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Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon White 2 hint for Pokemon White 2


Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon White 2

There are Fifteen Legendary Pokemon that you can find in Pokemon Black 2:

Reshiram - After you defeat N, he will give you a stone. If you bring the stone to Dragonspiral Tower, it will turn into Reshiram.

Kyurem - After you have caught Reshiram, you can find Kyurem in the Giant Chasm. After you catch it, you can find the DNA Link. This item allows you to change Kyurem's Form.

Virizion - Can be found on Route 11.

Cobalion - Can be found on Route 13 after you see it on Route 6.

Terrakion - Can be found on Route 22.

Heatran - Can be found in Rebirth Mountain, once you have obtained the Magma Stone.

Cresselia - Can be found on the Marvelous Bridge, once you have obtained the Lunar Wing.

Latias - Can be found in the Dreamyard after you have completed the Game.

Azelf - Can be found on Route 23 after you talk to Professor Juniper in Heart Cave.

Uxie - Can be found outside the Nacrene City Museum after you talk to Professor Juniper in Heart Cave.

Mesprit - Can be found on top of Celestial Tower after you have talked to Professor Juniper in Heart Cave.

Regirock - Can be found in the Underground Ruins after you solve the puzzle.

Registeel - Can be found in the Underground Ruins, if someone shares the Steel Key with you via the Unova Link.

Regice - Can be found in the Underground Ruins after you have obtained the Iceberg Key.

Regigigas - Can be found deep inside Twist Mountain. You can only battle it if you have Regice, Registeel, and Regirock in your Party.

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I will trade a arginine for a regirock

Added 2nd Apr 2015, ID #536626

How get a arceus with out hacks or cheats

Added 29th Dec 2014, ID #492380


Added 13th Sep 2014, ID #447426

does anybody have a level 39 tynamo

Added 2nd Apr 2015, ID #536632


Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413968

Where do you find any ho-oh in white2 please give me hints

Added 2nd Jun 2014, ID #392652

I caught every legenary pokemon in black 2 they are easy to catch if you have a lot of ultraballs. I would get Uxie,Azelf,mesprit ,Latios or latias because they can know thunder wave. P.S Latios or Latias can know heal pulse

Added 31st May 2014, ID #391799


Added 27th May 2014, ID #389326

theres no such thing as rebirth mountain its reversal mountain

Added 18th Jan 2014, ID #345217

Um what code is the new form of kyurem?

Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321468

u can catch regigigas after u catch the other 3 regis

Added 13th Aug 2013, ID #304570

you catch reshiram after the elite 4 and iris the champion they there is a zoroark close by and you follow it and it will take you to n's castle then there you battle n and if you win he gives you a ball. Inside the ball is reshiram or zekrom(depending on what game you have) reshiram is white 2 zekrom is black 2.
then you have to go to the dragonspiral tower and go to the top.
keep walking in then the ball will go in the air and absorb power.
then a little while later reshiram of zekrom will appear.
walk up to reshiram/zekrom and fight them.
remember dont use to powerful moves as the hp goes down quicker than you would expect.
so make there hp go down to yellow and keep using timer balls or ultra balls.
i hope this helps

Added 1st Aug 2013, ID #301861

How do you find ur own code, friend code...

Added 30th Jul 2013, ID #301465

hi,i am a big pokemon fan

Added 28th Jul 2013, ID #300924

Having finished catching most of the legendaries...

Heatran- Find the Magma Stone near the P2 Laboratory and go to Reversal Mountain

Cresselia- Find the Lunar Wing in the Strange House and go to Marvelous Bridge

Uxie- Visit the Cave of Being near Virbank and then go to the Nacrene Museum

Mesprit- Visit the Cave of Being near Virbank and then go to the top of Celestial Tower (I rang the bell, as well)

Azelf- Visit the Cave of Being near Virbank and go to the left from the bottom of the Badge Check Gates, Cut a tree and go onto a little rock with an item on it

Latias/Latios- Go to the Dreamyard near Striaton City

Kyurem- Go to the Giant Chasm where you fought him the first time

Reshiram/Zekrom- Beat N at his castle and obtain the Light/Dark Stone and go to the top of Dragonspiral Tower

DNA Splicers- Defeat/Catch Kyurem the second time you meet him, they're on the ground behind him

Added 28th Jul 2013, ID #300836

Is it possible to get Dialga or Palkia or Giratina? I have all the orbs.

Added 19th Jul 2013, ID #298603

can some one give me the iron key I allready have the other two

Added 15th Jun 2013, ID #290467

pokemon codes

Added 28th May 2013, ID #285959

I am willing to trade my Oshawott(egg hatched) for someone's Tepig.

Added 24th May 2013, ID #284949

is their any action replay codes for white 2 to catch the legandary pokemon in the wild?

Added 13th May 2013, ID #282444

Hi, everyone. I would like to know how to find more Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon White 2. I've seen videos of people being able to reach Legendary Pokemon that aren't usually available in the story line, but I don't know if I can do the same without cheats, hacks or Action Replay. (BTW, some of the Pokemon included Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Ho-Oh, Lugia, and a Shiny Arceus.) Can someone please tell me that this isn't just spam?? I'd greatly appreciate it. Oh, yeah, one more thing- I am in post-game in Pokemon White 2.

Added 28th Apr 2013, ID #278505

catch zekrom in quick ball very easy

Added 24th Apr 2013, ID #277178

[color=red][color=red]where do i find mew????

[( ^ _ ^ ]

Added 18th Apr 2013, ID #275239

can i get a rayquaza in pokemon white 2?

