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Follow the dark path or use the light
Spyro: Year of the Dragon Pack Shot

Spyro: Year of the Dragon



by matthew_16

 ----   ----   \     /    ----    ----
[      [    ]   \   /    [    ]  [    ]
[      [    ]    \ /     [    ]  [    ]
 ----  [----      [      [----   [    ]
     ] [          [      [\      [    ] 
     ] [          [      [ \     [    ]
 ----  [          [      [  \     ----

\     /   -----   ----    ----          ----    -----
 \   /    [      [    ]  [    ]        [    ]   [  
  \ /     [      [    ]  [    ]        [    ]   [
   [      -----  [----]  [----         [    ]   -----
   [      [      [    ]  [\            [    ]   [
   [      [      [    ]  [ \           [    ]   [
   [      -----  [    ]  [  \           ----    [

-----   [    ]   -----
  [     [    ]   [
  [     [    ]   [
  [     [----]   -----
  [     [    ]   [
  [     [    ]   [
  [     [    ]   -----

-----    ----    ----    -----   ----    [     ]
[    ]  [    ]  [    ]  [       [    ]   [\    ]     
[    ]  [    ]  [    ]  [       [    ]   [ \   ]   
[    ]  [----   [----]  [ ---]  [    ]   [  \  ]
[    ]  [\      [    ]  [    ]  [    ]   [   \ ]
[    ]  [ \     [    ]  [    ]  [    ]   [    \]   
-----   [  \    [    ]   ----    ----    [     ]


A. Introduction
B. Contact Information
C. Basics
D. Walkthrough
 Da. Sunrise Spring Home
 Db. Sunny Villa
 Dc. Cloud Spires
 Dd. Molten Crater
 De. Seashell Shore
 Df. Mushroom Speedway
 Dg. Sheila's Alp
 Dh. Buzz's Dungeon
 Di. Midday Gardens Home
 Dj. Icy Peak
 Dk. Enchanted Towers
 Dl. Spooky Swamp
 Dm. Bamboo Terrace
 Dn. Country Speedway
 Do. Sgt Byrd's Base
 Dp. Spike's Arena
 Dq. Evening Lake Home
 Dr. Frozen Altars
 Ds. Lost Fleet
 Dt. Fireworks Factory
 Du. Charmed Ridge
 Dv. Honey Speedway
 Dw. Bentley's Outpost
 Dx. Scorch's Pit
 Dy. Midnight Mountain Home

E. Skill Points
F. Bugs/ Glitches
G. Cheats
H. Questions And Answers
I. Skateboard Points
J. Credits

Version History

Version 0.7 20/8/05
Given permission to have this guide on their site. All 
Evening Lake levels completed.

Version 0.5 17/8/05
My walkthrough covers nearly half the game. All other sections completed

A. Introduction
Hello, my name is Matthew Kerrigan and welcome to my first FAQ ever. I decided
to write one on Spyro: Year Of The Dragon because it's a fantastic game. This
guide will answer any questions you might have and will give you hints on how
to complete the game.

B. Contact Information
You can e-mail me at [email protected] if you wish to ask permission to
have this guide on your website or to ask me any questions about the game. But
I will not answer questions that already have the answer in this guide. Also
if you put this guide on your website without permission, and I find out about
it, then I will e-mail you saying that you have to remove it. 
If you fail to have it removed at that time then you'll be in trouble.

Also follow these e-mail rules:
- Use proper spelling and punctuation
- Put Spyro 3 FAQ as the subject
- Don't use foul or disgusting language
- dO nOt WrItE lIkE tHiS
- Be serious

If you follow these rules then there's a 99% chance that I'll write back.

Also if I let you have this guide:
- Do not send it out to other people
- Do not charge other people money to see it

If you do any of these things you may lose the priviledge of having this guide
on your site.

C. Basics


D-pad- Move Spyro
X- Jump
X twice- Glide
Circle- Flame
Square- Charge
Triangle- Zoom camera in
Triangle whilst gliding- Hover
Start- Pause
Select- Atlas
Hold L2 or R2 and directional button- Look
X then Triangle- Headbash


D-pad- Move
X- Jump
X twice- Air Hop
X then X again when hitting the ground- Double Jump
Square or Circle- Kick
X then Triangle- Stomp


D-pad- Move
Hold X- Fly
Square- Drop object
Circle- Rocket Attack
Hold Triangle- Sniper Mode
Strafe- Hold L1 or R1 while flying


D-pad- Move
X- Jump
Walk up against a crate- Push Crate
Square- Spin Club
Circle- Club Attack


D-pad- Move
X- Jump
Circle- Laser
Square- Throw object
Hold square- Aim object
Triangle- Sniper Mode
Dodging strafe- L1 or R1


D-pad- Move
Circle- Shoot
Square- Charge
X- Use powerup
Strafe- Hold L1 or R1 while moving


Hold Square and press Up to dive deeper or Down to rise to the surface.

Jump against a ladder or climable wall and Spyro will grab it. Then press Up
or Down to climb up or down.

D. Walkthrough
And now here is the walkthrough that will explain each level and its 
challenges. I will not note all of the locations of the gems, just the most
important ones.

