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Crazy Mario

To make Mario look crazy you need to mess with your cartridge. First,lift one side of the cartridge keeping one side in the N64. After that,Mario looks weird.

Added 15 May 2011, ID #6555, by gamefan10 and get

Scuttlebug jackpot

Hit a scuttlebug, and a jackpot of coins pop out.

Added 4 Feb 2011, ID #6544, by Guest

funny but scary green guy

if you have wondered what the star in the boo area is there for it is there for a funny cheat go in the boo area & stand in front of the star go out of the door into the main area get on the right big hump there is a door up there in plain sight but barely anyone sees it then you'll be in the hallway where the big boo is go back in the boo area go to the brick wall behind the star and kick it and see what happens

Added 31 Dec 2010, ID #6540, by Guest

Unlimited 1-up's (American Only)

Finnaly SuperCheatMaster is back to tell you the way to get unlimited 1 up's on the american sm64. Go into the castle go outside and find the waterfall. Now three trees away from the waterfall clib it and get a 1 up go into the castle go back out and repeat for unlimited 1 up's.

Added 27 Oct 2010, ID #6521, by SuperCheatMaster

Mario's Combat Moves:

For those of you that have not stopped to see what Mario can do, listen up. First of all, Mario can do a Double Punch Kick move. All you need to do is press B 3 times. Mario will punch twice then kick! Next, Mario is able to fight walls. Face a wall then jump. When you're about to hit the wall, press B. Mario will kick the wall and bounce off. Sorry to say, you've lost that fight! I wanna show you how to get Bowser in Bowser in the Sky to get neara bomb. Simply get near Bowser. He will start to charge you so just keep running towards the closest bomb. Then dodge Bowser just as he's about to hit you on the edge. Bowser will teeter on the side. Now pick Bowser up and you should be close enough to the bomb to hit it!

P.S. Sorry for the long cheat.

Added 16 Oct 2010, ID #6519, by Guest

Moon Jump in the Breeze

Use an emulator and put the 'Moon Jump' cheat on(listed ont his site). Now put on the 'Have all 120 stars' cheat(listed on this site). Go to Tiny Huge Island and do the Moon Jump. Hold down the button for the Moon Jump as long as you can. Soon Mario will say: "WAAAAH!" Then the breeze will kick in, Mario will fly then he will hit the invisible barrier on the level and start to fall. He will he hit the ground (ouch!). Repeat as many times as desired.

Added 4 Oct 2010, ID #6515, by Guest


Get Mario's energy down to the last one to two units on his meter. Find a ledge to jump off, making sure that it is low enough to get the correct timing. Collect a wing cap, then fly back to the ledge. Initiate a triple jump, jumping off the ledge on the second jump, and hit the jump button for the third time the instant Mario lands. If timed correctly, the fall will take off the rest of Mario's energy. However, Mario will do a somersault and start flying. He will not be very high off the ground, but he still will be flying. You can safely enter a cannon, but the instant you touch the ground Mario will "die." Collecting coins will not restore Mario's health; neither will the spinning heart. Mario will not be able to grab any stars. This can be done in the Bob-Omb Battlefield, off the ledge with the spinning heart. It is possible to fly into the cannon by the large fence, right in front, shoot toward the Island in the Sky, and get the wing cap in midair.

Added 4 Aug 2010, ID #6502, by nintendocentral

endless stairs glitch

there is a glitch to go up bowser's endless stairs without 70 stars. to do it, you run up the stairs forward for a couple of seconds then turn around and long-jump (run, crouch[L], and jump), then keep long-jumping, but backwards, up the steps (NOTE: you need to be pressing A as fast as you can) and if done right, you will be at the top of the steps.

PS: hard to do, may require practice

PSS: can only be done for fun, because when you do the glitch and beat bowser, at the end of the credits when mario says, "thank you very much for playing my game", the game freezes at that the glitch is useless (and im not the only one that has had the game freeze at that point...)

Added 2 Jul 2010, ID #6490, by imjake12321

all120 stars

play the game for 1 week then stop playing for 9-10 weeks,when you turn it on you will have 120 stars.but it will only work on one file.

Added 20 Jun 2010, ID #6488, by Guest

The L!?!?

Hey peope if you go into the garden and look at the star stature(sorry for mispelling) and zoom in it will say L is 2401 and trust me it says it. I don't know what it means but my friends tell me that L stands for Luigi. They also said that if you collect every coin in the game witch is 2401 and jump into the stature Luigi will come out and my friends also said he will give you a thank you card from freeing him from the prison that bowser had put him in. So I don't know what it means but if you probly do what my friends said it will probly happen. Also if you are like it's probly not true I belive in my friends so do it if you want to.

