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How to make your teen sims live alone hint for The Sims 2


How to make your teen sims live alone

Their are two ways that I have learned.

1.use a adult and click on a newspaper or a computer
Then select "find own place" then select every sim that you want to move out except the teen you want to live alone.

2.(it sounds cruel but it a option)kill all adults.

Added by: Guest Jun 5th 2011, ID#16277 and get
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Make an adult sim in create a sim move the adult in a house then open the cheat window enter agesimscheat on then shift click on your adult sim there will be an option set age and click teen

Added 25th Jun 2013, ID #292693

Do one of the cheats to get a teenager to live alone and then if social services comes, spawn the tomb stone L and D. After that, when the social worker comes to the house click on the tomb stone and select add social worker to family or go to add neighbour to family and select socia worker. Then kill them using the tomb stone.

Added 13th Mar 2013, ID #263298

you can have a teen sim live with a toddler
and the social worker doesn't come, but first have the parents die.

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #236052

What i do.. Is when the kid turns into a teenager I tell the mom or dad to find own place with the teenager.. then when you move in . have the adult move out and then just put her/he back into the house they lived in before.. so then they dont have to die.......

Added 8th Dec 2012, ID #216824

you can just kill every one

Added 2nd Sep 2012, ID #182684

there are so many ways that you can have a teen living alone. I created a mum and a girl teen and the mum died in a fire when she was cooking so my teen lived alone and no social services came and my teen lived in the same house till she became old and died there (I moved her tombstone next to her mums hehe!)

Added 21st Aug 2012, ID #178384

I don't know how to get a teen pregnant but i do know how to get a baby!
1) type AgeSimscheat
2) click on teen and select age sim, adult.
3) will be adult so then make baby.( make sure baby is born.
4) click on teen and select age sim, teen.

Voila! your teen has a child

Added 26th Jun 2012, ID #157027

to stop social services from taking a kid cant you just
erase the door so they cant come in the house to take them

Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #156790

i know a easier way but thnx not :P

Added 13th May 2012, ID #141643

Social services don't come at all. I had my teens live in the house by themselves

Added 2nd May 2012, ID #138920

I never thought about trying this! I'll definitely be doing this in the future!

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #134207

I have an idea u can make one adult and move them into a house do the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and shift click on ur sim click spawn and click sim modder a baby doll will pop up click it and select age and click teen it turns ur sim into a teen and the worker lady won't come for teens but they do come for child and younger if they r alone. Thanks happy swimming

Added 12th Apr 2012, ID #132632

no you just delete the adults

Added 2nd Apr 2012, ID #128705

[i][u][b][/b] [/u] [/i] to make a teenager pregnant you do boolprop and get nightlife and shift click on a sim and select sim modder then make sim a teen and then dlete the sim and get them back with tombstone of l and d and then they can do what a adult can do

Added 21st Feb 2012, ID #117055

I have a teen alone all you do is
. Do boolprop cheat
. Spawn a death creator
.kill the adult
I don't know why my teen hasn't been picked up by child services but iv'e had it for a long time and my suggestion if that happens is
A. do not save
B. force a error on the social worker

Thanks for the time, Anoymous

Added 20th Feb 2012, ID #116887

i ve been playing sims for like since it came from sims to sims 3 i can tell there is an easyer way :
1:make a family with a teen
2:if u know how delete the adult (no need to kill_
do Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then shift clik the adult and press false error and it will delete it
3:if child services come to take teenager away delete them iswell .and their is your lonely but cool teen [color=red][/color]

Added 18th Feb 2012, ID #115928

i accidentally kill the parents and i had two teenagers and a toddler and when i made the teenagers grow up so tht the toddle wouldn't be taken away it made the two teenagers fall in love some how and they got married now they wasn't brother and sister they were husband and wife and their kid was there was weird so i deleted the family

Added 3rd Feb 2012, ID #111784

I have tried this but social services come and pick your teen, it works for at least a day than they come. (:

Added 3rd Feb 2012, ID #111606

Hey, so i have an idea, i haven't tried it on teens but i know it works.. press Ctrl + shift C and then type moveobjects on into the text box... You can now pick up, delete and place things that you normal can't. Go on Buymode and click the adults in the family.. then press delete.. Simple. I don't know if the social services come or whatever but i know you can dlete them i did it once by acciedent. hope this helps x

Added 14th Dec 2011, ID #95045

Actually, I did this with one of my teenagers. I moved her mother out of the house on accident, I think, and she still lives on her own.

Added 12th Dec 2011, ID #94693

best!!thank you!!

Added 28th Oct 2011, ID #83474

It doesnt work. The child protection people come over and you have to start again o.o

Added 26th Aug 2011, ID #70251

I knew that already.. But thanks

Added 9th Aug 2011, ID #65606

There is an easier way that doesnt involve killing... all you have to do is move atleast one adult with your teen(s) into the house you want them in once your there just tell your adult to move out and they'll leave and teens will have the house to themselves but there is a catch if your teen is about to die or something and you need to move out you cant only adults can move out i guess youll have to move the adult back in to move the teen out.

Added 22nd Jul 2011, ID #60076


Added 12th Jul 2011, ID #57241

uh thx

Added 25th Jun 2011, ID #52251

i never thought of that thanks

Added 12th Jun 2011, ID #48832


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