Da. Sunrise Spring Home
This is the first home world. There are four in the game each of them having
five normal levels, a speedway level, a Sparx level and a boss level. There are
no enemies in the home worlds.


Egg by the steam- The rhynocs have done a very sloppy job in hiding the eggs
because there's one just up a couple of steps and to your left as you start! If
I had servants like that I'll fire them.

Learn gliding- After passing Sheila in a cage you'll find Hunter up some steps.
He will then teach you how to glide. You will have to first do a normal glide
over to the Cloud Spires portal and then a hover glide over to a cave. After
that he'll give you an egg.

Fly through the cave- Inside the cave tunnel there is a Superfly powerup that
will give a flying ability for a short time. Go through it and fly to the end
of the tunnel and up to a high ledge on the left that has an egg on it.

Bottom of the lake- Hunter is next to a lake telling you of an egg submerged
inside it (wasn't he just at the cave?). Dive down to get it.

Headbash the rock- Next to the Molten Crater portal is a rock that can be 
smashed with a headbash move. An egg is inside it.

Db. Sunny Villa
Some rhynocs have invaded Sunny Villa and have kidnapped the mayor.


Rescue the mayor- The rhynocs with the sheilds are cowards. Not to mention the
shields are weak so either flaming or charging will do them in. The big rhynocs
with the clubs need to be flamed. Get past all of them and get to the cell the
mayor is in. He'll give you an egg.

Egg by the building- Another egg sloppily hidden. No need to tell you where it
is, it's SO easy to find.

Lizard skating I- Hunter, in a skateboarding park, gives you a challenge- kill
all 15 lizards running around the skate park. The orange ramps are ramps you
can jump off. The blue ramps are half-pipes. If you jump off those you'll
ascend really high before landing back on the ramp, so you must turn around
180 degrees to avoid wiping out (just try to jump off one to see what I mean).
There are 4 lizards above blue ramps, two above orange ramps. The rest are just
running around, one you can get to by jumping off the left orange ramp at the
start, 3 running around two half-pipe ramps and 3 running around and through a
tunnel with brown logs as obstacles. To get the last 2 you have to jump off a
small orange ramp in the middle of the park to get to a high ledge above the
log tunnel. After completing the challenge Hunter will give you an egg.

Lizard skating II- You have to do the lizard challenge again without wiping out
and before time runs out. A bit tricky but after you practice enough you'll 
eventually do it and get another egg.

Hop to Rapunzel- Somewhere in this level is a whirlwind inside a tower which
takes you to a high ledge. You can glide from there to get to a Sheila portal.
Inside you control Sheila and you have to make it to the top of the tower where
Rapunzel is. When you get to the tower the camera angles will start to change
so it has a side view of Sheila as you climb the tower. This is basically just
a method of hopping up steps and high ledges, it's pretty simple. When you get
to the top Rapunzel will give you an egg.

Glide to the spring- After the whirlwind you can from there glide over to two
white pillars which you use to glide to the spring where this egg is.

Dc. Cloud Spires
The rhynocs have clogged up the cloud generator and no-one will ever see a
rainbow again.


Turn on the cloud generator- The rhynocs with the sheilds need to be charged
to be rid of them. The rhynocs with wings will blow you away so you need to
jump over the wind and flame them. Activate the bellows and get to Fluffy who
will give you this egg.

Run along the wall- Another egg just lying around behind one of those winged
rhynocs. Easy to find.

Plant the sun seeds- In a challenge portal you have to get 3 sunseeds into a 
pot before they go out. Step on the button to release one and they'll start to
bounce towards the pot. Everytime they start screaming flame them or they'll go
out. After you get all three in the pot you'll be given an egg.

Bell tower spirits- This is through a challenge portal in the sky that is
entered through a whirlwind. You have to get rid of the spirits of the bell   
towers to wake up the rain cloud. Use the Superfly powerup to fly from bell to
bell flaming the spirits as you go. After that you'll be given an egg.

Bell tower thief- In the rain cloud area there is a thief running around on the
ground carrying an egg. You need to either charge after him until you finally
hit him or charge until you're close enough and quickly flame him. Cut corners
as you go.

Glide to the island- After the cloud generator has turned on a whirlwind near 
the place with the egg guarded by a winged rhynoc will activate. This will take
you to a place with some flame spitters. Pass them all and glide to a ledge 
with an egg on it.

Dd. Molten Crater
Rhynocs are running rampant around the Tiki Lodge


Get to the tiki lodge- Get to the end of the level and you'll recieve this egg.
Watch out for pigs who will charge at you from three feet away. The key to the 
locked chest is somewhere in the final area of the level (don't worry you'll
find it easily).

Egg by lava river- You'll find this halfway through the level next to a lava 

Replace idol heads- After you free Sgt Byrd you can enter his challenge portal.
In there you have to find five idol heads and return them to their bodies. 
Just touch one with Sgt Byrd's feet to pick it up and touch a body with a head
to connect them. After returning all 5 heads you are given an egg. Watch out
for the birds. They respawn after you kill them.

Sgt Byrd blows up a wall- In the Sgt Byrd portal there is a crack in the wall
that can be smashed by firing one of Byrd's bombs at it. The egg is inside.

