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Easy Kanden

All you have to do to beat Kanden easily is this. When he is in his Alt-Form, just stay at a distance and rapid fire normal blasts at him. When he is not in his Alt-form, fire about ten shots at him then a charged shot and repeat this method until he dies.

Added 25 Jun 2006, ID #965, by SILENTMONEY and get

Prime Hunter Bonuses

When you are the Prime Hunter, not only do you move faster and have stronger attacks.You also gain all the special weapon abilities.

Try using the Judicator to freeze your enemies and then finish them of with quick shots.

Hopefully, this will keep you alive longer!

Added 22 Jun 2006, ID #956, by HYPA

See gorea

As we progres though this game we find out the alimbics were killed by gorea. If you want to se his sillouet (didnt spell that right), simply watch the thing at the start were it says nintendo presents blah blah blah with the orb falling and after retro studios the orb will stop in the middle and explode. For a fraction of a split second you will see the shape of the beast

Added 28 May 2006, ID #869, by some-weird-kid

Special abilities

All the hunters but samus have special abilites most having to do with their special weapon.

Trace: turn invisible in alt. Form and when they have the imperialist.
Sylux: can leech energy when using shock coil
Kraden: can make a bigger area of explosion with volt driver (think that is it's name)
Spire: can light people on fire with special. In alt. Form can climb up walls. Can always withstand lava but is only good for a couple of levels that I know of.
Noxus: special can freeze when charged
Weavel: nothing special just can do half-turret.


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Added 22 May 2006, ID #847, by ricardojr

Multiplayer: Spire rocks

Spire is my favorite hunter because of his cool abilities:

1) His alterante form, the Dialanche, can roll up walls. Roll at a wall, and when you reach it, just keep on rolling. He doesn't move as well when doing this, and sometimes falls off, but you can reach places otherwise inaccesible. 2) He is completely impervious to lava. It just doesn't hurt him.
3) When he fires a charged Magmaul shot and it hits an opponent, they go up in flames. Until the fire goes out, they take constant damage. But if you hit something too close, you might catch fire too.
4) He is probably the hardest hunters to get a headshot on, because his head is more on his chest than his shoulders, so there are not very many angles at which to ge a headshot.

Unfortunatly, he is also a little slower than other hunters. But hey, the good still out weighs the bad!

Added 22 May 2006, ID #842, by SniperX

How to kill gorea 2

Once you have killed gorea 1 you will be warped somewhere called dubliette.

The gorea should be floating and you should have a gun called the omega cannon.use the omega cannon to defeat gorea 2 and shoot it's yellow bit.

Once you have defeated gorea 2 you will unlock dubliette as a multiplayer level.

You can use the omega cannon aswell on multiplayer but when it explodes don't look at it or you will self destruct.

Added 21 May 2006, ID #841, by yu-gi-man

Fight Gorea 2

On the sides of the walls where you fight gorea 1 are different coloured things which will spin if you shoot them with the corresponding weapon E.G volt driver = yellow.
This is the order

Then you will get a telepathic message.

Added 21 May 2006, ID #840, by yu-gi-man

Beat some Hunters with Kanden

Most Syluxs will try to find the Shock Coil, and use it if they get low on health. If this happens, go into alt.form and move around so he can't get you. If he joins you in alt. Form, lay a bunch of "Tail Bombs" that will home in on Sylux while you keep moving around. Watch out though: Sylux will lay Stealth Bombs and circle you while laying them, so don't crawl around in circles if you don't want to get seriously hurt. Charge the Volt Driver (If you have it) and it too will home in on Sylux. When Sylux's vision is messed up, fire loads of Missiles.

Trace: Like before, Trace will be way up high. Go into Stinglarva form and move around a lot just in case so you won't get hit by Imperialist shots. Also try to track the shots to it's start to find Trace. Once found, Trace will be too busy looking for victims to see you. But you can faintly see him. Go to Sting Larva form and hold down the fire button with missiles on. Return to biped and the missiles will be charging and you wouldn't have fired a shpt yet so Trace won't notice. FIRE!!

