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All perk and ingot codes + command console cheats for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


All perk and ingot codes + command console cheats

All perk and ingot codes + command console cheats
NOTE: these codes aren't for vanilla skyrim anymore, they require you to have:
HighRes packs 1,2,3
EDIT: Vampire and werewolf perks have been added. all perks have been looked over and fixed
REMEMBER: this is for canilla Skyrim NO MODS only DLC is included, if something is wrong and you have a mod it is likely that is your problem not the code.

Press the tild ` key to activate the console.

TGM - god mode
TCL - noclip, fly through walls, can only be used if you have not clicked on anything.
Player.modav speedmult (modifies your speed, also works with anything you click on that can move, does not reset on death)
Player.setlevel 1 - 100. (can go above but remember the game scales with you)
Tmm 1 - all map locations unlocked (tmm 0 will disable all locations)
unlock (look at something locked, press tild ` click on the item and type unlock to unlock ANYTHING that doesn't require a specific quest key or event for instance this will not open the vault in the thieves guild)
lock (as above to do the reverse)
PSB - all spells, including ones you should not have, be warned this may crash your game so remember to SAVE FIRST.
TFC - free flying camera.
Kill - kills selected target.
Resurrect - resurrects selected target.
Player.modav carryweight (set the limit of what you can carry.)
Player.setav dragonsouls <###> gives selected amount of dragon souls, do not give yourself too many at once, it will crash your game, suggest doing it in groups of 3.
Player.additem <#> will post codes for ingots and such after this, if you want weapons look elsewhere sorry.
Player.setav (stamina, health, magicka) ####

Help "input item name" 4. - will give you whatever it has on that, then use page up and page down to cycle through what it shows. NOTE: if looking for a code for anything with a space in it's name you must put it in the little things "these things" otherwise it will not work.
(you can modify the speed and stamina of anything with this including a horse, click on the being you want to modify and do the same without typing player)
Metal ingot codes, leather, leather strips. Refined metals only, Filled grand soul gems.

