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Make a strong team

If your done getting Manaphy back to the ocean go visit Dialga at temporal tower and defeat him and then he will join your team.Dig and fire moves can defeat him.If you have two fire moves link them.


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Added 12 May 2013, ID #17925, by Darkstar123456789
Ask.com and get

How to get to regigigas

First you go and look at the strange stone, then it'll say 'strange symbols appeared' then you go and defeat the UNKNOWNS. If you get the right stones go back to the strange stone and do the same thing and then it turns into stairs. Go down the stairs and you must defeat regice :tip of mine, if you have any moves that go more than one space use them first go, I smashed him in one shot: next you defeat regirock or registeel, then you see some statues but these statues aren't normal they're a monster house, :overheat's probably the best for monster house


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Added 20 Apr 2013, ID #17918, by dezza12

How to get a blue gummi fast and easy

I spent ages trying to get a blue gummi untill I looked on over sites then I found the wonder mail code for the easyist way it is in beach cave second floor you have to go find a Pokemon and she will give you your blue gummi the code is 3@01 =@@K 85JF
1CKR C1C& YN9C it is fast and easy hope it helped

Added 9 Apr 2012, ID #16804, by Guest

SECRET in recruiting FROSLASS

In most of the guides, it says that Froslass is un-recruitable. Well, I found a loophole! First, all use the Wonder mail generator at UPC to make a code for a job that recruits a FEMALE Snorunt. It MUST be female of this will not work right. Then, after you have finished that, create another job that earns you the item Dawn Stone. The floor, dungeon, and client do not matter, as long as you receve the Dawn Stone. Then, level up the snorunt until she is about, oh, level 30 or so. The easiest way to do this, at least for me, is using two or three Golden Seeds. These awesome Items level up a Pokemon FIVE TIMES! So, after that, go to Luminous Spring and you should be able to Evolve her into Froslass!

P.S. This method is still untested, and may not work, but it most likely will!


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Added 31 Mar 2012, ID #16791, by Guest

How to Beat Any Boss Pokemon

Step 1: Before you go, pack the following items:
Reviver Seeds
Oran Berries
X-Eye Seeds/Sleep Seeds
Step 2: Link your moves
Step 3: Once you get to the boss, use a seed then use your linked moves.

Added 3 Feb 2012, ID #16680, by richmond1210

Heal Pokemon with A and B

To heal Pokemon faster, Press A and B. ( B first ) But, be careful because it does the same effect as walking so it makes you hungrier and Pokemon will come to you.

Added 16 Dec 2011, ID #16520, by Guest

How to defeat dialga

If you or your partner is a mudkip keep using endavor or if your using riolu keep using fighting moves or if ar fire Pokemon try using very tough moves couse it's dragon steel type
Wish that this help you

Added 2 Dec 2011, ID #16500, by Guest

How to get alot of reviver seeds

The way to get alot of reviver seeds is by doing sentry duty.Get all of them right or 1 wrong or also 2 wrong and BAM!! You got alot of reviver seeds.Wait until a while and Loudred will give you a hint about that Pokemon you are suppose to figure out who it is.Hope I helped

Added 1 Jun 2011, ID #15797, by Guest

Blown away

There will be certain points in time where you will be in a dungeon for long periods of time and receive these strange messages.

"Something's Stirring...."
"Something's Approaching...."
"it's getting closer!"
"it's right nearby! It's gusting hard!"

These are warning messages letting you know that you are staying to long, once you get the last warning messages it's only a matter of time before a gust of wind comes and blows you right out of the dungeon back to the outside.

Added 4 Apr 2011, ID #15665, by kimmy456

Possible Heros

Boy - Lonely
Girl - Docile

Boy - Docile
Girl - Brave

Boy - Quirky
Girl - Bold

Boy - Brave
Girl - Hasty

Boy - Sassy
Girl - Relaxed

Boy - Calm
Girl - Calm

Boy - Timid
Girl - Calm

Boy - Jolly
Girl - Sassy

Boy - Calm
Girl - Hardy

Boy - Hardy
Girl - Careless

Boy - Careless
Girl - Lonely

Boy - Hasty
Girl - Navie

Boy - Bold
Girl - Timid

Boy - Navie
Girl - Impish

Boy - Impish
Girl - Quirky

Boy - Relaxed
Girl - Jolly

Added 4 Apr 2011, ID #15664, by kimmy456

Pokemon mystery dungeon:- explorers of darkness. Extended versio

Ok in darkness (extended version) team raider is at the beach and roserade tells you to go to dark crater. Then a stone is there. That is darkrais trap so don't touch it. Then when the thunder hits you you have a vision. Its darkrai saying to touch the stone. So then you have to touch it. Then darkrai apears knowing nothing. Then he attacks you and he fights you. If you lose you will have to do it all again. But if you win well done!!! Then darkrai pushes you in the dimensional hole when team raider show up and destroy darkrai and push him in the hole again. Then you have a whole new quest to discover!!!