Weavel: If Weavel is hiding somewhere else and left his Turret behind, aim for the Turret first. Firing tons of missiles will take it down after a while. After the Turret is gone, your probley thinking that Weavel is gone. NOT! The other half is still out there. Weavel can still re-construct after you kill the Turret. Go looking for him, or stay were you are because some Weavels like to return to the spot were their Turret was and put it back there after getting more energy. But the best thing to do is go looking. Go to the nearest and best energy source. Of course Weavel will be there. One missile or any other weapon will dispose of him easily because you trashed his Turret, and left him with close to zero health.

Noxus: WARNING!! Avoid charged Judicator shots or be frozen! And the deadly Vhosythe can blast you to the moon. Any weapon that is charged will make him run. Noxus is second to Trace for having a low-defence. Use long-range weapons though, the Judicator will freeze you if you are close! Since Noxus has no real special abilities other then the freezer, then he is pretty easy. Use charged Volt Driver shots to track him down if he camps. Counter the Vhosythe with Tail Bombs.

Added 12 May 2006, ID #809, by Weavel6

How to beat two other Hunters with Sylux

Samus tends to go into Morph Ball if you get too close. So don't use Shock Coil or short-range weapons. Go long with the Imperialist or a lobbing weapon. You can counter the Morph Ball Bombs with your Stealth Bombs by circling the Morph Ball while laying bombs. It will send massive damage to Samus. Samus will probley get out of Morph Ball after dealing good damage and she will try to run away. Strike with all the weapons you've got!

Trace users will most likely be hiding some were up high, snipping. Move around a lot in Alt. Form to avoid deadly headshots. Track the Imperialist shots to Trace's location. While Trace is invisible, he can still be faintly seen. Fire loads of missiles and sometimes charged ones and you should take him out easily.



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Added 10 May 2006, ID #804, by Weavel6

How to battle Gornea

The final boss you battle is called Gornea. He's some creepy dude who dosen't like bounty hunters (see movie clip right before battle begins). First you must decide if your going to only battle the first form to unlock one movie clip, or to battle the first and second form to unlock a different movie clip. You can always battle Gornea again to unlock the other movie clip. Anyhow, if you wanna battle the second form, you must go around the room and shoot the colored panels in a certain order so that when you hit one correctly, it will spin. The panels must be shot with the corosponding weapon.
Eg. Green Panel - Battlehammer
Yellow Panel - Volt Driver
If you shot them all in the right order, you will get a message telling you that you did so and you will battle the second form after you defeat the first.

Now for the fight:

1. Gornea will be walking around starting out yellow and changing as he walks along. I recommend to wait for him to turn red then strike.

2. When he is red, zoom in with the Imperialist and blast the targets on his shoulders. If you hit him, His arms should blast off in a 1-Hit KO.

3. When his arms are gone, he will flip upside down and reveal his inner core. You must blast the core as much as you can with the same weapon you destroyed his arms with, in this case, the Imperialist. Also avoid his attacks like when he tries to scoop you up with his whip-like arm, then tries to launch bombs at you. Eventually, he will go back to his origonal form.

4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 until he's dead

5. Gornea-1 should be a somewhat easy battle if you know what your doing and you keep a constant assault when he flips upside down.

Now, if you shot the panals at the start, you will be transported to the second part, Gornea-2.

1. You will notice that if you climb the blocks up to the top of the room, you will be in a blue crater thingy, this is where a big part of the fight will take place.

2. Go to the very bottom of the room and wait for the artifact shield to open and give you the OMEGA CANNON. This weapon is whup-ass, to say the least. This weapon is the only thing that can damage Gornea-2.

3. When Gornea's floating body comes along, blast him with the Omega Cannon. If he dissapears, look around, he's not hard to find again. Ocasionally, he will teleport back to the purple crater thingy I mentioned earlier. This is when you'll get a good chance to blast him with the Omega Cannon.