Enter the codes like so:
Player.additem 5ace4 10 will give you 10 iron ingots(bars)
Iron - 5ACE4
Steel - 5ACE5
Silver - 5ACE3
Gold - 5AD9E
Corundum - 5AD93
Orichalcum - 5AD99
Ebony - 5AD9D
Dwarven - DB8A2
Quicksilver - 5ADA0
Moonstone - 5AD9F
Malachite - 5ADA1
Dragon scales - 3ADA3
Dragon bones - 3ADA4
Leather strips - 800E4
Leather - DB5D2
Daedra heart - 3AD5B
Filled grand soul gems - 2E4FF
gold (money) - F
lockpicks - A
To use type
Player.addperk #####
Novice destruction - F2CA8
Apprentice destruction - C44BF
Adept destruction - C44C0
Expert destruction - C44C1
Master destruction - C44C2
Destruction dual casting - 153CF
Augmented flames - 581E7 - 10FCF8
Augmented frost - 581EA - 10FCF9
Augmented shock - 58200 - 10FCFA
Impact - 153D2
Rune master - 105F32
Deep freeze - F3933
Intense flames - F392E
Disintegrate - F3F0E
Novice restoration - F2CAA
Apprentice restoration - C44C7
Adept restoration - C44C8
Expert restoration - C44C9
Master restoration - C44CA
Restoration dual casting - 153D1
Regeneration - 581F8
Recovery - 581F4 - 581F5
Avoid death - A3F64
Necromage - 581E4
Ward absorb - 68BCC
Respite - 581F9
Novice alteration - F2CA6
Apprentice alteration - C44B7
Adept alteration - C44B8
Expert alteration - C44B9
Master alteration - C44BA
Atronach - 581F7
Stability - 581FC
Mage armor - D7999 - D799A - D799B
Magic resistance - 53128 - 53129 - 5312A
Alteration dual casting - 153CD
Novice illusion - F2CA9
Apprentice illusion - C44C3
Adept illusion - C44C4
Expert illusion - C44C5
Master illusion - C44C6
Illusion dual casting - 153D0
Animage - 581E1
Hypnotic gaze - 59B77
Kindred mage - 581E2
Aspect of terror - 59B78
Rage - C44B5
Quiet casting - 581FD
Master of the mind - 59B76
Novice conjuration - F2CA7
Aprrentice conjuration - C44bb
Adept conjuration - C44BC
Expert conjuration - C44BD
Master conjuration - C44BE
Summoner - 105F30 - 105F31
Conjuration dual casting - 153CE
Mystic binding - 640B3
Atromancy - CB419
Necromancy - 581DD
Soul stealer - D799E
Oblivion binding - D799C
Elemental potency - CB41A
Dark souls - 581DE
Twin souls - D5F1C
Juggernaut - 7935E - 79361 - 79362 - 79374 - BCD2A
Fists of steel - 58F6E
Well fitted - 58F6F
Cushioned - BCD2B
Conditioning - 58F6D
Tower of strength - 58F6C
Matching set - 107832
Reflect blows - 105F33
Agile defender - BE123 - 79376 - 79389 - 79391 - 79392
Custom fit - 51B1B
Unhindered - 51B1C
Wind walker - 105F22
Matching set - 51B17
Deft movement - 107831
Shield wall - BCCAE - 79355 - 79356 - 79357 - 79358
Power bash - 58F67
Deflect arrows - 58F68
Quick reflexes - D8C33
Deadly bash - 5F594
Elemental protection - 58F69
Block runner - 106253
Disarming bash - 58F66
Shield charge - 58F6A
Armsman - BABE4 - 79342 - 79343 -79344 - 79345
Fighting stance - 52D50
Dual flurry - 106256 - 106257
Hack and slash - 3FFFA - C3678 - C3679
Bonebreaker - 5F592 - C1E92 - C1E93
Bladesman - 5F56F - C1E90 - C1E91
Critical charge - CB406
Savage strike - 3AF81
Dual savagery - 106258
Paralyzing strike - 3AFA6
Barbarian - BABE8 - 79346 - 79347 - 79348 - 79349
Limbsplitter - C5C05 - C5C06 - C5C07
Deep wounds - 3AF83 - C1E94 - C1E95
Skullcrusher - 3AF84 - C1E96 - C1E97
Champion stance - 52D51
Great critcal charge - CB407
Devastating blow - 52D52
Sweep - 3AF9E
Warmaster - 3AFA7
Marksman or ARCHERY:
Overdraw - BABED - 7934A - 7934B - 7934D - 79354
Eagle eye - 58F61
Steady hand - 103ADA - 103ADB
Critical shot - 105F1C - 105F1E - 105F1F
Power shot - 58F62
Hunters discipline - 51B12
Ranger - 58F63
Quickshot - 105F19
Bullseye - 58F64
Stealth - BE126 - C07C6 - C07C7 - C07C8 - C0C79
Muffled movement - 58213
Backstab - 58210
Deadly aim - 1036F0
Assassin's blade - 58211
Light feet - 5820C
Silent roll - 105F23
Silence - 105F24
Shadow warrior - 58214
Light fingers - BE124 - 18E6A - 18E6B - 18E6C - 18E6D
Night thief - 58202
Poisoned - 105F28
Cutpurse - 58204
Extra pockets - 96590
Keymaster - D79A0
Misdirection - 58201
Perfect touch - 58205
Novice locks - F392A
Apprentice locks - BE125
Adept locks - C3680
Expert locks - C3681
Master locks - C3682
Quick hands - 106259
Wax key - 107830
Golden touch - 5820A
Treasure hunter - 105F26
Locksmith - 58208
Unbreakable - 58209
Haggling - BE128 - C07CE - C07CF - C07D0 - C07D1
Bribery - 58F72
Allure - 58F75
Merchant - 58F7A
Persuasion - 1090A2
Investor - 58F7B
Intimidation - 105F29
Fence - 58F79
Master trader - 1090A5
Alchemist - BE127 - C07CA - C07CB - C07CC - C07CD
Physician - 58215
Poisoner - 58217
Benefactor - 58216
Concentrated poison - 105F2F
Experimenter - 58218 - 105F2A - 105F2B
Green thumb - 105F2E
Snakeblood - 105F2C
Purity - 5821D
Enchanter - BEE97 - C367C - C367D - C367E - C367F
Fire enchanter - 58F80
Frost enchanter - 58F81
Storm enchanter - 58F82
Insightful enchanter - 58F7E
Corpus enchanter - 58F7D
Soul squeezer - 58F7C
Soul siphon - 108A44
Extra effect - 58F7F
Steel smithing - CB40D
Dwarven smithing - CB40E
Elven smithing - CB40F
Arcane smithing - 5218E
Orcish smithing - CB410
Ebony smithing - CB412
Glass smithing - CB411
Daedric smithing - CB413
Advanced smithing - CB414
Dragon armor - 52190
And that concludes the perks YOUR WELCOME EVERYONE I don't think I missed any but
I'll say this. If you need something and can't find the code for it type
Help "input item code" 4
EXAMPLE: help "amulet of mara" 4
Will give you the number of it.. Which is.... C891b (the amulet of mara is needed to get married in the game)
If you can't see what your after on the console then use page up and page down to scroll through it.
Edited: Oct 30 2015