Added 13 Feb 2011, ID #15262, by king kyogre

The Final Maze.

Ok in the final maze it is a very easy maze to complete. But there's more!!! On floors 23, 29 and 40 there is a legendry. If you forget the floors don't worry because the floor changes from fire grass and ice.so the legendries are jirachi. (23f) suicune(29f) and moltres(40f) I got moltres first time because I saw him as soon as I got on 40f and I had a friend bow.

Added 13 Feb 2011, ID #15261, by king kyogre

Kyogre recruit for a simple chance

Ok this is my first post and I will help you recruit some good Pokemon easily!!! Ok you will need a high grass type and a physic type. You'll also need about 10 reviever seeds (get from sentery duty) and 10 max elixers. And you'll have to pass the 50 floors at first. Then jsut attack kyogre with your grass moves. I got him the 3rd time I did the mission. But that dosent mean you wont get him. Some people get him 1st time. Or maybe 2nd. So just keep getting items like the helper items above. My Pokemon were bulbasaur/cressilaia. Bulbasaur:- vine whip, protect, energy ball and sleep powder. Bulbasaur:- lvl 77. Cressilaia lvl 49

Added 11 Feb 2011, ID #15258, by Guest

Easy recruits

Ok if you want your recruit rate to max. Note:- this doesent meen that you will get everyone 100% but it means there is 1 in 3 chance of getting a good one. Ok back to the task. So you'll need a friend bow and a golden mask. If you havent got them just look it up on a search sight. So just hold a friend bow for one player. And the glodenmask for the other player!!! Then you have easy recruits. :- also get the secret slab or mystery part and go to the following places to try to recruit legendries.

Amp plains-7f-zapdos
Sourounded sea-b18f-Lugia
Mt mistral-20f-ho oh.

Sorry I was wrong for 20f mt mistral. It is in mt mistral but I don't know wich floor. So just keep looking around and you should find him. And if you do know the exact floor he lies please give me a shout with a comment and ill change it.

Thank you!!!

Thank you to the nice commenters, Ho Oh is on 19f for Mt Mistral

Added 12 Feb 2011, ID #15255, by king kyogre

How to recruit 7 tressure bosses simpley.

Ok, as this is my first post I will talk about the easiest one first. That is shimmer desert with 10 floors and the boss as groudon. Ok you'll need a srong grass and water type. After you beat him once you may get him as a member but if you don't you get him that time just go there next time and you'll definately get him. Also you'll need about 2 or 3 reviever seeds and a couple of max elixers.

Added 12 Feb 2011, ID #15253, by king kyogre

how to defeat bosses

all you have to do is to fill your entire bag with reviver seeds I hope it works

Added 29 Dec 2010, ID #15016, by Guest

best team

if youre new to the game i recommend having a partner who is youre weakness like if youre chimchar you should have a turtwig or a piplup and later on in the game i suggest you get a different typeof recruitment if youre partney is a piplup then you could recruit

Added 27 Aug 2010, ID #14580, by dreddvsdeath

Lots Of Stats

To do this, simply do missions and when you go to the store, buy gummis before anything else, sometimes they will give you stats but not HP (you can get life seeds from sentry duty and missions). You can also get iron, zinc, protein and another thing that increases stats, get enough of these and your stats could all be 999 at level one! But leveling would make it much easier.

Added 13 Jul 2010, ID #14252, by Guest

clone golden seeds [kinda]

line up party and have someone who pierce thrower throw it through the entire party and it will pass through them all and everyone it touches will leval up x5

Added 30 Jun 2010, ID #14138, by Guest

max iq

i found one easy and complacted way to get a perfect iq is to go to marine resort but you MUST have a action replay to do this....... First you must have a floor changer to go to floor 18 then procced to floor 19 and pick up the treasure boxes and then press "start and down" once, then go to the warp zone then do the same thing ; after you have a full bag go to the appraisal and may need about 7000 coins and open them all which hold all gummis, then injoy it took me about 8 to 9 trips yours may vary... MUST HAVE ACTION REPLAY.

Added 23 Jun 2010, ID #14070, by Guest
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