll be running around a lot) and Scavenger.

Trust me this is an awesome gun( not recommended for snipers and stealth players, campers not included)

Added 30 Nov 2011, ID #4426, by Pravinj


Not 2 hard, i did it on my 1st runthrough on this mission Just DON'T pick up any non dual wielded weapons and you'll get this at the end. Picking up dual wield weapons will not do any damage to not getting this trophy, phew. Also, near the end u automatically pull out a single pistol because you a down. This is when the trophy will pop up so this weapon is excluded from the trophy

Added 12 Oct 2011, ID #4244, by fishy99

Perks on acensions and a rating for each

Quick revive: On solo, this perk lets you revive yourself and get 2 kl guns whilst down! On multiplayer, it lets you revive people quicker. 10/10 on solo
Juggernaut: This lets you withstand more hits without dying. It cost 2500, but it is definately worth it if you are good at zombies. If not, then it's not worth getting it as you just end up wasting 2500 points. 10/10 if good at zombies.
Speed cola: This awesome perk lets you reload quicker! It's good for all different players, however I am not sure how much it costs (Probably about 2000 points though). 8/10
Stamin-up: This lets you sprint without stopping! Personally, I don't ever get it as when I get surrounded, I shoot instead of run. For those who like legging I from zombies, it will be pretty handy. 5-6/10
PhD flopper: This perk lets you withstand explosions AND when you dive, you also create an explosion. I don't really get it, but if you like grenaing zombies, then it will be quite useful. 4/10 for non grenaders 7/10 for grenaders.
Pack-a-punch: For 5000 points, you can upgrade your weapon for a super version! It's especially good if you have a good machine, or the Ray Gun! 10/10 if you have a good weapon.

If you want to play me at zombies, send a friend request to Deadlyshadowguy saying that you saw my id on

Added 28 Aug 2011, ID #4122, by fishy99


Well you can make a tomahawk bounch off of surfaces so don't think their no use to have it's good to use during cover.

Added 12 Apr 2011, ID #3815, by Spiderdude

Zombies on the window cheat on FIVE

First, go to the window that's near the hallway that's already open you should stock up on some points buy a gun or two then, knife twice on that window build it back up then, jump on it, Zombies won't be able to hurt you up there. And that is my cheat

Added 10 Apr 2011, ID #3812, by Guest

Access Dead Ops Arcade and cheat menu

At Main menu, press L and are triggers rapidly to break out of your chair. Wander around the room to the computer or the arcade.

Added 31 Mar 2011, ID #3787, by Glaceon

Russian BBQ trophy hint

If your having trouble with getting the trophy "Russian BBQ" which is to kill ten russians in Krevchenko's compound in the mission "Payback," listen here. You have to make sure there dead. If you don't the guy you shot has could get shot or shake off the fire. What I do is watch him fall to the ground to make sure. I then proceed to kill the next unlucky russian with my trusty flamethrower.

Added 29 Mar 2011, ID #3781, by Bird is the Word

How to do well on the Kino zombie map

Hey guys, my friend and I discovered this while playing one night. We've done this many times and get to rounds 25-30 pretty easily. First off, only knife on round 1. It saves ammo in your pistol for the next couple of rounds. Next, unlock the door in round four to get to the room with the MPL. Have the next person open the door to the MP-40 and Stakeout room. Buy which ever one you want (if you have enough money) and stay there for dogs. After that go into the next room with the MP5 and open the door to the stage. There you can buy the M16 (which upgraded is sweet because it has a grenade launcher and it's full auto, Scarface anybody!) and open the next door back to where you started. Then go in circles around the whole map while the zombies chase you and only kill the zombies in front of you. Just whatever you do, don't run! Ever unless you absolutly have to! The zombies will just turn around and ambush you in another room. When you make it back to the stage room buy Juggernog. It has saved my life a lot. Then link the core to the pad and teleport to the pack-a-punch room and get a better weapon or just to escape a dire situation (but only if you need to or want ot upgrade a weapon, I usually go there at the begining of each round and wipe out a lot of zombies with grenades), but only if you have Juggernog because it's not fun getting an upgraded weapon only to lose it a round later. Also, one last thing. The mystery box. My advice is to create a crawler zombie at the end of the round when there is only a couple zombies left. To do that just throw a grenade and it will blow up it's legs. It will then not be able to get you unless it's really close to the box. Then cross your fingers and hope for a ray gun or thunder gun. Once you have all that go out there, have fun, and kill some zombies!

Added 29 Mar 2011, ID #3780, by Bird is the Word

Hind Gunship killstreak hint

When flying around and killing everyone on the map (which is so fun) some maps have areas you can fly behind (say a building) to kill a lock from someone with a Strela 3 or an M72 LAW. Most maps have buildings to (hide) behind, but it's easier to simply fly over the person locking on to you (if you're close enough) because they can't aim 'over their head'.

Added 15 Mar 2011, ID #3745, by Glaceon

Grip vs Rapid Fire

Many people like using the AK 74u, right? It's the most popular gun in the game. X_x

For all SMG's (minus no grip for MP5K) you can add a grip or rapid fire that increases accuracy and reduces recoil and increases rate of fire tremendously, respectively. My advice to many is to combine grip and rapid fire for those with Warlord, use rapid fire if you have Scavenger (cause you burn through ammo like there's no tomorrow) or grip for those who want easier kills at longer ranges (or less kick from your AK74u).

Added 15 Mar 2011, ID #3744, by Glaceon

Making the most of Warlord (as compared to Sleight of Hand)

If you want two attachments to your gun (like AK 74 with red dot and grip or HK 21 with Drum mag and a ACOG sight, for example) the best thing to do is to try having one of your attachments being extended mag or dual mag, so that way you reload less (or faster first load with dual mag). It helps me alot especially with LMG's with extended mag, which adds alot of ammo.

Added 15 Mar 2011, ID #3743, by Glaceon

How to bomb the bombers: Demolition

You know how EVERYONE in Demolition uses Flak Jacket? Those with Flak Jacket Pro can toss back grenades without risk of them blowing them to high heavens? Use Semtex. Tired of Hackers seeing your equipment all the time while guarding your objective? Use Equipment Jammer. Tired of Noob-tubers blowing your butt up while you're planting a bomb? Spy Plane. The best perk combo to use is Flak Jacket, Any 2nd tier perk, and Hacker. Bomb the bombers.

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #3735, by Glaceon

Recommended Killstreaks for you Free For All savvy players

When I play Free for All, pick these 3 Killstreaks for an easy win.

1) Spy Plane
2) SR-71 Blackbird
3) Attack Dogs

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #3734, by Glaceon

Hardened Pro Challenge Hints

M60. If you want an easy 200 bulets into enemy plane/helo, the easiest thing is M60 Big Ammo/Grip and target only Chinooks or Cobras. This will make the 200 Bullets challenge easy.

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #3733, by Glaceon

Hacker Pro Challenge hints

It's quicker if you alternate a class with a Motion Tracker and a class with a Claymore to quickly rack up kills with those items to quickly get Hacker Pro.

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #3732, by Glaceon

Ghost Pro Challenge hint

For the Sentry Gun challenge where you have to 'kill' it, using Hacker will help you trememdously in finding a Sentry gun to kill, but be aware you don't have Ghost Pro yet, so sentry can still 'see' you and kill you.

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #3731, by Glaceon
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