Catch the thief- After paying Moneybags the right amount of gems (get used to
this because it will happen alot) he will open the thieves hideout. Chase down
the first thief to recieve an egg.

Supercharge after the thief- You have to catch a faster thief for its egg this
time with the supercharge. It may be hard to control at first but once you get
the hang of it catching this thief will be a piece of cake. Also there is a
sealed treasure chest somewhere here that you open by supercharging up against

De. Seashell Shore
Some seals have been thrown in jail by some rhynocs for crashing their 


Free the seals- To defeat the enemies underwater you need to charge them. Watch
out for the octopuses. Only charge them when they stop spinning. Also be
careful of the rhynocs with the barrels (you can charge a barrel to send it
flying back at them!). When you get to the end of the level you get an egg.

Under the docks- There's an egg underwater, under a dock.

Clear the pipe- This is through a challenge portal in a wall. You have to 
travel through the pipe defeating every rhynoc as you go along and dodging the
mines. If you miss a rhynoc you have to start again. Move left or right to 
touch rhynocs to defeat them. After clearing them out you'll get an egg.

Defeat the shark sub- Bluto has challenged the seals to a naval battle and 
you're the one who has to beat Bluto to dust.
Boost around the watery arena to keep away from the shark's teeth. Concentrate
on getting as many crates as you can to recieve rockets. There are three in 
every crate. When you get about thirty start shooting rockets at the sub when
it stops chasing you and keep shooting until he chases you again. Also he can
shoot rockets too so beware. Also beware of the fact that Bluto may start to 
fix his sub. He regains health when this happens. Just keep getting many 
rockets then shoot the hell out Bluto until the sub explodes. After that you
recieve an egg.

Destroy the sandcastle- In the Sheila portal some seals are attempting to blow
up a rhynoc fortress and they STUPIDLY light the bomb now! Now you have to get
rid of the turrets before it blows. Kick the orange cubes to get them out of
the way and stomp the green cannons. Hey look- when you stomp the cannons the
green doors and any orange cubes around it will be destroyed too! Ignore the 
rhynocs. You waste time killing them. After you get rid of the turrets the 
seals blow the fortress up and you get an egg.

Hop to the secret cave- In the Sheila portal there is a cave Sheila can double
jump up to (after the water) with an egg inside it.

Df. Mushroom Speedway


Time attack- Complete the time attack course to get this egg. As Sparx says the
easiest way to complete the course is to fly through the rings, then flame the
dandelions, then flame the spiders in the caves and flame the butterflies last.

Race the butterflies- Come first in the butterfly race. Fly through all of the
rings otherwise you have to start again for cheating. Fly through the blue
stars to gain boosts and flame the butterflies when you're near enough. They
slow down after that. This is easy because those butterflies are so bloody 

Hunter's dogfight- Hunter is somewhere on the course behind a large mushroom.
Find him and enter the Hunter challenge. You get to control Hunter in a plane.
Fly around and shoot down all seven sheep saucers. Use the boost to catch up
with the saucers. Do not get hit by one otherwise you have to start over! Also
Hunter's dogfight? Shouldn't be Hunter's sheepfight?

Dg. Sheila's Alp
After paying Moneybags 300 gems, you free the poor kangaroo and get to enter 
her level to find some poor goats who have been shooed out of their houses.

(All of the eggs won't appear on this FAQ in the order they are in the Atlas 
but in reverse order. Works better that way)

Help Billy get home- Air hop up the first cliff, kill one rhynoc and double
jump up the next cliff. Billy will give you an egg.

Help Pete get home- Go through the cave killing a moose and a rhynoc. Then kick
the rock in front of Pete's house and he'll give you an egg.

Help Bobby get home- After the cave stomp the huts to stop the rhynocs coming
out. Then kill all of the rhynocs and Bobby will get back home. Hop over to him
and he'll give you an egg.

Dh. Buzz's Dungeon
The Sorceress' apprentice, Bianca, sends a giant green monster to destroy you.
When the fight starts he'll charge at you. Charge him back and try to charge
him off the edge of the arena into the lava. He'll lose 1/6 of his health.
He'll then charge at you Sonic the Hedgehog-like. Avoid him when he does this! 
After he stops charge him into the lava again. When 2/6 of his health is gone
he will then conjure a fire sheild around him from time to time. Wait until it
wears off and charge him into the lava again. After 4/6 of his health is gone
he'll start to get really dangerous and spits fire at you. Jump over the flames
he spits and charge him into the lava two more times to finish him off.

Di. Midday Gardens Home


Underwater egg- There's an egg in the first small lake.

Secret ice cave- In the cave with the Icy Peak portal there's a smaller cave
connected to it with this egg inside.

Catch the thief- There's a thief running around the place where Sgt Byrd in a
cage is. Catch him to retrieve the egg he has.

Superflame the flowerpots- Use the Superflame powerup to destroy the four
flowerpots. After you destroy the fourth one you'll recieve an egg.

Climb to the ledge- This egg is on top of a small climable wall near the 
Country Speedway portal.

Dj. Icy Peak
Rhynocs have invaded- as usual.


