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These are accessed between and during battle via Garment Grids. Each Dressphere has 16 different abilities uique to that particular Dressphere. Not ALL the abilities of the Dressphere are available when you get it and must either be learned or another item must be found.

Gunner Dressphere:
You start the game with it.

Thief Dressphere:
You start the game with it.

Warrior Dressphere:
You start the game with it.

Songstress Dressphere:
You start the game with it.

Black Mage Dressphere:
You get the this Dressphere on the bridge of the Celsius when you have completed the mission 'Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate' during Chapter 1.

Gun Mage Dressphere:
You get this Dressphere by completing one of the following missions at the Moonflow 'Shave the Hypello?' during Chapter 1 or 'YRP, the Scalpers Three' during Chapter 2.

White Mage Dressphere:
You get this Dressphere when you have completed the mission 'Where's Wakka?' during Chapter 1.

Dark Knight Dressphere:
This Dressphere is found in a treasure chest in the Bevelle Underground during Chapters 2, 3 or 5 by activating a special lift in the Labyrinth.

Berserker Dressphere:
You get this Dressphere when you have completed the mission 'Secure the Agency' at Macalania during Chapter 3.

Lady Luck Dressphere:
You get this Dressphere if you defeat Shinra in the Sphere Break Tournament in Luca during Chapter 3. It is also possible to get this Dressphere in Basement A of Luca Stadium in Chapter 5.

Trainer Dressphere:
You get this Dressphere from Kimahri at the beginning of the mission 'Battle Blockade' during Chapter 3 if you've either told Kimahri 'You have to learn to deal with these things!' in Chapter 1 and 'You have to figure this out on your own' in Chapter 2 or you've given Kimahri any answers besides the two mentioned and spoken to him 3 or more times during Chapter 2.

Samurai Dressphere:
You get this Dressphere in the Cloister of Trials in Kilika Temple in Chapters 3 or 5.

Mascot Dressphere:
In Chapter 5 complete every area in the episode (the last episode completed must not be Zanarkand).

Special Dresspheres

Full Throttle Dressphere:
At the entrance of Macalania Woods in Chapter 1. Find Tromell and keep talking to him until he gives you the Special Dressphere.

Floral Fallal:
Yuna's special dressphere found on the Djose Highroad.

Machina Maw:
At the Oasis in the Bikanel Desert in Chapter 2.

Added 17 Oct 2007, ID #28014, by Sanzano and get

Some helpful things

Here is a small list of stuff on Final Fantasy X-2. We have loads more in our user submitted and hints sections for this game.

Hp, Mp and Gil of the Aeons
Bahamut- Hp:8400 - Mp:999 - Gil:1000
Valefor - Hp:8430 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1200
Ifrit- Hp:8829 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1300
Ixion- Hp:12380 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1800
Shiva- Hp:14800 - Mp:9999 - Gil:2000
Yojimbo- Hp:22000 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1500
Mindy- Hp:9788 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Sandy- Hp:10330 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Cindy- Hp:12240 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Anima- Hp:36000 - Mp:9999 - Gil:2000

In game reset
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

Skip intermission sequences
Pause game play during an intermission sequence, then press Square to skip the current scene.

Added 20 Feb 2004, ID #6998, by Team SuperCheats

How to beat Paragon and Trema Via Infinito Cloister 100

You need these things to beat Paragon and Trema in Chapter 5 Cloister 100 of the Via Infinito.

