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Armor Duplication

At your house in Solitude use the armor stand and place any piece of apparel on the mannequin. Then immediately take it back before exiting the menu. If you now leave your house and return the armor will appear on the mannequin and it will still be in your inventory.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #16919, by Sanzano and get

Restock any Merchant Instantly

To instantly refresh a merchants stock and gold perform the following five steps:

1) Choose a merchant

2) Sell or buy anything

3) Save your game

4) Kill the merchant

5) Load the game

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #16918, by Sanzano

Use the Sneak Roll without the Perk

Activate Sneak Mode and hold the 'Sprint' button, if you then double tap the 'Ready/Sheath' button while moving forward you will perform a forward roll. If done while moving sideways you will instead do a hop in that direction.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #16917, by Sanzano

'Do Not Delete' Chests

By playing through a lot of Skyrim, you might stumble upon an item in a shop's inventory called simply 'Do Not Delete'. It looks like a chest and, when purchased, will float in mid air. You can use it to climb to previous unreachable areas, and, if you get multiple chests, you can build some stairs!

It has been frequently reported as part of the inventory at Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun, though is not there all the time.

Added 20 Jan 2012, ID #16890, by MongooseGeneral

Unbreakable Lockpick

You can get an unbreakable lockpick during the "Darkness Returns" quest. This is part of the Thieves Guild in Riften line and if you refrain from finishing the quest once you have been given the 'Skeleton Key', you can keep it and use it to unlock doors and chests.

Added 17 Dec 2011, ID #16796, by MongooseGeneral

Invincible Dog Friend

When at Falkreath, speak to Lod. Once you accept the task of finding his dog, Barbas, go outside the village and you should locate it. Barbas will then lead you to the Shrin of Clavicus Vile, after which you will receive the 'A Daedra's Best Friend' quest.

Throughout this quest, the dog is invincible, must survive, and can't be killed. This means that you can use him for other tasks, and he will provide a very effective addition to your combat strategies.

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #16748, by MongooseGeneral

Remove Fast Travel Weight Limit

When your hero becomes 'over-encumbered', you can't fast travel. This prevents you from pillaging treasure rich locations and just traveling back to store it.

There is a way around this issue, however. Basically you just need to buy yourself a horse. Because horses can take the extra weight, the game allows you to fast travel in this situation, regardless of your excess weight.

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #16747, by MongooseGeneral

No Fall Damage

If you find yourself falling, as long as you are against a surface I.e. Falling down a steep slope, if you toggle sneak mode, this sticks you to the surface and stops you from receiving damage.

This means you can descend high areas much more easily knowing you are not going to take high damage.

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #16746, by MongooseGeneral

Horse Swimming Glitch

If the water is too deep for your horse, it has to swim - and quite slowly. If you dismount the horse while in deep water, and then get back on, it should be able to effectively run through the water at high speed.

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #16745, by MongooseGeneral

Easy Arrows

For an easy way to build up a supply of an arrow type, when you come across someone who is shooting arrows at a dummy target, you can pickpocket the arrows they have been using and then give them an arrow of another type - I.e. The one that you want to get a lot more of!

The NPC will then begin to use this type of arrow to shoot their target, allowing you to get them as they hit the target and build up a stash of your own in this particular variety.

Added 23 Nov 2011, ID #16733, by MongooseGeneral

More Console Codes

Below you will find more codes to enter into the developer console accessed using the ~ 'tilda' key:

Replace the # with the appropriate number(s):