Added by: Strud Nov 17th 2011, ID#16717 and get
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Alot of people posting comments about things not working of late, decided to go through ALL of the perks again, from scratch and re-add them, some codes(alot) had been changed from what they were originally (do remember I first posted this on the 17'th of november 2011 (that's 6 days after it's release for those who can't count), a few skill trees had new skills that didn't exist then. still need to work of werewolf and vampire skill trees. other then that, it is now up to date (when the edit is done being reviewed)

Added 28th Oct 2015, ID #620329

stealh 5/5 is c07c9 not co7c9

Added 13th Jul 2015, ID #583618

player.additem f 50000 This would give you 50,000 gold.

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523322

you have to put player.additem 0000000f 100-999

Added 20th Feb 2015, ID #518822

The code gold (0000000f) does not work.... Neither does (f) does anyone know the correct player.additem for gold?!?! I'm tired of being broke.

Added 16th Feb 2015, ID #516812

No.5 oh yah one question is there a code for arrows tell plz thx peace
There are far too many types of arrows in this game for me to try or even for me to try and attempt to catalog all of the codes and post them, I would try an item index search on the internet or if you are after a specific arrow then use the console command: help "item name" 4 an example: help "steel arrow" 4 If you do not know the name of a specific arrow then just put in: help "arrow" 4 and it will bring up all of the arrows in the game (until you cannot scroll anymore).

Added 4th Dec 2014, ID #480240

No.4 and the hearthfire items what wo I do ?
I have had some trouble finding the code for glass the rest is pretty simple, if you have access to the console window (which i assume you do if you are using these codes) and you need to find something use the command: Help "input item code" 4 an example wouold be: help "straw" 4 this should bring up the codes for anything with "straw" in it's name, Page up and Page down will allow you to scroll through the items.

Added 4th Dec 2014, ID #480239

Alright this is going to take a minute to reply to the new comments
First of all I have been away for a while, Real life caught up with me and I had to catch up with it, Apologies for that.

So let's go through these shall we?
No.1 cant find the third elder scroll dragon don't what to cheat just want a walk though
I apologise that i am unable to remember where it is off the top of my head, Have you tried searching other sites for a guide or a "location of" search?

No.2 "respite" is not found in the list under restoration.
You are correct I will fix this soon.

No.3 tried destruction to adept and they don't work
Are you using the "vanilla" game, DLC can be used the codes should be set for all DLC to be compatible, any extra mods made by other users may not be compatible with these codes, If you are using the "vanilla" game then I will look into it and update the page as needed.

Added 4th Dec 2014, ID #480238

oh yah one question is there a code for arrows
tell plz thx peace

Added 28th Oct 2014, ID #464231

and the hearthfire items what wo I do ?

Added 22nd Oct 2014, ID #461585

tried destruction to adept and they don't work

Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452077

"respite" is not found in the list under restoration.

Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #437263

cant find the third elder scroll dragon don't what to cheat just want a walk though

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419923

player.setav health 3000
player.setav magicka 3000
player.setav stamina 3000

they need to be separate it cannot be done all at once.

Added 24th Jun 2014, ID #405634

I can't seem to get the cheat "player.setav (stamina, health, magicka) ####". to work can somebody please tell me how to properly use it, because I am not using it correctly.

Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #405431

I love this webite, It has all i need to get started on skyrim. My Brother is yelling and yelling at me becaue he hate when i cheat, Thats why i cheat. by the way, advskill speech and archery doe not work for that cheat.

