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This is to tell the person who went by the name "MYSTERY MAN" that what happened to him was supposed to happen.

In a portal where you try to get an orb, usually you can't die. But don't try to die on purpose. You might just die for real.....!

Ask.com and get

I have finished the game and got all of the skill points in the snow boarding level in super bonus world.

I can't beat the course record could some one please tell me how to and what it does sent in by a person how rules!


In the bonus leavel an easy way to beat the snowboarders is to go stand in a blue star shaped powerup before you decide to race.

Then go back to hunter and say you are ready to race.

If you stand in the power up long enough you should be able to go through the whole course without needing to do another trick.


I you want superfly go to bamboo terrace

go to the water with 2 islands and a

rinok that shoots fireworks.Get in water.

Go to the right corner don,t go

down the waterfall.Go up to the edge but

don,t go down.Then press square.

Warning,ones you get superfly you can,t

blow fire or go in water or leave the



I noticed many people on the site asking how to 'Find Agent 9's Powerup' which is the skill point in Fireworks factory. All you have to do is go into Agent 9's warp room.

The first room where the kid is (I think that he's named Handel, But who gives) and then go into the second room. Hold down O for rapid fire and shoot all the ninjas there.

Next go into the next room and then clear out all the ninjas and gunmen and destroy the boxes, then go back to the sliding doors sliding between the third room and the second room and press triangle and look up at the top of the roof.

There should be a red box thingy. Shoot it to get a skill point, a new life and a better advanced laser. This laser is rainbow coloured and is much faster.

The only downside is that it doesn't reflect off walls like you're other laser does. but you only have 500 bullets after that you go back to your normal gun.

Also if you're wandering how to get past Agent 9's Lab Where that stupid forcefield is.

Do whatever the professer says then when you get to the bombs aim and chuck it over the top of the forcefield, so it hits the red box thingy then walk to the shore and shoot the boats with your normal gun to get an egg.

And for 99 lives pause the game and press R2 L2 R2 L2 Up Up Up Up O

To turn the game easy mode pause the game and press O square right left right square O X

For medium mode pause and press O square right left right square O O

For hard mode pause and press O square right left right square O square

To make spyro have a big head and bigger flame pause and press Up up up up R1 R1 R1 R1 O

For colour codes pause and press Up left down right up square R1 R2 L1 L2 up right down left Up

Then the game should freeze. The next button you press makes Spyro whatever colour it represents...

triangle for green

square for pink

X for blue

O for red

down for black

Up for yellow

L1, L2, R1, R2, right or left to turn spyro back to normal

(select and start don't do anything)

To make spyro flat mode press pause and left right left right L2 R2 L2 R2 square.

Well that's all for now want any more cheats like skateboard tricks or whatever email me at happy gaming.


These are the best skateboard tricks ever.

One of them is worth 4900.

Second is 3900.

Third is also 3900.

The first one looks like this.

Single twisted lemon:150

Double twisted lemon:750

Triple twisted lemon:2000

Triple twisted lemon:2000


The second:

Single right spin:???

Double right spin:???

Triple right spin:???


Big Gulp:???


The final one:

Single left spin:???

Double left spin:???

Triple left spin:???


Orange Crush:???


PS(All of these can only be used on the big jump in Enchanted Towers)

PPS(The last two trick have to has to be used on the blue part of the big jump)

PPPS(These can all be used to beat the course record of Enchanted Towers)


You might not think this is a cheat, but here it goes.

I noticed that some people said to get "Death Spyro" you had to be in Molten Crator.

Well, thats wrong, you can do it in any wourld with lava, and with any character.


The cheat for the "squid-board" really works! All you need to do is go on a skateboard,pause and press up up left left right right down down square circle square.

( P.S. It gets you a lot of points and is easy to handle.)


The ultimate cheat you have been waiting for is how to get all the moves, eggs, gems, etc.

Ok first how to get all the hidden gems,

In spooky swamp:Sheila go to the place where you see two eggs, then you face right.

You see this tall wall, go near it then kick it,(o) then you see the purple gem.

How to find hidden eggs: First you go to midnight moutain, then you see money bags (if not you have to defeat the sorceress with 100 eggs) flame money bags then he gives up an egg, then when he enters crystal island follow him then quit the level.

Go to desert ruins. Then you find an egg! How to get some more eggs: You go to charmed ridge, you keep going until you see a blue cave, glide to the cave,then you see a portal go in it do that level and at the end you head bash the wooden part of the castle, then you see some gems!

How to get the egg in desert ruins. Go through it climb up the ladder that leds to 3 or 4 steps, face right then you see a flat hand. glide to the hand turn right then jump onto the rock. You'll find a egg!

To go to super bonus world: You collect all the gems, eggs then you go in it and complete the challenges. Then you defeat the soreress then you see a movie!

Thanks for reading this!


For the level warp code cheat to work, you must have compleated the last sparx challeng as this is the new abillity he is given. You can not do it any other how.

I have tried!


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