4. This battle is for sure not as strategic as the first part, making it alot easier. You simply run around the room blasting him whenever you see him. If you beat Gornea-2, you will get a special ending with Samus with out her suit and saying goodbye to the Alimbic Spirits. If you only beat the first part of Gornea, you get a sad ending where Samus gets destroyed as Oubulette explodes.

5. Just to note something else, if you beat the second part, you will also unlock Oubulette as a multiplayer stage. The multiplayer stage is the room that you battled Gornea-2 in. Also, if get to the top of the structure in multiplayer you'll find the Omega Cannon (he, he, he...). I'll let you find out what it does in Multiplayer...........Oh, I can't help it! Its to awsome to hold back! Anything in it's blast radius will be instantly destroyed, even if the oppenent has 199 health. But in multiplayer, it comes with an extra caution. If the user is also in the blast radius, you will also be killed, so use with caution.

PS: I beat the game with a total play time of 8hrs, 11mins. Lets see if you can beat that!

Have Fun!


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Added 29 Apr 2006, ID #770, by Saboooom

Annoying hunters

Okay so we all know that sylux is the cheapest little bastard ever! His lockjaw one hits and his shock coil not only almost never misses but when it drains your health it is also replenishing him. Now there are two ways to solve this.

1. If your playing multiplayer just give him a taste of his own medicine, and well be him.

2. Of course the above only applies for the people who want to use it. But the people with at leaste a shred of dignity can do this:

For the shock coil

Use it against him. Wait around the place where the sylux gets his weapon. When he shows up blast him a couple of times, then turn into your alternate form. The shock coil cannot hit you if your in alternate form. And if it does it will only be like 1 damage and not often.

For the Lockjaw

Get to high ground. The lockjaws bombs follow you, if your in the middle when the third one explodes say bye bye, 1 hit K.O. Also if it lockjaw needs to get over a ledge it's third bomb acts as one of samus does. If you get to high ground it can be avoided. If the little bastard still persists jump all the time. Dont follow one into a bounce pad either. If he spots you hell leave behind bombs to hurt.

Another freaking annoying thing is the half turret of weavel.

His half turret is extremely good in wide open places like the platform in Alinos gateway. But the half turret does have a down side. It screws over the weavel using it. If you hit the half turret it does dobble damage to weavel and the turret. It also steals half of weavels health. (So if you lay a half turret with 99 health,
You= 49 and half turret= 50) Also if you can pick them off with the imperialist (Sniper rifle) or hide behind somethin, jumping up shooting than taking cover.

Im glad I could help any of you with these anoying little tidbits. If you liked my info add me to your friends list. In metroid prime hunters.


My tab is Prime Hunt


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Added 22 Apr 2006, ID #762, by Prime_Hunter

Completion bonuses

Here is a list of completion bonuses
*Record option and sound test* Succesfully complete the game.
*Samus without her suit* succesfully complete the game with 100 percent scans.
*Special emblem on your hunter license*
Succesfully complete the game without a 100 percent scans to receive a blue-spiral looking emblem on your hunter license.
"Note" There are other emblems that I haven't found that you can unlock that has to do with mutiplayer.


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Added 5 Apr 2006, ID #691, by mrdipset23

New Characters

To get a new character/unlock a character you can defeat it in the one player adventure mode or simply play someone who is the character you wish to unlock on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and the character will be unlocked. You must beat this person in the Wi-Fi match in order to unlock the character.


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Added 25 Mar 2006, ID #662, by Nintendoman

Something sad to note, but true...

Original creator of Metroid: Gunpei Yokoi
Born: 1941
Died: 1997

Now, some guy at Retro Studios has control of Metroid. Just something interesting to note.


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Added 6 Jun 2005, ID #162, by darkboarder_77

How to beet the boss in regular

Tou need to have a life pack so when you die you dont have to start from the room before good luck!!!!


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Added 1 Jan 2005, ID #15, by codycp13
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