Access All Spells: psb
Add a perk (for example, Light fingers is code 00018E6A): player.addperk ########
Add dragon souls: Player.modav Dragonsouls #
Change field of view: fov #
Change player scale with 1 as normal: player.setscale #
Change ownership of an object (target) - allows you to take items without 'stealing': Setownership
Change gender: SexChange
Completes all Quest Stages: caqs
Controls available during cinematics: enableplayercontrols
Fast travel to location: COC
Force quit the game: qqq
Free camera: tfc
Give player item (gold=0000000f, lockpicks=0000000a): player.additem [ItemNumber] #
Increase Burden by #: player.modav burden #
Increase Level: AdvancePCLevel
Increases movement speed by # percent: player.setav speedmult #
Increase skill by #: advskill #
Increase Skill Level by one: Player.IncPCS [Skill Name]
Increase the level of a skill: AdvancePCSkill (TYPE SKILL NAME HERE) #
Kill enemy selected with arrow: Kill
Kill all enemies nearby: killall
List all commands: help
Lock item: lock (I.e. Type 'lock' followed by the difficulty level of the lock before clicking on the chest/door)
Removes all items from targetted NPC: removeallitems
Replicate items (select the item or NPC and copy the RefID): duplicateallitems
Resurrect dead target: Resurrect
Set Carry Weight: player.modav carryweight #
Set player's fame: setpcfame
Set player's infamy: setpcinfamy
Set Fatigue: player.setav Fatigue #
Set Health: player.setav Health #
Set Crime Bounty (to get people to come and attack you): player.setcrimegold #
Set Magicka: player.setav Magicka #
Set player's Level: player.setlevel #
Show Race Menu: showracemenu
Show/hide map markers (1 is on, 0 is off): tmm #
Spawn NPC (# equals NPC ID): player.placeatme #
Starts all quests (which causes problems!): saq
Teleport to quest target: movetoqt
Toggle AI Detection: TDetect
Toggle AI (freezes NPCs): TAI
Toggle Combat AI (stop AI from being able to join combat): TCAI
Toggle FOW: tfow
Toggle Grass: TG
Toggle HUD: tm
Unlock item: unlock (I.e. Type 'unlock' followed by clicking on chest/door and pressing enter) anything that may be locked by typing unlock then clicking the chest or door you want unlocked then press enter)
Visit testing hall with all items: coc qasmoke

Added 16 Nov 2011, ID #16714, by MongooseGeneral

Console Codes

Press the tilda key (~) to bring up the developer console, and enter the codes below:

Activate God Mode: tgm

Advance Level: advlevel

No Clip: tcl

Increase Gold: 'player.additem 000000F ?' - the ? Should be replaced with the amount of gold and the quotation marks removed.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #16705, by MongooseGeneral

Easy Illusion Leveling

To level up your Illusion skills, cast the Muffle spell as often as possible. It makes your movements quieter, and the bonus is that you can use it while walking around all the time.

You also gain general experience from doing this.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #16704, by MongooseGeneral

Mountain Climbing Glitch

Some of the mountains in Skyrim seem too high to climb up. However, if you reach a point that is too steep, turn around and jump backwards, moving all the way. So you should be looking down the mountain and jumping backwards up it.

This should allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #16703, by MongooseGeneral

Infinite Storage

Whenever you see a storage container, remember that you can store any excess items in it and should be able to return to it and collect them later.

This is not guaranteed but is nearly always the case. The only way to store items with no risk is to buy a property and keep them in there.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #16702, by MongooseGeneral


Hello I got a way to get all perks in about 10 min
First of all do Player.Setlevel 1 so you come down to lv one then do Player.setav [skill] (15 or what ever base number is on that skill) then you do Player.advskill [skill] 1000000000000 with the same skill that way you get 1000000000000 exp to that skill en the skill will lv up and when it level up like this you get exp to your caracter to and then for every time you do this 3 steps redo them until you got all the perk points you whant the reason for you to set lv to one is becuse if your lv 60 you might need to lv up an skill 10 times to gain one lv but at lv one you need only to lv up 2 in skill to get one lv what and re do it and you got all the perk points you can ask for

Added 2 Mar 2013, ID #17761, by Guest

Super fast arrows... With armor and weapons and anything

Need help getting Armor and weapons and everything you need a little bit more, follow these instructions
1. First kill anybody (Or type kill and click on a man/woman.)
2. Store anything that you want duplicated.
3. Press "~" and type duplicate all items... Without space bars then the persons ID (after a space bar.)
4. Say it as much as you want.
5. Collect the item from the person (the one you needed)
P.S. I was the one who made "Super fast arrows"...
Just used a bit more items in it

Added 6 Jan 2013, ID #17657, by johny7

Super fast arrows

You need help getting arrows follow these steps

1. Find a guard
2. Type kill and click on the guard
3.Say duplicateallitems (Then guards ID after a spacebar)
4. Say it 9 times
5. Search his body and collect his arrows
6.Look at your inventory and you will have around 7000 steel arrows (It adds 0 weight to)

Added 31 Dec 2012, ID #17640, by Guest

How to equip better armor for your follower without codes

To change your helpers armor without codes you have to marry them then ask to trade items with them go to your apparel and give the armor of your choice to them (to change their weapons you don't have to marry them)

Added 11 Nov 2012, ID #17553, by Darkfighter

Smoke Testing Editors Room

To do this, first you have to have Skyrim for the computer.
Then press the ~ button to bring up the cheat code bar,
Then type in "coc qasmoke" without the quotes. It will take to the croom of every item in the game. But, there is only ONE item of every kind. So choose wisely.

To get out don't be overencumbered, type coc 'name of area'

Added 12 Jun 2012, ID #17210, by Guest
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