  • Lady Luck Dressphere Mastered on Yuna
  • Dark Knight Dressphere Mastered on Rikku
  • Alchemist Dressphere Mastered on Paine
  • Valiant Lustre GG
  • 4,000,000 gil or higher
  • Invincible Accessory
  • Crystal Bangle Accessory x2
  • Wall Ring Accessory x3

Now that we have the essentials. We need to setup our Characters. They should look as follows
GG:Valiant Lustre
Dressphere:Lady Luck
Crystal Bangle
Wall Ring

GG:Valiant Lustre
Dressphere:Dark Knight
Wall Ring

GG:Valiant Lustre
(Same as Yuna's Accessories)

First,Save before you fight them. When you go into battle with Paragon,bribe him with Lady Luck using your 4,000,000 gil.If and when he leaves,he should leave some Dark Matters. If he doesn't restart and try again. When he leaves Dark Matters,face Trema. From here, Paine should mix a Potion and a Dark Matter to make a Hero Drink for Rikku. Hero Drink Guards against all attacks. Rikku should use Darkness which does no damage to Rikku due to Hero Drink. Have Yuna Spherechange to a White Mage. Have Yuna cast Shell and Reflect on the Party. Yuna Should be used to support and heal the party from here on. Rikku's main job is to cast Darkness on Trema over and over. Paine should be used to heal Yuna's MP and Heal the Party's HP using Stash. And mixing Rikku another Hero Drink when the last one wears off. Good Luck


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Added 16 May 2012, ID #34020, by CharizardMaster3300

Alternate Endings

To get the alternate endings follow this states how much the percentage should be for completion before you get the ending.

  • Alternate Endings
  • 0 to 25% = Bad Ending
  • 26 to 50% = OK Ending
  • 51 to 75% = Good Ending
  • 76 to 99% = Great Ending
  • 100% = Perfect Ending

Added 3 Apr 2012, ID #33987, by CharizardMaster3300

Beating Trema!!! And paragon

People how say you have to be a level 90 to beat him... Well they're all wrong!!! I mean of course you can't be a level 40 but my YRP levels were
Y- 86
P-79?? 80?? Same thing
Ok so first you have to fight paragon..... No you need 2 mages with the highest magic defense 210+ before you go fight him make sure whichever garment grid your using use the vailant lusture for extra 20 magic defense. Have your gunner on highroad winds for first strike. If they do you only getting hit with genesis with 3000 or less points instead of a whooping 12000 you need a gunner with of course the catnip equipped before coming into this battle make sure your gunner has low HP.First use trigger happyX3. Afterwards most likely he will he use genesis and thay will kill your gunner use a phonix down right away then have you gunner use trigger happy again and he's dead!!!! Next with no time to heal you'll be fighting trema now super fast I mean like lighting change your mages to beserker (more HP) only your gunner will attack your beserkers will heal and revive with a lot of luck and perservering you'll beat him I did.


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Added 27 Jan 2012, ID #33916, by danielia2477

Easy Money

From the start of the game, use Pilfer Gil to get as much money as possible and try not to buy any items/accessories. Rescue O'aka from the Al Bhed in Macalania Woods (Ch. 1) and corner him in the southeast section of Macalania. Agree to help him and pay off his debt by the end of Chapter 2 (100,000 gil!). When the debt is paid off, he'll have items at a cost cheaper than what you can sell them for. Buy 99 of each item he has (Potion, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Antidote, Eye Drops, Echo Screen, Soft, and Holy Water) and sell all of it to the Gullstore just across from O'aka. Repeat for as much money as you want; each time you buy and sell items you'll profit 16,830 gil!


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Added 12 Nov 2010, ID #33314, by Guest

Get paynes special dressphere, FULL THROTTLE!!!

first you have to stay in chapter 1 or your screwed :( after you fnish the sphere mission with leblanc the one when your on time lmit go to macalania woods and look for tromell till he gives you the sphere

hope i helped-the awesome cookie monster
p.s. add me if u know about ffx and now how to help me get anima and the magus sisters please i need them thank you!!


leveling without doing anything

Buy a time controller from a site. This isn't very expensive, I got mine very cheap and it works fine. What you need to do is to put the time controller on record. Now, fight a monster(any monster'll do). Finish the battle and get the XP, then put on rewind. You may think that this will just make everything return to normal, but it doesn't! Appereantly, there is a little "miss happ" in the game code that can't detect infinite loops, which makes you gain as much as XP as you want without having to do anything at all! Neat trick, isn't it?