Added 13th Apr 2014, ID #374553

are there any cheats for magica set limet or stamina set

Added 4th Mar 2014, ID #361074

3 days time be warnith for they come who you shall not know why you will learn and the side find out on your own

Added 25th Feb 2014, ID #358963

WOW so many cheats i like it hehehehehehe i will never die in dis cheat

Added 8th Feb 2014, ID #353158

Thanks man really helped

Added 30th Dec 2013, ID #336393

great job man

Added 11th Nov 2013, ID #318998

Thanks, dude

Added 10th Nov 2013, ID #318769

thanks you rock

Added 17th Oct 2013, ID #315076


Added 14th Oct 2013, ID #314503

Stealthy hand 103ada not 104ada

Added 10th Oct 2013, ID #313677

cheaters! >:O

Added 16th Jul 2013, ID #297790

2 hand 1ce16 not work!

Added 8th Jul 2013, ID #295921


Hey every one some of you are concerning about the gold code you don't have to say the whol "player.additem 0000000f 100" and the amount can be more than 1000 I have added 1000000000 and more and that is more than a million gold you can just put down "player.additem f 1000000000" and there you go hope this helps.

Added 15th Jun 2013, ID #290552

for all: Perk for Agile defender: 1:79376 2:79389 3:79391 4:79392 5:be123

Added 1st Apr 2013, ID #269509


Added 4th Mar 2013, ID #260649

THESE codes were really helpful thanks

Added 1st Mar 2013, ID #259698

How to add perks with skill level 5 instead of 1

Added 14th Feb 2013, ID #254092

think that this was posted before on light armor but here is my input the codes '79362' '79374' and 'bcd2a' are for Juggernaut not agile defender. the correct ones are in order be123 - 79376 - 79389 - 79391 - 79392

Added 8th Jan 2013, ID #239723

Hello everyone. The perk Master of the Mind is 59b76, vice the 58b76 listed above. Hope it helps!


Added 2nd Jan 2013, ID #235160

Thank you so much for all this info! It really helps me in the whole gameplay! Keep this website up and make many others happy as well!

Added 16th Dec 2012, ID #222733

Archery=>steady hand=>For all of you out there, ‘Steady shot’ #1 is 103ada and not 104ada. The code listed here is considered nothing. FOR A WARNING TO EVERYONE! (I really hopes this helps people).

Added 16th Dec 2012, ID #222732

what waterhead listed these..light armor rank 5 gave me juggernaut lol wtf

Added 21st Nov 2012, ID #210943


Added 17th Nov 2012, ID #209468

these cheat codes are a little alike to the cheat codes of fallout NV

Added 12th Nov 2012, ID #207981

first agile def perk is 76 not 67

Added 8th Oct 2012, ID #193725

as far as i can remember before item or perk code you need to put "000" down e.g "player.additem 0005ace4 1". This might be a reason of problems for many of you

Added 4th Sep 2012, ID #183245

Everything I wanted worked for me, You are my god
Thank you so much.

Added 20th Aug 2012, ID #177997

Restoration avoid death is a3f64 not a3f54

Added 11th Aug 2012, ID #174618

Make sure you put a space after additem
I had trouble with codes it worked for me.

Added 23rd Jun 2012, ID #155840

Thaks a lot

Added 21st Apr 2012, ID #135440

@Guest ID #132814.
You seem to be mistaken good/sir ma'am I have only posted one code here for gold and that is gold ingots, I have not posted the lock-picks or coins codes on this page.
please try not to spam the comments with things that are irrelevant to this topic, if you have an issue with one of the topics you see regardless of who posted it...IE: if you have an issue with another of my posts please post the issue on that page, do not go to the next page then post the issue.

Added 13th Apr 2012, ID #132830

sorrrrrrry but your cheat code of gold is player.additem 0000000f not! player.additem0000000a!!!it is a cheatcode of lockpicks!!!

Added 13th Apr 2012, ID #132814

mods change base codes so that they can run, it is possible the mods you have installed are conflicting with these perk codes (this list is with a completely unmodded version)

Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #117582

i think something is wrong,some codes like agile defender wont work,could it be that i got a mod so esbern can talk?

Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #117538

i wonder... what size screen are you playing in? if your playing in anything less then 1280x768 the commands won't work.. or they don't for me i always get the same message which is compiled script not saved if you are playing in a small screen i suggest making it bigger if you are already playing in a large screen then you may need to modify the game config slightly. there should be youtube videos that can show you how to do that

Added 2nd Feb 2012, ID #111549


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