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The Legend of Dragoon Cheats

Find out how to deafeat Faust, get all 50 stardust and have a strong magic defense. We also have an unlock code which will give you maximum level and all weapons.

How to get dragoon Level up

The hidden boss battle you didnt know about

Look at meru's undies (for pervs)

A funny type of cheat

Stardust List

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The Legend of Dragoon Questions

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I am lost in the prison. How do I get to Shana? I see..

How do you get through (Moon) level on disc 4

Ok, so I'm on disc 3 and I'm at the point where I'm a..

So I was playing Legend of dragoon on my playstation2..

I have a bit of a problem...I have two cartridges of ..

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The Legend of Dragoon Walkthroughs

We have 10 Walkthroughs for The Legend of Dragoon.

We have several FAQ/Walkthroughs which includes a monster FAQ, weapons FAQ and a Melbu Frahma FAQ.

By MysticcatFAQ/Walkthrough (PS)

By grand lethal 364Weapon FAQ (PS)

By Patt3rsonFAQ/Walkthrough (Dutch) (PS)

By Vertigo 1Melbu Frahma FAQ (PS)

By ShotgunnovaWalkthrough (PS)

By ShotgunnovaGame Script (PS)

By ShotgunnovaShop List (PS)

By Gbness / CyrilFAQ/Walkthrough (PS)

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