Added 16th Apr 2013, ID #274689

How do you find ho oh

Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #271603

u can get a rayquasa

Added 3rd Apr 2013, ID #270233

May I offer help? Im quite far in my game, and already have 6 legendaries, havent gotten the master ball 2, and still have my orginal master ball. I have Latias, Reshiram, Kyreum, Heatran, Cresselia, and Terrakion. My friend told me today about the Regis, and I JUST found out about the three beings of emotion, and Ima go get dat shiny dratini now, but ima favorite this page, so message me as well if you need somthing, such as lvls, normal pokemon, ect. That is, if its OK with whoever started this.
P.S. I have most pokemon games, so feel free to ask me about other games, and Ill try to help!

Added 2nd Apr 2013, ID #269883

can you trade a super powerful concelder for terrakion

Added 2nd Apr 2015, ID #536630

is Darkrai a hack and how do you unlock battling the white tree hallow

Added 2nd Mar 2013, ID #259997

i catch all the legendary's in poke balls not that hard

Added 28th Feb 2013, ID #259603

how do you use the action replay code for Darkrai in pokemon white 2?

Added 27th Feb 2013, ID #259353

Hello everyone! A quick tip for all legendary pokemon! All are able to be captured without the use of a masterball. Furthermore, from what I've seen so far, all legendaries except for the three fighting dog creatures (Cabollion, Terrakion, Virizion) are only obtainable after you complete the game once (this mean defeating the elite four, and Iris the champion). After the champion is defeated, the game will save, and all legendaries are up for grabs that are obtainable through your version. Also, I recommend that should you have problems catching a particular one, simply get your pokemon up to a decent 80, maybe 75, and go beat colress on route 2 on the frigate for a second masterball.

Added 27th Feb 2013, ID #259296

do you have any shinys

Added 21st Feb 2013, ID #256912

Guys, you find the Lunar Wing in The Strange House. You will see the girl a few times and she will stay stuff about how she must return "it" (the Lunar Wing). You have to do a few things (look it up n YouTube...there's plenty of videos on it...I had to look it up myself) and then the middle door on the upper floor should become available. Inside should be a Poke Ball in the middle of the carpet, go to it and you will find the Lunar Wing. Then, all you have to do is run down The Mavelous Bridge and the screen will light up and say, "The Lunar Wing is glowing, will you hold it up high?" Select yes and you will hear a Chirrup Chirry, and Cresselia will enter. I say that the best ball to catch Cresselia with is The Master Ball (if you already have used it on, say, Terrakian (who I used it on) and if you beat the game already, you can go to The Plasma Frigate and battle Colress and get another Master Ball. If you don't have any Master Balls you should probably use a Ultra Ball, or in some freak coincidence, (which I did with Mesprit) you could use a normal Poke Ball.

Added 18th Feb 2013, ID #255779

u cant catch keldeo it was before when pokemon with 2/black 2 came out

Added 16th Feb 2013, ID #254827

after the elite 4

Added 2nd Feb 2013, ID #249114

whats up

Added 2nd Feb 2013, ID #249045

you can also catch groudon at desert resort

Added 30th Jan 2013, ID #247779

whats the best pokeballs for
Cresselia ?

Added 28th Jan 2013, ID #247346

i got a code for zekrom94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0019728 00000088
6AB874DA F1990000
5009FDDF 9131625C
F04E36A7 808401CB
73DF0F2E A1BB621C
D1A6369D 86E8EB40
2C1AA016 0DA59EA7
5DA26435 F2CB9D3E
0B23E747 936D75B0
5474B38B AD011645
C962F99A 9CA3229B
4CD2FE80 100FF1CB
84C42871 2CB176D6
5B9C2E63 BBC6FC39
549DF05E DF56B6E6
B4CEE92B 441545DD
3AD815FA A39DD107
E00197B0 00000054
CB655EC0 330A4B1C
794D7823 FD99C263
14A41949 656B36A3
71D914DC 689B4EB7
7E03408C F1312565
A528CD38 61C2BEAF
769DEE5F 2A7C7E68
2BAB84CF AA69740A
F46EC0A0 E0F48FC7
ECD5E39B 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Added 27th Jan 2013, ID #247004

hoe do you get the dna splicers

Added 25th Jan 2013, ID #246226

You battle N after you follow the zoroark at victory road and you find his castle.Beat him and he'll give you the light stone.Take it to dragonspiral tower and reshiram appears.CATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 18th Jan 2013, ID #243792

you catch reshiram after THE ELITE FOUR

Added 13th Jan 2013, ID #242400

I am trying to beat it and how do u reach full completion in white 2

Added 9th Jan 2013, ID #240324

How do u wake up the statue in twist mountian

Added 25th Dec 2012, ID #228015

i love pokemon

Added 19th Dec 2012, ID #224665

how do i catch keldo in white 2

Added 18th Dec 2012, ID #223663

you cach resheram after the eleat four

Added 15th Dec 2012, ID #222078

i don't know

Added 11th Dec 2012, ID #219366


Added 10th Dec 2012, ID #218441

look, you catch reshiram after the the elite four battle. But you have to beat N in his deepest chamber which was once his champion room. Then he tells reshiram to join you. Then, he gives the light stone and take it to dragon spiral tower then catch him. Then go to the giant chasm and Kyurem is there. Behind you after you catch Kyurem, is a poke' ball. Get it,and you get DNA Splicers. Go to your bag, go to key items, click on the DNA Splicers, click on Kyurem, then resiram, then you got White Kyurem. TA-DA!!!!!!

Added 9th Dec 2012, ID #217744

thanks that really helped me out

Added 27th Nov 2012, ID #213182


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