Find Doug the polar bear- In this level you have to use cannons to blast
ice blocks. You can also blast the birds out of the sky to get treasure and 
blast the ice out from the whirlwinds that take you to more treaure. Flame the
TNT enemies to defeat them. To get the treaure in the ice you need to headbash
the crack in it. To do that stand at the end of the ice near the entrance,
glide over to the crack and quickly hover in the air and headbash. You can also
use the second cannon to blast an odd-looking part of a wall that has some more
treasure behind it. Get to the end of the level to get an egg.

On top of a ledge- After blasting the third ice wall go right and you'll find
some steps that take you to this egg.

Protect Nancy the skater- After paying Moneybags yet again you can enter this
Challenge Portal. Skate around near Nancy and flame the rhynocs as they come
out. If Nancy gets hit by one of them you have to start over. They always come
out in the same pattern so learn the pattern and you'll succeed in winning this

Speedy thieves I- This is in a Challenge Portal down some steps near the end of
the level.

Speedy thieves II- Before getting the first thief TRY THIS:

Charge up the left path without the thief on it when you enter. Follow it until
the small ledge on the right side of the path is high enough for you to jump 
on and glide to the pedastal with the red thief on it! Flame it when you get
near and you'll get this egg easily. There's also a sealed chest in a tunnel
that you can smash open using supercharge.

Glide to the sky island- At the end of the level take the whirlwind that's 
right next to it and follow the path to another whirlwind. Use it to get to the
sky island with the egg on it.

Dk. Enchanted Towers
The people who live here were forced to build a statue of the Sorceress. She 
said it was too ugly and sent rhynocs to punish them I guess.


Destroy the Sorceress statue- Get to the statue and flame the three rockets to
blow it up (the explosions are pretty loud so you might want to turn the 
volume down). After that you'll be given an egg. Also to kill those flying
monsters in this level you have to use the green lava rocks. Walk over to one
to pick it up. You can aim with Triangle and press Circle to spit it out.

Glide to the small island- The sloppy egg hiding strikes again. No need to tell
you where it is, it's too easy to find.

Trick skater I- After blowing up the statue glide over to where it was, get
down there and enter the Challenge Portal. Hunter will be there and he'll teach
you some skateboarding moves. Just do whatever he says and he'll give you an

Trick skater II- Hunter now challenges you to a skateboarding one-on-one game.
You win it by scoring the most points before time runs out. To win do the
following moves: Triple Towers, Half-Pipe Leap, Triple Twisted Lemon and Lime,
Big Gulp and Orange Crush (see Skateboard Points section). Hunter will give 
you an egg when you win.

Rescue the lost wolf- Mowat has lost his wolf Farley and it's your job to bring
it back to him. Go down the hole next to him and Farley will be there. Pick up
the ball he drops like a rock and place it on the blue button on the ground.
Farley will then come to get it, step on the button and some steps will raise
allowing you to press the button to open the door.
Flame the rhynocs and get to the where the button is. Grab the ball and place 
it on the other side of the gap. Now step on the button next to Farley. He will
jump across the raised platform to the other side. Glide over.
Get the ball and place it on the button on the step. Step on the button on the
ground and wait until Farley is on the step with the ball and quickly jump on
the step next to you. It will raise up allowing you to push the button to open
the door.
Charge down the wall, torch the rhynoc in the next room and open the door and
you'll recieve your reward- an egg (no really what did you think it was?)

Collect the bones- Go into the Sgt Byrd portal and switch to Sgt Byrd. Now fly
up to where Ooga is. His friend's bones have been stolen by Lava Lizards (gee
does THAT sound familiar?). Now you need to find all of the lizards and 
collect their bones. You may have already found some as Spyro but there are 
some bones in the highest towers even Spyro can't reach. Collect them all and
you'll get an egg and some entertainment.

Dl. Spooky Swamp
Rhynocs have invaded Spooky Swamp. The usual story.


Find Shiny the firefly- Do not enter the water! There are snapping jaws of 
pirahna in there. Also watch out for the gators- they can be quite tricky.
Anyway get to the end of the level and Shiny gives you an egg.

Jump to the island- This egg is out in the open. You should find it easily.

Escort the twins I- As Sheila you need to escort some twin fireflies to where
some eggs trapped in cages are. Kick the rocks and stomp the mushrooms to get
them out of his way. They come back after a while so you need to do this whilst
following the twin. Don't worry if you fail. They always go in the same pattern
so you can learn it and there will be no worries.
The first is easy. After you escort him he untraps the egg.

Escort the twins II- Escort the second twin. A bit more difficult- he moves
faster and the path is longer. Anyway learn the path so there will be no
trouble. After escorting he untraps the second egg.

Defeat sleepy head- There are four lamps in Spooky Swamp that can be lit with
Spyro's flame. After lighting them a portal opens up that takes you to wizard
that was sleeping. Since you woke him up by lighting the lamps he wants 
He starts off by throwing a bomb at you. Charge it back at him and he will lose
1/4 of his health. He will then chuck three gators at you that must be disposed
of before continuing. He then throws another bomb at you. Repeat this method 
three more times and the wizard will go into a permanent sleep. You will then 
recieve an egg.

