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Awesome arceus in box twelve!!!!! Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver


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Jun 17th 2010, ID#5756 Awesome arceus in box twelve!!!!!

title says it all but the code will also change the name of the box to a random typing thingy i did cause i was bored and the code wouldn't work without the name it takes up the first slot in the box and his moves rock so hard and his stats are all maxed and all his moves have max pp and has all ribbons and has max pokelthon(sp?) stats and he will be a help to all the cheaters out there in the world lolx i have tested this code myself and it works 100% for me and if it doesnt work for you just message me and we can fix it i made this code so i guess the credit goes to me lol anyway enough of me talkin like i own this site(which i dont) heres the code.....

Region: Unspecified | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000
B2111880 00000000
E001A710 00000088
00000001 8AA70000
88CDCF49 F86CFD08
FB6EDC52 D1200786
B986A121 40218DFC
1CE4183C D3B89F8C
B0E51BF1 E0689F70
C8A909AA BF465C27
FEC7C075 7FB940F7
4F07EFB0 6CE62CC7
28A2B40B 79FB6386
2E7A4EC7 8F13E09E
E2D3CF7E 1DD886F6
C2E76441 63229E78
7980AB9F EA9CE6A0
D2000000 00000000 and get
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