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Levels and Badges
Pokemon Emerald

Levels and Badges

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Levels and Badges

If you have other games from this generation you may want to transfer in some of your higher level Pokemon to make life a little easier -- if you do, and also keep this in mind when leveling the ones you catch in the game, always remember that the badges you have are what dictate what level Pokemon you can successfully issue commands to!

The Badges in the game each bestow specific abilities:

Stone Badge: The power of all Pokemon increases a little.  You can now use the move Cut any time.

Knuckle Badge: Pokemon up to level 30 obey you.  You can now use the move Flash any time.

Dynamo Badge: The speed of all Pokemon increases a little.  You  can use the move Rock Smash any time.

Heat Badge: Pokemon up to level 50 obey you.  You can use the move Strength any time.

Balance Badge: The defense of all Pokemon increases a little.  You use the move Surf any time.

Feather Badge: Pokemon up to level 70 obey you.  You can use the move Fly any time.

Mind Badge: Your Pokemon special attack and defense are stronger.  You to use the move Diving any time.

Rain Badge: All Pokemon regardless of their level will obey you.  You can use the move Waterfall any time.

When it says that Pokemon up to Level X will obey you, that includes any Pokemon that you have traded into the game from another cartridge or obtained in an in-game trade.  Bear in mind that with no badges you can fully control Pokemon up to around Level 18 but after that they may not obey your commands until you have obtained the first two badges.  Once you have the first two badges then as it says, any Pokemon up to Level 30 will obey you.  Also note that with no badges, there is a chance that traded Pokemon will refuse to obey you. 

As your adventure begins in Littleroot Town, try to remember to take your time and really enjoy the game!  You have plenty of time before Black and White are released, so use that time to savor what is widely viewed as the best story in any of the games after the saga of Ash in the original Red/Blue/Green!

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Comments for Levels and Badges

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ID #636007 | Feb 17th 2016 Guest
where i can get the item that can cutdown the trees.? and what kind of item is that?..
ID #681747 | Sep 14th 2016 Guest
Go to the Rustburo city if I'm not mistaken.. And search all of the buildings one by one.. Sorry I could not remember which building is it..
ID #606235 | Sep 7th 2015 Guest
Is there a cheat for infinite hp
ID #579918 | Jul 4th 2015 Guest
Help me to fast level my pokémon
And evold Xd.......
ID #362326 | Mar 8th 2014 Guest
ID #350279 | Jan 31st 2014 Guest
can you please find and add a cheat to get all the badges
ID #348158 | Jan 25th 2014 Guest
I'm having trouble on pokemon

ID #336766 | Dec 31st 2013 Guest
ID #333451 | Dec 24th 2013 Guest
Walk up to the tree and press 'A' button. The pokemon with cut will cut the tree for you.
ID #309838 | Sep 15th 2013 Guest
How do you use cut on a tree with the stone badge?
ID #217359 | Dec 9th 2012 Guest
Which town is badge 3? I cant find it anywhere..
ID #171447 | Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
how to board on the space shuttle in mosdeep city?
ID #138580 | May 1st 2012 ncskeeter
i have got the stone, knuckle, dynamo, heat, balance and feather and i defeated team magmas leader and team aquas
ID #72611 | Sep 4th 2011 IshdaDino
Okay May i ask how this makes sense i dont remember mostly anything about happening to know this. HaHa. Like i have 4 broke bones in my arm do you really think this makes since haha.
ID #69820 | Aug 24th 2011 Guest
^^^^to this guy; he meant 'X' as an algebraic variable value.
ID #67631 | Aug 16th 2011 Guest
Level X is a cheat level -_-