Across the treetops- From the lamp at the end of the level, you can glide from
there to another ladder that takes you to the treetops. You will then end up
looking at three trees with an egg on the far left one and the key to the 
locket chest on the far right one.

Dm. Bamboo Terrace
Rhynocs have invaded and have intefered with the panda's bamboo collecting.


Clear the panda's path- Complete the level flaming rhynocs and mooses along the
way. Sing Sing will give an egg and the emergency escape bridge will open up.

Glide to the small island- After the part where two pandas move a boulder out 
of the way, there will be a small island on your left with an egg on it. Glide
over to it.

Glide to the hidden cave- In the area where three pandas press a switch to open
the bridge are some steps. They take you high enough to glide to a cave with an
egg in it.

Smash to the mountain top- After you free Bentley you can enter his portal. 
Here you have to make it to the top of the mountain. Smash the panda rock heads
as they roll towards you and use your spin move to blow TNT's away. When you 
get to the top you'll find an egg.

Shoot from the boat- After the emergency escape bridge is opened go there. It 
will take you to another Challenge Portal. In here some pandas are trying to
get home but rhynocs are making that impossible. From the boat move the aim 
circle over to rhynocs and press Circle to flame them. They will be simple to
kill at first but the last six will fall from the sky and they will be moving 
targets (exactly where are they falling from?). When you finish you'll recieve
an egg. Remember to toast the rhynocs, not the pandas!

Catch the thief- After getting the egg near the end of the level there will be
a thief running around near it. This is alot trickier than the previous thieves
because you have to chase him across a bridge and whilst dodging some steps.
You'll get his egg when you catch him.

Dn. Country Speedway


Time attack- Complete the time attack course to get this egg. The easiest way 
to do it is to fly through the rings, charge down the tractors, flame the cows
and go after planes last (attack the planes as they come toward you, it's 

Race the pigs- Win the race against the pigs in the planes. Remember to fly
through all of the rings and fly through the stars for boosts. There are now
red stars. Fly through them to recieve a dart. Press Circle and it will home
onto the nearest plane and hit them. The planes will slow down after they've 
been shot.

Hunter's rescue mission- Find Hunter inside the barn. You get to control Hunter
for this challenge. Move the aim circle over the saucers and cows and press
Circle to fire the lasers. No strategy needed, this is easy. When completed
he'll give you an egg.

Do. Sgt Byrd's Base
Free the poor penguin by paying that awful Moneybags to enter this level. Some
rhynocs have taken over the hummingbird base when Byrd was locked up.


Clear the building- Get to the end of the level following Gabrielle's
instructions and she'll give you an egg.

Clear the caves- When you get to the room with the weights Gabrielle will give
you an egg.

Rescue 5 hummingbirds- Free the five hummingbirds that are trapped in cages.
One is at the start of the level, one in the room with the weights, one in the
final area at the end of the level and one through a tunnel full of flame
spitters. The final hummingbird is well hidden. One of the sealed chests you 
open by dropping a bomb has an explodable floor under it. It's near the start 
of the level. It unblocks a passage that takes you to the final hummingbird.
After freeing all five you recieve an egg.

Dp. Spike's Arena
The Sorceress has created a rhynoc monster! When you enter he will start 
shooting electricity at you. Charge away from them to dodge them and try to 
charge rocks into him. They only go in a straight line so make sure you're
looking directly at Spike when chucking rocks at him. After he gets hit three
times he jumps on the arena making cracks in the floor. Fire will come out of
the cracks from time to time so avoid them. Pick up the red crystals to improve
your flame power and flame Spike. After three more hits blue crystals appear.
They go in a straight line when you shoot them. Hit Spike three more time with
these and he's a goner. You will then get an egg.

Dq. Evening Lake Home


Glide to the tower- Climb up the ladder that leads to a Sparx sign. From there
you can glide to a turret structure, that's straight ahead where an egg is.

I'm invincible!- Use the invincibility powerup to glide past the flame spitters
to where another egg is.

On the bridge- After getting the egg above, glide from there to another ledge
with a ladder on it. Climb up, it will take you to a bridge where an egg is.

Break the tower wall- There's a breakable piece of wall underwater that has 
more treasure and and egg behind it. It is a different colour to the rest of
the wall.

Belly of the whale- There's a whale in the water. Swim over to its mouth and it
will swallow you. Inside it is another egg. To get back out swim back towards
the mouth.

Dr. Frozen Altars
As soon as you step foot in this level you are given a special power: ice 
breath. This freezes enemies into a cube and will be defeated after charging
the cube.


Melt the snowmen- To use the lasers just use the D-pad to move the laser to 
what you want to burn. Simple enough. Get to the end of the level and you'll  
get this egg. To get the treasure on the platform behind the third penguin, 
just freeze the penguin and use the ice cube as a step. 

Catch the ice cats- After paying Moneybags some more gems (I know, I hate him
too) you can enter the cat hockey arena. To win you have to score 5 goals 
before your opponent does. Freeze the cats and push them into your goal, which 
is the goal next to penguin. You can also flame the cats towards the goal to 
have better accuracy. Also beware of your opponent. As soon as you see he's  
about to score quickly go up there and freeze him (yes you can freeze your 
opponent). Go for the cats near your goal for easy points. After you win you
get an egg.

