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Ash's Charizard Based on the Charizard Vs Articuno Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

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Jul 4th 2011, ID#7536 Ash's Charizard Based on the Charizard Vs Articuno

This Charizard Is the one that faught against the Articuno and won.
Press select to have it first in box 8.
I am not responsible for lost pokemon. [color=red]!!!Keep it empty.!![color=red]
Moveset: Sacred Fire, Dragonbreath, Flare Blitz, and Sky Drop.
It's stats are all 500
It is not shiny and is fateful encounter
Ot:Ash 01010
Holding Item:Fire Gem
I take request I don't bite

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
02222FCC 77CE743A
02222FD0 DBD90000
02222FD4 FF186671
02222FD8 7C19CD1D
02222FDC F7D542C4
02222FE0 68CFDDFE
02222FE4 E818720A
02222FE8 4863C00F
02222FEC 27DF44FB
02222FF0 60D797E6
02222FF4 2C5708DB
02222FF8 725B6622
02222FFC 5D5C86F7
02223000 FDD7B731
02223004 7514E46C
02223008 E6D765EA
0222300C C8E65A49
02223010 82C3737C
02223014 2C2B4A78
02223018 CF20C580
0222301C B770B5B4
02223020 3E32E749
02223024 B8EA24E2
02223028 303E4084
0222302C 9E2A6653
02223030 612AD6F4
02223034 D6C0FBB0
02223038 675DD8F1
0222303C D85FBDC9
02223040 870F2F05
02223044 895BC3FB
02223048 3EEF65DE
0222304C BA876A2B
02223050 1AB15704
D2000000 00000000 and get
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14 comments, latest first.
Can u make a code 4 a level 1 zapdos with the ability water absorb
moves would be transform and u can pick the rest

Added 2nd Jul 2013, ID #294539

can you make it so its not shiny?

Added 21st May 2013, ID #284293

i tried my hardest creating two similar charizards to ash's and honestly even though the anime is hard to believe considering ash's charizard has been hit multiple times with hydro pump (against blastoise) and survived, his battle strategy is kinda smart. I taught my charizard this, and comment if you like or have any tips:
Charizard (Special sweeper)
Lv: 85
Held item: flame plate (increases fire damage)or Miracle Seed (increases grass damage)
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet (lowers speed; shouldn't be a problem) or Mild (lowers defense; can be a problem)

Flamethrower (signature STAB move)
Dragon Rush (replaces dragon rage and breath)
Solarbeam (alternative to overheat, good STAB)
Heat Wave/Sunny Day (coverage or Spec. Atk increase)

This set covers all of charizard's main weaknesses such as water and rock when using solarbeam. Sunny Day is a great alternative to Heat Wave especially when used with Flamethrower. Covers weaknesses fairly. Mainly for Charizard users that want power. Sunny Day + Flamethrower + Flame Plate= Grass type nightmare AND Sunny Day + SolarBeam + Miracle Seed= Water type nightmare

Charizard (physical sweeper)
Lv: 85
Held item: Muscle Band (increases physical damage)or Expert Belt (increases supereffective move damage)
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant (as you know, lowers Spec. Atk)or Brave (lowers speed; probably not a problem)

-Fire Punch (great against steel)
-Outrage/Double Team (great against dragon,excellent sweeper, sets up Focus Punch)
-Steel Wing/Focus Punch (great against rock)
-Thunder Punch (great against water)

This moveset is great for a heavy hitting team because charizard has more versatility as far as expanding his battle limits. He can now go toe to toe with rock and water types as well as bash dragon types such as Dragonite, Salamence, Hydreigon etc. Steel Wing delivers an unexpected blow to rock types as well as Focus punch, but if Focus Punch is used i recommend Double team instead of Outrage.

We've all seen Ash's Charizard battle and we all know he's definitely a pokemon legend. His Flamethrower is extremely strong and can hold his own against strong water types meaning his Spec. Def is unbelievably high. I'm assuming his Atk is high as well being he normally KO's pokemon with seismic toss. He's always had flamethrower, however i never remember a time where he's KOed a pokemon fairing his rank in a fight. However he's had flamethrower battles against Entei, Moltres, Blaziken, Dragonite and Magmar and pretty much hled his own. So his Spec. Atk is good. Lastly, he's been able to outmove several other pokemon as well like Articuno and Pidgeot so his speed maybe slightly above average. BUT... he always get's knocked out when he gets thrown to the ground so his Def is not so good. So his charizard could be Gentle, Hasty, Lonely or Mild. Looking at his history he definitely isn't gentle, he's not hasty and i don't think he's lonely which means these are Ash's Charizards Stats:

Lv: 60-100
Held items: N/A
Gender: Male
Nature: Mild (Lower Def, Higher Spec. Atk)

Seismic Toss

Possible Stats if around Lv 100:
HP: 200-360
Attack: 200-280
Defense: 150-230
Spec. Attack: 250-340
Spec. Defense: 230-295
Speed: 250-320

His Charizard is probably a Spec. Sweeper mixed with a Physical Sweeper. His unmatched Spec. Atk when put against even Legendaries is fantastic and he has held his own against tough battlers. he really only uses Seismic toss as a finisher to show his supreme strength. Definitely the best Starter from Kanto to Unova. The only starter that matches every stat of Charizard's is Typhlosion. Those two head to head would be a match i'd pay to see. Agree or Disagree.
I will continue to experiment with Charizard's worthy of going head to head with Ash's and will continue to post stuff as i go on. If there are suggestions or comments please do say so. Please no negativity. -BryanWilliam1996

Added 24th Dec 2012, ID #227681

it didnt have all stats 500, none of them was

Added 19th Oct 2012, ID #198226

hey mine came out shiny

Added 15th Aug 2012, ID #176145

Could you make one that knows: Super Fang, Earth Power, aura sphere, and dragon pulse? Thanks

Added 31st Jul 2012, ID #170669

That charizard used over heat in the anime...

Added 11th Jan 2012, ID #104804

It didn't work for me it keeps saying "an error has occurred"

Added 4th Nov 2011, ID #85120

it worked but it is shiny and has wonder guard

Added 9th Sep 2011, ID #73484

and im tryinq to submit heatron n giratina but there madee!!

Added 8th Jul 2011, ID #55907

Hey I know this may be too much but can you make a code that always banned Pokemon into the Battle Subway?

Added 8th Jul 2011, ID #55876

can u also make on with shiny giratina with wonder guard

Added 7th Jul 2011, ID #55418

nice works perfectly thanks.could you make a code for a shiny heatran with wonder guard that would be awesome thanks

Added 6th Jul 2011, ID #55128

nice code man godd moves and stats thx

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #54900


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