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After you have all 120 stars, go outside of Peaches castle where the canon with the cover over it is. The bars will be off.

Jump in and shoot to the top right of the castle. Yoshi will be there. He will give you 100 lives and teach you a new jump.

Then he will jump towards the waterfall after you talk to him. GOOD Luck!!

 and get

You know the 4 pillars on Shifting Sand Land? Well you don' t need fly

or crawl up them. All you have to do is run up them.

I suggest you don't

run up the 2 pillars in front of the pyramid, I' ve died doing just that.

Be careful of the " Hat Snatching

Vulture. " If he does take your hat just climb to the top of the pillar, wait for him to come and punch him.

And one more thing, there is a warp in the shadow of the palm tree.

( Trust me, I have 120 stars )


If you jump AS HIGH AS YOU CAN in the world with the waterspiders and where you can rule the water the water will be at the top.

So you can go into the cannon and go to the secret underwater city! THIS IS A REAL MR. CHEATO

Mario Man


Big Penguin on snowmans land

Get all 120 stars and then go and talk to yoshi. Then go to Snowmans land and go into the hut behind you.

If you chose the penguin race you will find him very fat.



In Bomb-omb Battlefield, when you are racing Koopa the Quick, there is a secret to beating him without being disqualified!

You must go up the bridge, past Chain Chomp, through the grassy area, and up through the gates.

Then, either go up the hill or go between the bowling balls at your right.

After you get half-way up the mountain, there will be a little cubby-hole type thing where the bowling balls come out of.

Well, if you stand in it, in about 2 seconds you will be warped to the little cubby - hole thing at the very top of the mountain!

Go up there and claim your prize!


Hi, I hope this helps you!!!

Wanna save a little time when you're trying to get to the 3rd Bowser?Well heres how!

Ya know the little elevator type thing with the checkerboard pattern on it?

Well when you're on the top of (I think) the first one, you can see part of the course above you! It may take a few tries, but if you do it right, you'll be on a later part of the course.

It doesn't save much time but I thought it was kinda cool.

I'd like to thank Morgan Bowker for telling me about it!



yes its Doomboy speaking.

You want another star well

1.Get 3 stars and go to the jolly roger bay room but dont go in the level.

2.You should see 2 holes in the wall if you take a look around.Back flip up to them.

3.One will give you a 1 up and the other will take you to an aquarium.

4.Collect all the red coins in the aquerium to get a secret star.Trust me it works.

Bye for now.


okay now go to shifting sand land

and make sure you have preped the cannon

and go to the cannon bye the blocks that try to kill you and get the wing cap next to the cannon and get in the cannon fast and aim the cannon all the way to your left and pull the cannon all the way up and shoot your self out and you will hit a invsible wall and get nocked on the ground losing half your life and fall back in the cannon

now aim your self back in the same spot

and shoot back out and you will lose all your life but you will now be able to fly around dead coins dont help- cool huh

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