Added 15 Jan 2010, ID #32601, by SomeWhere

Beat Vegnagun FAST

Make all of your chicks Warrior and be at AT LEAST level 55. Their Attack Defense and HP should be High. Also, have Muscle Belt on Paine, and Iron Bangle on Yuna. When fighting the first two parts, all there is to do is whack them. Once you destroy the arm, switch out Yuna's Iron Bangle with the Mythril Bangle you just obtained. Now it's time for the core. When fighting Vegnagun's Core, take care of the arms first and then attack the core. Whenever Vegnagun uses Full-Life, attack the arm he just used it on. Now it's time for his head. You will be fully healed when the battle starts so don't worry. Kwwp attacking the head and attack the other things too because they are a pain in the but. Make sure you have a couple Mega-Phoenix's on hand and the Mega-Lixer you probablly picked up earlier. When he uses his attack that has a really long name, you will get the chance to make your move after his attack, make sure you use Mega-Phoenix. And then IMMEDIATLLY use Mega-Lixer.
Hope I Helped

Added 8 Apr 2009, ID #31856, by 1122andyozz33

Fast Ability Learning

Go to the Kilika Forest and fight a bunch of feinds, in no time you will have an arsenal of abilities becuse the fiends in Kilika Forest are really easy.
Hope I Helped

Added 8 Apr 2009, ID #31855, by 1122andyozz33

Fast Level Up

First, you have to be on the mission where you have to go to the road by Luca and kill a bunch of Machina. The Machina are easy and are worth alot of experience so go there and level up.

Added 2 Apr 2009, ID #31836, by 1122andyozz33

Increasing your total completion score


When you arrive at Guadosalam for the first time. You will get another informative voice over from Yuna. Which will increase your completed score.
From the starting point in Guadosalam, head up the narrow bridge at the top of the cave. Yuna will reminisce about her past experiancecs on the farplane and your completed score will be futher boosted.

When you arrive in bevelle, you will be treated to another of Yuna's voice over's, which will boost your completed score. Go to the gate located between Bevelle,Central and New yevon Headquaters. A scene with Baralai will follow which will also boost your completed score. Enter the New Yeavon Headquaters and take the lift up to talk to Baralai again and recieve the Tiara accessory.

Added 26 Mar 2009, ID #31809, by seza_lovin_duane

cat nip

This will only work if you have completed the bevelle part of chapter 5.

Go back to the New Yeavon headquaters where the Kinderguardians have discovered a secret passage way to a feind infested underground complex. (WARNING EVERY 20 CLOISTERS YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT A BOSS). You will get a scene when you teleport down into the complex when the scene has ended you can pick up Crimson sphere 6 which will only be a few steps away lying on the floor.(WARNING THE CHARM BANGLE WHICH PREVENTS RANDOM BATTLES WILL BE DISABLED IN VIA INFINITO).The teleporter platforms are not only used to teleport your party from one floor to another it also heals your party, to save teleport back up to the surface and then return to the last explored cloister.


Cloister 20-Aranea-Crimson sphere 8
Cloister 40-Black Elemental-a chest containing the items:Moon bracer,Shining bracer,Speed bracer,Recovery bracer and a mysterious item called cat nip(explained later in this cheat/hint)
Cloister 60-Concherer- no item
Cloister 80-Chac-no item
Cloister 100-Paragon, afterwards Trema

Ultimate weapon CAT NIP!
After you defeat Black Elemental in cloister 40, You will receive cat nip,it is a tremendously powerful accessory. With this accessory equiped.When A party members HP is reduced to below 1/3(you party members hp bar will turn yellow). Regauardless of your oppents defence level YOUR ATTACK WILL DEAL 9999 DAMAGE POINTS! If you wear the gunner dressphere and combine this with the trigger happy lvl.3 ability, you will be able to inflict 13x9999 damage per turn. Which starngley enough, will come in handy in the last few cloisters.(WARNING:YOU MUST KEEP THE PARTY MEMBER'S HEALTH BELOW 1/3) (HINT:IF YOU EQUIP A CRYSTAL BANGLE TO MAKE THIS RISKY TACTIC A LITTLE SAFER) at the same time YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOUR PARTY MEMBER GETS THE FIRST HIT!!! To ensure this equiping a garment grid such as HIGHROAD WIND. It's something of a mixed blessing that the effect of all healing magic and healing items will also increase to 9999 while the HP level is yellow.

