Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for Nintendo DS

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Cheats

Lots of cheats for you to check out including unlimited shine, gathering beans, double damage in Piggyback mode and unlocking the Blue Yoshi.

Double Damage Hammer in Piggyback Mode

Double Damage Jump in Piggyback Mode

Gathering Beans

Fan Meter Never Runs Out

Infinite number of coins in Thwomp Volcano

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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Questions

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shroob castle library how to get up to second level

I can't get the blue shroob I think he has 686 lives?..

In the third floor,I can't find the portal to princes..

How do you open the door to the observatory?

How do you beat the 25 second clock to climb the stai..

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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Walkthroughs

We have 11 Walkthroughs for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

A collection of walkthroughs that includes Bros. Item FAQ, Enemy and Boss FAQ and Game Script.

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By charmandermaster1015Walkthrough (DS)

By Kratos_42Bros. Item FAQ (DS)

By StYoungFAQ/Walkthrough (DS)

By metalboomarioBoss FAQ (DS)

By DomZ NinjaWalkthrough (DS)

By mohit42_hockeyFAQ/WALKTHROUGH (DS)

By CFlames55117 / Kratos_42Walkthrough (DS)

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