PS:Thanks for reading

PPS:Sorry for the long cheat.


Added 9 Sep 2009, ID #6420, by sundalo90


In the tiny-huge world wen you're small smash the brown monsters with A then Z and instead of a yellow coin it's a blue coin

Heheheh extra mula!!!! ^o^


Added 22 Mar 2009, ID #6344, by neko_vamp

stop time

In the clock level thing make sure the minute hand is touching the twelve and the level will be frozen

Thanx 4 listnin

Added 6 Dec 2008, ID #6320, by agentdouble07

extra coins

Hey everybody I'm back with this awesome cheat for Super Mario 64. Okay so you know when your low on health and need to stay alive? Well all you need to do is this. 1)find a post. 2)run around it a few times and some coins should spill out! This will surely keep you alive a little longer. Hope this helps.

Added 6 Dec 2008, ID #6319, by lordofthegames

Teleport to the Summit

This trick comes in handy when racing Koopa the Quick, or you could just use it to get to the top of the mountain faster if you chose to fight the Big Bob-omb. Okay, as you go up you will have to dogde tons of huge, black balls that come out of holes in the side of the mountain. If you get close to one, they will stop coming from that one. If you stand in the center of a lower one, you will teleport to the next one up. This could take a few seconds because you must be in the center of the opening.

Added 4 Aug 2008, ID #6286, by ausinfinite

Yoshi and the 100 life trick

First you have to collect all 120 stars and then a cannon will open Peach's Front Yard (Where you begin when you start the game) That closed gate thing is now open. Fall into the hole. It will be a Cannon! Go on the roof and where those little Mushies are Yoshi is wandering around talk to him and he will give you a letter from the Super Mario64 Team. Then Yoshi will give you an awesome prize. I won't spoil the 100 life surprise! Oops! I just did!!! Oh, well... Now you can look forward to getting 100 lives!

Beware!: You will lose lives like normal but you will count down down 100. You know, 100, 99, 98 and so on and so forth... Have fun on Mario 64!

Added 1 Aug 2008, ID #6284, by Craig555

swimming in the air PART 2!!!!

O.k. So this was weird because I was playing in the Tiny huge island (with the walk up hills code on as usual) and I accidentally fell off the edge but right before I hit the point where it says that you went too far down and die, I landed in invisible water! I'd imagine that this was either 1)a one-time glitch that won't work again 2)it only works for tiny-huge island or 3)this is a new discovery that will work on every course! The thing is, you usually can't get back up to land so to get dead and exit the course, just swim down and you will die.
Hope this works again!

Added 12 Jul 2008, ID #6274, by darkdeoxys24

Swimming in the air

O.k. So to do this you have to have the moat around the castle all dried up and you have to have the "Walk up hills" gameshark code activated then go to the place where you found the invisible cap and jump into the abyss. Then it will put you into where the waterfall goes to and you can swim up to the ground. But you will notice something, you will still be swimming in the air as if the moat was never drained! You will still only be able to swim where the moat once was, so you won't be swimming everywhere. This works I've tried it!

P.s. My favorite way to go down the giant hill in the invisa-cap place is to switch the camera to mario-view and run down the hill with the "Walk up hills" code. It's fun XD

Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #6252, by darkdeoxys24

sick glich swim in air

(need 2 be mario)go to the mushroom mountain lvl.then go to the top of the mountain to get mario to the bottom. Then go to the small mushrooms under the cliff at the bottom. Find the mushroom with the teleport and while you have wings wen you come 2 the other side of the teleport you will be swiming.

Ps you might need to do this twice
Pps have fun

By the way if it works please inform me'

Added 1 Feb 2008, ID #6200, by Nintendog22

The best glitches

I found this out from a friend, and it really works!

First get 15 stars. Then, go to the castle's basement. There will be a bunny rabbit at the end. Grab it until you reach the door. Drop the rabbit near the door; you will be stuck in between the door. Grab the rabbit, then exit. If you want to fight Bowser (1 or 2?), take the rabbit to the door, and do the same, and voila! You are near the painting of Bowser. Jump and fight.


Next there will be another glitch that will make you go backwards. Go full speed to a locked door, then you will go fast backwards. This helps for Bowser's Infinite Stairs. Then, you will fight Bowser 3 and win the game in a tenth of my other friend's times of beating it.

Woo hoo.

Added 23 Jan 2008, ID #6195, by Cheat Freak

You know that when you fall from jumping if you jump inmediately you jump and will go higher, I know how to a "eternal" one.

Jump,jump when you touch the floor, in the air makea kick and jump when you fall, and another kick and jump again as many times as you can.

Added 10 Dec 2007, ID #6173, by rafa_1996
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