Across the rooftops- At the end of the level, follow the circular path around
the circular pit with the three mammoths until you get to a funny shaped ledge
(oh gimme a break, it's the best explanation I can give without plagarising).
Jump on top of it and glide to a smaller ledge above the door. Then glide to
the laser's roof and walk along a ledge connected to it to where another egg 

Glide from the temple roof- Freeze the penguin next to the second laser. Use it
as a step to glide to a ledge with a giant staircase. Climb the staircase, 
turn around, and glide to the roof of the laser. Then glide to the island with
the egg on it.

Box the yeti- In Bentley's portal you have to box a yeti.

Square- Quick jab
X- Body blow
Circle- Big hookaroo
Triangle- Block high
Bentley blocks low autimatically

Use alot of big hookaroos to finish him quickly and try to block the punches
he throws at you. It's also best to back away a bit after you hit him (not too
far), and hit him with the body blow when he tries to block. You win when you
either knock him out or have the most health when the time runs out.

Box the yeti again- This time it's a three round match against you and the 
yeti. Just use the same strategy as above and knock him out again. But you 
never get your brother's ball back- what I did all that for nothing?! But then
you get an egg. Hmmmm... maybe all of these pointless challenges aren't so bad
after all.

Ds. Lost Fleet
Crazy Ed is trying to get to a place to where some treasure is. But some 
ghostly rhynocs are making that impossible.


Find Crazy Ed's treasure- Get to the end of the level and Crazy Ed will give
you an egg. Use the cannons to blast open sealed chests and birds out of the 
sky. Watch out for crabs, they are very dangerous. The ghosts aren't really
ghosts at all- just rhynocs in disguise.

Swim through acid- At the end of the level is a Invincibility powerup. Use it
to swim through the acid to get more gems. Swim through a tunnel in the acid
water and rise at the end of it to find an egg.

Sink the subs I- A whirlwind will appear at the end of the level and it will
take you to the top deck of the ship. Walk the plank and glide all the way to
the shark's mouth and enter the Challenge Portal inside it.
You need to use the submarine to blast some rhynoc subs. Whenever you get near
a sub three rings will appear. To get a good lock-on wait until all three rings
turn red. Then press Circle to blast the sub. You can also press X to boost.
After they're all destroyed you're given an egg.

Sink the subs II- More rhynoc subs have invaded the acid but this time they 
can drop mines. Touch one of these and you have to start over! Anyway just use
the same tactics to explode the subs and you'll get an egg.

Skate race the rhynocs- In another Challenge Portal are some skateboarding 
rhynocs who think they're so good. Challenge them to a race to win an egg. This
is almost like the speedway races except it's on a skateboard, there's no rings
to go through and when you crash you can continue from that point. Try not to
crash though. Do tricks on the skateboard to fill up your boost bar. This is
the key to winning! Do as many tricks as you can and use the boosts from the 
bar only when most needed. Defeating the crabs on the course also helps to fill
the bar up. 

Skate race Hunter- Now Hunter challenges you to a race and you have to win
whilst defeating all of the crabs on the course. Try not to fall off your 
skateboard and try to get most of the crabs on the first lap. 

Dt. Fireworks Factory
You need to get back some stolen rocket plans from the rhynocs.


Destwoy the wocket!- Get to the end of the level and Greta will give you an 
egg. To destroy those big rhynocs with the bombs you must either flame their
backs or shoot a small rocket at them. You can also use the small rockets to
open sealed chests.
If you see two red gems on top of a building, refer to the Bugs/Glitches 
section to find out how to get them.

Hidden in an alcove- When you get to the lava river jump across some stepping
stones to get to an egg.

Bad dragon!- In a Challenge Portal are two snake-like dragons flying around. To
defeat them you need to use the super fly-flame combo powerup and fly around
flaming them. They regenereate health when being left alone so take one down
individually then move on to the second. After they're both destroyed you're
rewarded with an egg.

Ninja HQ- This is in a Challenge Portal next to the end of the level. There's
an egg on a ledge right behind you when you start but it's out of reach. You
need to take the detour past a bunch of rhynocs to get to it. 

You're doomed!- After freeing Agent 9 enter his portal at the end of this 
level. You'll play this egg challenge in sniper mode. Shoot all of the rhynocs
in every room by moving around so that the aim circle is aiming at the 
rhynocs. You can also hold Triangle and aim the circle at the roof to kill any
rhynocs that are up there. After getting past them all you get an egg.

You're still doomed!- This is a harder version of the above Agent 9 egg 
challenge. There's really no strategy in completing this, it just takes time
and practice.

Du. Charmed Ridge
The princess has been captured by the cat wizards of Felinia and they're going
to force her to marry Prince Azrael.


Rescue the Fairy Princess- Get to the end of the level and Princess Ami will
give you an egg. Beware of the cat wizard's magic along the way. To get past
the giant chess piece try to get the wizard to land it and quickly run around

Egg in the cave- After paying that annoying Moneybags gems to get the wizards  
to raise the steps is a cave that you can glide into where an egg is.

