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Liberty Garden Victini Action Replay Code for Pokemon White


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Jul 11th 2011, ID#7609 Liberty Garden Victini

Sadly this code doesn't give you the Liberty Pass, but it does give you the exact same Victini you would usually encounter at Liberty Garden, without the hard work of trying to catch it. It has my OT and ID, but if you want the game to think you caught it yourself, look up a pc marking code that changes it's OT and OT's ID and SID to match yours.
There's a code for White and Black versions for those who were unable to recieve the Liberty Pass.

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Pokemon Codes

Black Version:
Press Select, Box 1 Slot 1
94000130 FFFB0000
0221BFAC 1E04C84F
0221BFB0 3EA70000
0221BFB4 4308EF06
0221BFB8 0A789849
0221BFC0 BDA2D9A9
0221BFC4 CBC19EB1
0221BFC8 C9D68EDE
0221BFCC 8A218297
0221BFD0 48335C20
0221BFD4 C8177E13
0221BFD8 7DCC13F0
0221BFDC 6C168B54
0221BFE0 9372C793
0221BFE4 E9DCD480
0221BFE8 068EB8C0
0221BFEC 2D862FF6
0221BFF0 11304997
0221BFF4 17770EEE
0221BFF8 1713B025
0221BFFC 16D861B6
0221C000 0C2D764C
0221C004 7ECB5675
0221C008 D976A2B7
0221C00C 5FE0FA20
0221C010 98D2DC17
0221C014 81D048FF
0221C018 96595A6B
0221C01C BBC08DD5
0221C020 613E1850
0221C024 6BA71EDB
0221C028 65DD908D
0221C02C B5C3B1E4
0221C030 CE37009E
D2000000 00000000

Select, Box 1 Slot 1
94000130 FFFB0000
0221BFCC 1E04C84F
0221BFD0 3EA70000
0221BFD4 4308EF06
0221BFD8 0A789849
0221BFE0 BDA2D9A9
0221BFE4 CBC19EB1
0221BFE8 C9D68EDE
0221BFEC 8A218297
0221BFF0 48335C20
0221BFF4 C8177E13
0221BFF8 7DCC13F0
0221BFFC 6C168B54
0221C000 9372C793
0221C004 E9DCD480
0221C008 068EB8C0
0221C00C 2D862FF6
0221C010 11304997
0221C014 17770EEE
0221C018 1713B025
0221C01C 16D861B6
0221C020 0C2D764C
0221C024 7ECB5675
0221C028 D976A2B7
0221C02C 5FE0FA20
0221C030 98D2DC17
0221C034 81D048FF
0221C038 96595A6B
0221C03C BBC08DD5
0221C040 613E1850
0221C044 6BA71EDB
0221C048 65DD908D
0221C04C B5C3B1E4
0221C050 CE37009E
D2000000 00000000 and get
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is there any way to go to liberty garden after the event has passed

Added 27th Oct 2012, ID #201674

I keep getting my a kicked online so can someone please make a short code for a spirtomb with wonder guard.

Pokedude 999
Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #196639

I keep getting my a kicked online so can someone please make a short code for a spirtomb with wonder guard.

Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #196638

XariChan how about a short transportation action replay code to the liberty garden i know they are hard to make but te liberty pass dosnt work on my game ive tryed the one from the event and alot from action replay codes but none work if not and i dont want other peoples victini i mean all code are cheating but this kind of code is just extreme hacked if not a transportation code a walk anywhere code to because those codes usaully dont let me walk to liberty gaden but i would want one that does!!!

P.S. It needs to be short because i dont know how to use the code manager.

PPS. Please im really desperite

Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #149626

How can i change the OT, OT ID, and SID through Action Replay. The code works but i want it to look like its truly mine and not traded

Added 7th Feb 2012, ID #113063

it works perfectly

Added 25th Sep 2011, ID #76637

Dude a mewtow, a deoxys, and a darkrai, not shiny, if possible level 50, legit

Added 23rd Sep 2011, ID #76017

There isn't currently a 'legit' Genesect, but this one can activate the event if that's what you mean.

Shiny Genesect
Press Select, Box 1 Slot 1
White Code:
94000130 FFFB0000
0221BFCC 1E04C84F
0221BFD0 29100000
0221BFD4 1FF7DF60
0221BFD8 1CB27C6B
0221BFDC 6FA616E7
0221BFE0 EE75ED66
0221BFE4 42D49D18
0221BFE8 80B0419A
0221BFEC E1133746
0221BFF0 6BCB0736
0221BFF4 A171D849
0221BFF8 99E6021C
0221BFFC 68F364CA
0221C000 60E74E20
0221C004 A7275172
0221C008 1A898F1A
0221C00C 31051C01
0221C010 3553ED04
0221C014 8E88CA7C
0221C018 4F325586
0221C01C A51E0157
0221C020 D7CAC797
0221C024 42A05759
0221C028 3430E664
0221C02C 1C95DFEA
0221C030 BA78BEB6
0221C034 9ED76087
0221C038 4B977915
0221C03C 9314D8E5
0221C040 F1FA0746
0221C044 221DE8EB
0221C048 05B724A1
0221C04C 68BC8541
0221C050 2B5C0115
D2000000 00000000

Black Code:
94000130 FFFB0000
0221BFAC 1E04C84F
0221BFB0 29100000
0221BFB4 1FF7DF60
0221BFB8 1CB27C6B
0221BFBC 6FA616E7
0221BFC0 EE75ED66
0221BFC4 42D49D18
0221BFC8 80B0419A
0221BFCC E1133746
0221BFD0 6BCB0736
0221BFD4 A171D849
0221BFD8 99E6021C
0221BFDC 68F364CA
0221BFE0 60E74E20
0221BFE4 A7275172
0221BFE8 1A898F1A
0221BFEC 31051C01
0221BFF0 3553ED04
0221BFF4 8E88CA7C
0221BFF8 4F325586
0221BFFC A51E0157
0221C000 D7CAC797
0221C004 42A05759
0221C008 3430E664
0221C00C 1C95DFEA
0221C010 BA78BEB6
0221C014 9ED76087
0221C018 4B977915
0221C01C 9314D8E5
0221C020 F1FA0746
0221C024 221DE8EB
0221C028 05B724A1
0221C02C 68BC8541
0221C030 2B5C0115
D2000000 00000000

Added 14th Jul 2011, ID #57824

Shiny legit genesect

Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #57607

Crap, I forgot to log in when I posted this. My user name is Xari-Chan, and I DO take pokemon requests, just comment here, or email me at

Added 12th Jul 2011, ID #57130


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