Hope this information helps!

Added 25 Mar 2009, ID #31805, by seza_lovin_duane

special dressphere locations

Here are the locations and the special abilitie requierments.

Yuna-Flora Fallal

It is on the Djose highroad. You can't miss it in the uniform search mission in chapter 2.
Break hp limit and Break damage limit are only avalible after you get the key items Aurora rain and Twilight Rain in chapter 5.

Rikku-Machina Maw

This Special Dressphere is located in the Bikanek desert. You will not miss it in the water we doing here? Mission in chapter 2.
Break Hp and Break DMG limit after you have collected the key items MAchina Reactor and Machina Booster in chapter 5. This applies to the same abilities of Smasher-l and Smasher-r

Paine-Full Throttle

This dressphere is located in the Macalania Woods in chapter 1 or 2. Go to the spring and talk to Tromell he will eventually give you the dressphere after you talk to him 4 times.
Break HP limit and Break Damage limit will only appear in the ability list when you recieve the key items Corpus Invictus and Victor Primorisin chapter 5. This also applies to same abilities of Sinistral Wing aswell as Dextral Wing.

I hope this helps with t he completion of your game.

Added 22 Mar 2009, ID #31793, by seza_lovin_duane

a camera man in kilika

In Kilika island in the residential area you will see a man with a video camera. Talk to him and when you get told to say okay thanks to look through the lens of the camera this conversation is a early way to get into the youth league HQ in chapter 5 of the game.

Hope this helps

Added 20 Mar 2009, ID #31789, by seza_lovin_duane

hints for the game

When your at kilika island go and talk to the man with the video camera. He is on the right hand side of the residential area when you are told reply okay thanks to get a look through the camera lens.The conversation with the camera guy is a prerequisite for entering the youth legue in chapter 5 of the game.

I hope you all find this tip useful

Added 20 Mar 2009, ID #31788, by seza_lovin_duane

Trainer Dressphere

You have to have completed the Outrun the Leblanc syndicate mission to receive this Dressphere. Go to Mt Gagazet and speak with Kimarhi until you get the option " You have to learn to deal with these things",give this answer to Kimarhi and you will obtain the Trainer Dressphere.

Added 22 May 2008, ID #30154, by Russellgj

Mi'ihen Highroad

You have to be riding a Chocobo for this to work. Go to Newroad north and you will see a yellow feather lying on the ground, stand over it for around 5 seconds you will then receive 5 Phoenix downs. Now leave the area and go to either Newroad south or North end, then return to the feather and stand over it for around 20 seconds to receive a Victor Primorsis.


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Added 20 May 2008, ID #30140, by Russellgj

obtianing the outfit on mt,Gagazat without fighting& see Y,R,P i

To obtain a goons outfit without fighting one of lablanc's goons climb to the about the next area of mt,gagazat and enter to a cave to your left that will trigger a Cut scene easy as that.

Added 6 Mar 2008, ID #29424, by trueblue08

Getting tidus in blitzball

All you have to do is keep playing blitzball until you get the besaid aurochs which you win by a tornament in blitzball after that you could play with them in exibition match if you beat them you could trade players with them so in an another tornament you'll get a prize that makes you trade playres with them it's called (trade the prillages ) or something like that and to get tidus do the same thing in besaid aoruchs and you'll get ateam thats called zanarkand abes you'll find a player thats called abes ace and you can trade with them the same way as on besaid aoruchs.

Added 4 Dec 2007, ID #28475, by modo
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