Glide to the tower- After getting the above egg, climb the ladder next to the
powerup. At the top glide to where the wizard moving the chess piece was. Then
glide to the structure on the left. Get to the top of it and glide to the
structure adjacent to it (where another wizard is) to find an egg. From the
left structure you can also glide to the far tower up ahead (the one with 
nothing on it) to get the Impossible Tower skill point. You may need to hover.

Cat witch chaos- This is in Sgt Byrd's portal. You need to rid the temple of
cat witches. There are three rounds. The first round has five witches. Wait
until they're flying straight for you then shoot them. The second round has 
ten witches. The third round also has ten witches but this time they throw
fireballs at you and the floor is covered in deadly ooze (smash the windows to
get a skill point when you're running out of health). After the third round
you are given an egg.

Jack and the beanstalk I- This is in a Challenge Portal in a cave past some 
more wizards. You have to use some magic seeds to get to a golden goose. Pick 
up a seed in your mouth and aim it at one of the dirt circles on the ground to
plant it. The white seeds grow daisies and the red seeds grow mushrooms.
Here's the sequence- at the start grow a daisy in the left dirt circle and a
mushroom on the right. Climb them to reach two more seeds. Plant a daisy in 
the left dirt circle and a mushroom in the right then climb to the high right
ledge. Glide to the left ledge to get one more daisy seed. Then plant it in 
the remaining dirt circle to reach the halfway point and Jack will give you an

Jack and the beanstalk II- Jack will give you two more red seeds. There's also
another red seed on a step next to you. Along the way are three dirt circles.
Plant a mushroom in each and bounce across all three to get to a high ledge. 
You'll see three more seeds, two red and one white. Take the white one back to
the previous two mushrooms and replace one of them with a daisy. Now take the 
red seed back on the high ledge. You should now have three red seeds and there
are three dirt circles. Plant a mushroom in each and bounce across the 
mushrooms to get to the golden goose. You'll then be given an egg.

Dv. Honey Speedway


Time attack- Complete the time attack course to get this egg. As Sparx says the
easiest way is to fly through the honeycombs, fly through the beehives, flame
the bees and then the boats.

Race the bees- Win the race against the bumblebees. This is a slightly harder
race than the planes but it's not too difficult. Just make sure you fly 
through as many stars as you can.

Hunter's narrow escape- You'll find Hunter on the course next to one of the
beehives. This sheep saucer is after him and Hunter needs to lure the ship
down the river of honey. Move left or right and jump to avoid obstacles on
the river. The more obstacles you hit the closer the saucer gets to you. If
you manage to avoid most of the obstacles the saucer will crash and you're
given an egg.

Dw. Bentley's Outpost
After paying Moneybags the cash to free Bentley you can enter his home world.


The gong show- After the first gong this egg is just lying there. To defeat 
the seals just use the spin attack to deflect the snowballs back at them.

Snowball's chance- After pushing the block out of the way the egg is just
lying there.

Help Bartholomew home- At the end of the level Bartholomew will give you an

Dx. Scorch's Pit
The Sorceress has had enough and has created a monster to end all monsters! To
defeat it, collect the rockets on the arena floor and wait until the monster
doesn't have its sheild over it. Then fire your ammunition. Continue until
it's dead. That's really all there is to it. Just kill the enemies on the 
arena as they appear. Sometimes you'll see a small firey with a smiley face
come out of the eggs. Don't touch them just charge away from them until they
explode. After Scorch is dead you'll recieve an egg for all your troubles.

Dy. Midnight Mountain Home


Shhh, it's a secret- There's is a crack in the wall somewhere near the Desert
Ruins portal. Charge it and glide to where another egg is.

Glide to the island- As soon as you set foot in Midnight Mountain go left up
some steps and glide over to another egg.

Stomp the floor- After passing the Dino Mines portal you'll find some steps 
with a crack in the ground at the top. Headbash it to find another egg.

Catch the thief- You'll see a thief running around near the Crystal Islands
portal. Chase him down to get another egg.

At the top of the waterfall- Another sloppily hidden egg at the top of a purple
waterfall (what is that purple water?).

Egg for sale- After defeating the Sorceress go back to where the egg thief was
and you'll find "him". Chase "him" down when he runs away and keep on hitting 
"him" until he gives you an egg.

E. Skill Points
Skill Points are awarded when you do something special in the game. Collect 10
of them to open the epilogue in the Atlas. Collect the rest of the skill points
to get the complete epilogue.

Sunny Villa- Flame all trees- Flame all of the trees in the pots throughout the

Sunny Villa- Skateboard course record I- Beat the course record which is 3200
points. This is very easy. Just do two Gnasty Gnorcs. Voila.

Molten Crater- Assemble tiki heads- In Sgt Byrd's portal put all of the tiki
heads right next to each other.

Molten Crater- Supercharge the wall- Charge the crack in the wall in the 
thieves hideout.

Seashell Shore- Catch the funky chicken- In the water there's one fodder 
chicken that swims faster than the others. Catch it.

Icy Peak- Glide to pedastal- In the thief area glide on top of the pedastal the
red thief is on. Use the strategy in my walkthrough to get there.

