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Mystery box cheat

When you are at the mystery box open the box and quikly press circle right left and shot the box with any gun

Added 11 Dec 2011, ID #4445, by elijahwolf11 and get

Random Box Closer

You need three people one goes in a corner lays down and faces directly at the wall. Then the 2nd person runs up hits circle to dive and lands directly on top. Those two need revived now. So thats obviously what the third guy does. Then right after the two need revived the little freaky teddy will go hahahahahahaha byebye or something then just open a few doors (it's somewhere up or down) and BOOM! Mystery. Oh yeah this cheats might give tons of ZOMBIES!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 7 Dec 2011, ID #4436, by THUNDER335

The therapist

To get a virtual therapist get out of the torture chair and go to the computer and type in ALICIA

There you go a therapist for free

Added 29 Aug 2011, ID #4126, by m.a.d.s

Make box spawn closer in zombies!

It has to be a three player game one person goes in a corner another sprints and leaps on the person laying in the corner if you hear a teddy bear your successful

It has to be three player because once you succeed you need revived.

Added 27 Jul 2011, ID #4043, by mr.athletic

Infinite XP and RC Car usage

Step 1: Set up RC Car killstreak.

Step 2: Get a 3 killstreak for the RC Car.

Step 3: Go to a ledge, better where people won't find you.

Step 4: Use your RC Car over and over and it will give you XP and RC Car usage.

If done correctly, it should say "Cannot place RC-XD here" or something like that without the quotes.

This happened to me on Crisis, Hardcore Team Deathmatch on top of the bunker connecting the 2 territories in front of the sandbags (theres a break in them, walk between there and to the left) on the ledge looking at where the 2 tank things that are in the water while crouching. If this doesn't work for you the exact way it did for me, I'm sorry I brought this up.

Added 8 Jul 2011, ID #3994, by yo mastas destini

Nuke Town Doggy Wall

On Nuke Town on split/multiplayer game make sure it's a private match and get 1kill you get dogs but click dogs but don't use thm yet go 2 the back of the yellow house go in the corner of the fence where 2 trees are in a row sit in corner and the dogs can't get you. Enjoy! Bye

Added 30 Jun 2011, ID #3971, by lilbuddy2k

Talk To Innterrogator

When at the main menu get out of the chair an sit back down and get back up quickly then go to the computer and type NORTH enter then type INTERROGATE THE INTERROGATOR.

Added 17 Jun 2011, ID #3945, by lilbuddy2k

Sweet sniper spot for nuke town!easy take down for person in oth

O.K., what you do is you go 2 house with the bunk bed and climb 2 the top of it.jump on the door( it might take you more than once to do it).look at your "normal looking hieght"(witch is straight forwards)and shoot out the small window at ther top.look in it. What do you see? The other house`s window!you can easily get a kill if someone is sniping in it! And you can do it un-noticed!

Added 5 Jun 2011, ID #3915, by windrider9090

Computer codes

Hello today I will show you codes for the terminal

*warning*any copying will be dealed with carma

*note*sorry for any miss spelled words and the codes might not work your first try so do it again.

1.3arc intel
2.3arc unlock

Thank you I will be coming out with more also send me a friend request

Added 27 Apr 2011, ID #3850, by logepal1

All intel and zombie maps

At the menu when you are picking story multiplayer zombies or options press l and are rapidly and you will get out of your chair. After this you will get a trophy ask me nicely. Walk to the back and you will see a computer press square next to it and type in 3arc unlock you will get all zombie maps 3arc intel for all enemy intel if you want another trophy type dead ops.

Added 29 Mar 2011, ID #3778, by firekllr

Logging in on Masons account

First get out of the torture chair by pressing R1 L1 R1 L1 R1. Then Walk forward and take two lefts. Press square by the computer and type in 'Login'. Then type in AMASON. For the password type in PASSWORD. Sorry but I only know Mason's Login. I'll let you know if I find out another login.

Added 9 Mar 2011, ID #3718, by Guest

Cheats And How To Get Out Of The Torture Chair

O.K. So to get out of the torture chair press L1 R1 L1 R1 L1. Then walk forward, take a left, take another left and press square by the terminal. Then type in Zork to unlock the Dead Ops Arcade. Then type in 3Ark Unlock (with the space) to unlock "Five". Now if you want to quickly get to those levels type in DOA for Dead Ops Arcade. To play "Five" Quickly type in Five. The long way to acces these maps is by going into zombies and selecting one of the levels under Kino Der

Added 8 Mar 2011, ID #3717, by Guest

Five on zombies

Get 'five' by finishing campain or simply get out of the chair using r2 and l2 rapidly pressing. Once out of chair look for a computer and put 3arc unlock and you have 'five' and dead opps arcade

Added 22 Jan 2011, ID #3522, by outlAW 654

Five on zombies

There are two ways to get 'five'. Finish campain and get out of the chair using l2 and r2 rapidly. Once out of the chair look for a computer then put in '3arc unlock' and you have 'five' and the 'dead ops arcade'.

Added 22 Jan 2011, ID #3521, by Guest

Zombie maps

How to get out of chair is pres L2 and R2 AND NEXT IS GO TO THE COMPUTER AND TYPE 3ARC SPACE UNLOCK.

Added 21 Jan 2011, ID #3516, by Guest

How to unlock the Zork game.

At the title menu, use your analogue stick to look down at the characters hands. Push L2 & R2 so your character struggles. Continue pushing L2 & R2 until your character breaks free.

Then walk around the room until you find an old computer that has a "press and hold square" prompt.

Once the keyboard appears in the top right hand corner, enter the word ZORK - and press enter.

the ZORK mini-game then pops up on the computer monitor after you're told you've unlocked it. Zork is a texted based RPG game.

All you need to do in Zork is type in the actions you wish to do; ie; "Open door" or "walk to window" just experiment by typing in actions that you feel apply to the scenario the game has given you.
congrats, you've unlocked the ZORK mini game.

Added 14 Nov 2010, ID #3283, by sphynxx

How to get Dead Ops Arcade Games.

At the title screen, move your analogue stick so you're looking down at your arms.

Then press L2 & R2 - you'll notice the character starts to struggle. Simply continue to struggle until you're character has broken free of the straps.

Then walk around the room until you find an old computer. You'll see a prompt saying "press and hold square to activate" - do that, then using the keyboard, enter in DOA and then hit enter.

Congrats, you've just unlocked the Dead Ops arcade game.

Added 14 Nov 2010, ID #3282, by sphynxx

Trophys and a cheat

To get out of the chair hit L2 and R2 4 or 5 times. You will get out of the chair and get a trophy called "Just ask me nicely". Then go over to a old computer press spuire to get on the computer. Then tipe in ZORK and you will get a new game mode and a trophy called "Eaten by a grue". Thats all i got so far when i get more ill put more on here.

Added 13 Nov 2010, ID #3280, by Guest
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