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Reach the 3rd Bowser without 75 Stars

If you go up the stairs jumping backwards rapidly this glitch will eventually enable you to get to the end without having the required 75 stars.

Added 15 May 2014, ID #6678, by Sanzano and get

Go Through and Under Tower

If you fly low enough at the location where you unlock the Flying Cap ALL 5 towers' bottoms will become semi-transparent allowing you to fly through the semi-transparent walls. Don't hit the bottom otherwise you will be taken back to the castle.


No thumbs

Added 15 May 2014, ID #6677, by Sanzano

Ice Slide in Cool, Cool Mountain

Stay on the ice slide in the 'Cool, Cool Mountain' level and follow the cluster of coins that do not follow the slide and instead point to a wall. These coins will lead you to a secret tunnel hidden in the wall that you can get 2 one-up mushrooms and reach the finish line faster.

Added 15 May 2014, ID #6676, by Sanzano


Unlock Special Triple Jump:
Get 120 stars and the lives from Yoshi on the roof of the castle.

Unlock Extra Coins:
Whenever there is a post in a level run around it 5 times and some coins will drop out. These coins are good if you need more health or need to collect 100 coins.

Added 12 Dec 2006, ID #5769, by Sanzano

Jumping Fish

Stand at the edge of any body of water and start jumping if you pay close attention you can notice a fish jumping with you.

Added 22 Oct 2013, ID #6665, by JoeyTheGuy

Death Corner

So when you get 120 stars and have access to the cannon outside the castle, you get in the cannon and shoot yourself up on top of the castle. To your right there some parts of the roof with flag poles, you go to the furthest back one and to the corner where it is partially near the sky and partially near the hill. You walk slowly into the corner and if you do it just right your camera will move a little when you fall but grab onto the corner, you pull yourself up and that Bowser laugh and pic every time you die will appear and you will die and basically restart in front of the building with one less life. Congrats you have died from the evil corner. XD

Added 29 Jul 2013, ID #6658, by Alana|D

The Blarrg code

In the super mario 64 beta there was a hippo like thing name blarrg and the only game that had the blarrg was
'Super Mario World'.also the blarrg was unfinished witch is why they got rid of it-,-. BUT yoginaka the maker of mario put a code in the game tat would put a Blarrg in only 2 levels that had lava in it the code is
8133E9FC 8018
8133E9FE A15C
8133EA24 8014
8133EA26 9A10
8133EA14 4000
8133EA18 4000
8133EA1C 4000
8133EA88 C5A8
8133EA8C 421A
8133EA90 45B0
8033EB19 0020
8133EBE0 4406
8033EB6B 0002
SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what it looks like copy and go on images on you homepage
To see pic.

Added 4 Feb 2013, ID #6643, by Guest

Bob-omb Batttefeild gate glitch

(I'm not talking about the chain chomp gate I'm talking about the other one) Have a bob-omb chase you than go in front of the gate and have mario "feel" it keep feeling and when the bob-omb comes into contact with you,you should be on the other side of the gate!

Added 4 Nov 2012, ID #6637, by sonictom

Shortcut to the lonely mushroom

I know three shortcuts to "Blast to the Lonely Mushroom":

1) Use the bouncing block near the start of the level. It's hard to do without TAS.
2) Use the Shy Guy near the log to spin to the mushroom. This is totally off-subject, but you can also use the Shy Guy to spin pats the log.
3)Long jump off I-can't-remember-where. See a YouTube video to see where (ValvenAlvern [sorry if I spelled it wrong] uses that method).

Added 11 Aug 2012, ID #6623, by MarioManiac164

Don't Stand on the Pillars

I found a shortcut on Star 4 of Shifting Sand Land. Go in the pyramid. Pass the moving sand and go on the platform nearby. Stand directly in the middle of the side near the quicksand. Fall down and face the control stick towards the screen. You'll go in the chamber with Eyerok (the hand boss).