Enchanted Towers- Skateboard course record II- Beat the course record which is
10,000 points. Do the following moves:

Gnasty Gnorc
Triple Twisted Lime
Triple Twisted Lemon
Triple Towers
Half-Pipe Leap
Big Gulp
Orange Crush

(see Skateboard Points section for details)

Spooky Swamp- Destroy all pirahna signs- There are pirahna signs all over this
level. Destroy them all.

Sgt Byrd's Base- Bomb the gophers- There are gophers all over the base. To kill
them you must either drop a bomb on them or fly above them so they come out,
descend and quickly shoot them with a rocket.

Frozen Altars- Beat yeti in two rounds- When boxing the yeti beat him in two
rounds in the three round match.

Lost Fleet- Skateboard record time- Beat the record time in the skateboard race
which is 1:45. Do a Gnasty Gnorc to fill your bar up each lap and get as many 
boosts as you can. And DON'T CRASH.

Fireworks Factory- Find Agent 9's powerup- On the ceiling in the first room of
Agent 9's mission is a button you can shoot with Agent 9's laser. You will then
get a skill point and a better gun.

Charmed Ridge- The impossible tower- See walkthrough.

Charmed Ridge- Shoot the temple windows- Shoot and smash all four windows in 
the cat witch temple.

Bentley's Outpost- Push box off the cliff- At the part where you push a box out
of the way, push it off the cliff.

Desert Ruins- Destroy all seaweed- In the water with the shark challenge use
the manta rays missiles to destroy all of the seaweed.

Haunted Tomb- Swim into the dark hole- In this level there is a river of water
that leads to a dark square hole in the wall. Swim into it.

Dino Mines- Hit all seahorses- Hit all of the seahorses in the mine shaft.

Dino Mines- Hit the secret dino- During Agent 9's challenge a differently 
coloured dinosaur will walk past near the end. Shoot it.

Agent 9's Lab- Blow up all palm trees- Use the bombs from the vendor to blow up
alll of the palm trees in this level.

F. Bugs/Glitches

Enter Sgt Byrd portal without freeing him

In Molten Crater, in front of the Sgt Byrd portal, is a bridge with two posts
at the end of it. Step on the shorter one and then onto the tall one. Then 
glide to the top of the Sgt Byrd portal (you may need to hover). Now walk into
the wall above it and you'll enter the portal!

Swim in air/Get in Bentley portal without freeing him

At the waterfall near the end of the level swim towards the end of the water-
fall, towards the cliff, and quickly press Square. Spyro should now be 
swimmimg in the air.
Also if you swim over the wall with the Bentley portal on it you'll be able to
enter the portal from behind.

Speedway glitch

There is a glitch in the speedway levels. When this glitch is activated you
will not be able to get an egg after winning a race. To avoid it, whenever you
try for a race in the speedway you must win right at that moment. You can still
fail a race but do not leave the race or level until you've won.

2 gems on top of building in Fireworks Factory

Whenever you see two gems on top of a building in Fireworks Factory, exit the
the level and do the code to take you into hard difficulty (see Cheats). 
Re-enter and return to the building and kill the two ninjas that jump down 
from it.
What happened here is that in easy mode those ninjas don't exist and the red
gems are just lying there. But the problem is, that since they jump from the
building to attack you, the gems will be lying where they originally appear in
harder difficulties of the game, on top of the building and out of reach.

G. Cheats

Big Head Spyro

Pause, Up, R1, Up, R1, Up, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle

Flat Spyro

Pause, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1, L1, R1, Square, Circle

Change Spyro's Colour

Pause, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Right, Down, Left
Up, Down and another button depending on what colour you want to change 

Circle- Red
X- Blue
Square- Pink
Triangle- Green 
Up- Yellow
Down- Black
Left- Normal

99 Lives

Pause, R2, L2, R2, L2, Up, Up, Up, Up, Circle

Easy Mode

Pause, Circle, Square, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, X

Hard Mode

Pause, Circle, Square, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Square

Squid Skateboard

Pause, Up, Up, Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Square, Circle, Square

H. Questions And Answers
Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions about the game 
and I'll answer them here.

I. Skateboard Points

Quad Forward Flip- Do 4 forwards flips
1000 points

Quad Back Flip- Do 4 back flips
1000 points

Toasty Twist- Do 4 right rolls
1000 points

Dr Shemp- Do 4 left rolls
1000 points

Twisted Lemon- Hold up/left or up/right and Triangle

Twisted Lime- Hold down/left or down/right and Triangle

Do multiple Twisted Lemons and Limes to get huge points!

Ghasty Gnorc- Two forward flips whilst Doing a roll during the second flip
2500 points

Crush- 4 right spins on half-pipe
750 points

Gulp- 4 left spins on half-pipe
750 points

Orange Crush- 5 right spins on half-pipe
2000 points

Big Gulp- 5 left spins on half-pipe
2000 points

Triple Towers (Enchanted Towers only)
Jump across the three pillars in the skate park
1000 points

Half-Pipe Leap (Enchanted Towers only)
Jump to the other side of the large gap in the skate park
1000 points

J. Credits

The only credits so far go out to Insomniac Games for making this terrific and
me for writing this guide.

Well that's it for my Spyro 3 walkthrough FAQ. I know it's not the best FAQ
out there but what do you expect from someone who's doing this for the first

Copyright Matthew Kerrigan 2005