Added 27 Jul 2012, ID #6620, by MarioManiac164

Evil mushroom

Go to the room of jolly roger bay .go to the hole in the left wall.just hang in the hole .a 1up mushroom will come .quickly run around the room, the 1up mushroom will chase you.go out of the room.the 1up mushroom will not be there.go inside the room again. The 1up mushroom will be waiting right in front of the door. It will be there untill you loose one life or quit the game

Added 17 Jul 2012, ID #6617, by superscatman64

Other way to enter light

This is a glitch I found. Go just behind the carpet and look at light. You won't enter the level because you're too far away. Next go just on the carpet. Zoom in and you'll enter the level before you even look up.

Added 15 Jul 2012, ID #6616, by MarioManiac164

Level Painting Secrets

Three levels have entry secrets.
1. WET-DRY WORLD. The higher you go in, the higher the water will be.
2. TINY-HUGE ISLAND. The left painting will make stuff tiny, the right one will make stuff huge.
3. TICK TOCK CLOCK. If you enter with the minute hand closest to 12, nothing moves. If it's closest to 3, things move slow. If it's closest to 6, they move randomly. And if it's closest to 9, things move fast.

Hope this helped your gaming skills!

Added 28 Jun 2012, ID #6614, by MarioManiac164

Hidden Courses

PRINCESS SECRET SLIDE: In the 2-star room, jump in the right picture of Princess Toadstool.
WING MARIO OVER THE RAINBOW: Soumerault/triple jump near the clock. You'll find a hole - go in it.
SECRET AQUARIUM: Jump in the black hole above the toad in the Jolly Roger Bay room.
CAVERN OF METAL CAP: Go on Dorrie in Hazy Maze Cave until you see a door. Take it. You'll find a pool of slime. Walk into it.
TOWER OF WING CAP: After you get 10 Power Stars, light will appear. Press C-up and you'll enter it.
VANISH CAP UNDER THE MOAT: Stomp two certain pillars in the basement. All water will drain. In the moat, there's a hole. Go in it.

Every other secret is really easy to find. Bye!

Added 27 Jun 2012, ID #6612, by MarioManiac164

Through basement door

Do this if you're really bad at the game or are doing a speedrun. Throw the rabbit near a locked basement door. Pick him up from behind and you should pass through the door! Hope that helped

Added 27 Jun 2012, ID #6611, by MarioManiac164

The castles black room of death

You need to have the moon jump code for this . First go to the top of the castle, go to the area where the picture of peach,stand on top of the picture jump to the 3rd floor of the castle use the moon jump code and jump to the wall you will go through the wall ,don't move you will fall down and then you will land behind the door but they want show the inside of the castle go through the door you will land inside the castle but behind the door go through the door you will land in the same area, so when you are in the castle go through the wall and you will be inside the castle
It will really work

Added 27 May 2012, ID #6609, by superkavin 64

Wall Kicks Will Work Cheat

In the cool, cool mountain level. The 6th star "wall kicks will work", can be a difficult star to get. I found a way to obtain the star without any effort. All you have to do is jump on the first Spindrift in the level (the one near the snowmans body) and you should be able to easily spin all the way around and down to the bottom, landing just underneath the star. (Spin towards the camera).

Added 2 May 2012, ID #6608, by Guest

Wing Cap-No Damage from Falling

Hold A while falling to float(WingCap only). Also, dive and hold A-- something funny happens!!!

P.S, Can be done anywhere
P.S.S, Letting go of A stops the floating.

Added 9 Apr 2012, ID #6607, by Guest

Controller glich

Run around and unplug the controller while running and mario will move on his own.

Added 20 Jul 2011, ID #6572, by Guest

TWO Teleport Zones in Bob-omb Battlefield

I've seen a few hints for one of the teleport hints I'm going to post here, but so far I haven't read any for the other. So I thought I might post it here..

From the beginning of the level, run up the little sloping bridge. If you stand in the centre of the flower patch to the right of the path, you should teleport to another flower patch in the battlefield part.

The second teleport it the one on the mountain. It's found in the hole where the black ball things roll out of. Just jump in there and walk as far in as possible without pressing yourself up against the wall. You should teleport to the other hole at the top of the Mountain.

I've found that when in the "Footrace With Koopa the Quick" mission, if you teleport and beat him to the top of the mountain, Koopa sometimes complains that you cheated and doesn't give you a star. If this happens, the only way to get Koopa's star is to leave the level and repeat the mission...

Anyways, Enjoy!

Added 4 Jun 2011, ID #6562, by Guest
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