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Follow the dark path or use the light


25B: The Flute Collection

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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25B: The Flute Collection

As previously mentioned there is a set of Flutes in the game that either replace status correcting items or function as an exclusive status correcting item.  The Flute Collection consists of:

-- Black=Acts like Repel (Substitute for Repel Potions)  - 1000 Steps
-- Blue=Fixes Sleep Status (Substitute for Awakening Potions) - 250 Steps
-- Red=Cures Attraction - 500 Steps
-- Yellow=Cures Confusion - 500 Steps
-- White=Increases Wild Encounter Rate (basically it is the opposite of Black) - 1000 Steps

In addition to the Flutes you can also obtain:

-- Pretty (glass) Desk - 8000 Steps
-- Pretty (glass) Chair - 6000 Steps

Specific quantities of Volcanic Ash must be collected in the Soot Sack by walking through the ash-covered grass on Route 113 and in the Jagged Pass. The Ash is traded to the Artisan in the house on  Route 113, who will create the flute you request (as well as exclusive furniture for a player's secret base).

Acquiring the Flute Collection

It should be noted that the flutes can be traded to other games when they are held by a Pokémon that is being traded or transferred.  They may not normally be available in every game so this may be the only way to obtain them in other games.  You should also note that these items are not normally "hold" items -- meaning that they reside in your bag rather than being held by the Pokemon upon which the effect you desire is used.  The Flutes do not use charges or have limits on how often or how frequently they can be used.

Obtaining a full set of the Flutes should be a priority for every Trainer *prior* to embarking upon the quest through Victory Road or the Elite Four as they have obvious uses and application.  For that reason we are now going to head to Fallarbor Town and complete collecting Ash for any Flute types that we do not, as yet have.  For example I have the Red and Yellow now, which means I need to collect sufficient Ash for a Blue, Black, and White Flute to be made.

Fly to Fallarbor Town

Using Fly, go to Fallarnor Town, and then head east (right) along the path until you spot the house to the north off of the path, in the Ash zone.  The house is called the "Glass Workshop" and has a sign that identifies it as such outside.

Inside the house is the Artisan and one of his employees -- if you speak with him he will tell you how many steps you must take in order to make the item you selected / the next item in the list.   Simply walk through the Ash-covered plants/grass to collect the Ash in your Soot Sack (Key Item), and when you have taken the required number of steps, return to the Glass Workshop and speak with the Aritsan.

He will make the item for you pretty much while you wait -- and in no time at all you have an awesome item that will save you time and money!  How?  Well, there are no restirictions on the use of the Flutes -- you do not have to take a certain number of steps, they can be used as often and as many times as you like -- and more important, they replace kit items that you normally pay for!  For instance, the Blue Flute that you see me obtain in the video is used to awaken a sleeping Pokemon whether in battle or outside of battle, and that means I can sell my Awakenings Potions and not have to every buy another one because of the Blue Flute!  Now how cool is that?

Right, before we sign off on this section there is one quick small side-quest for us to complete so exit the Glass Workshop and run west (left) through town all the way to the river west of the south bridge.  From shore you can just spot the waterfall to the north here.

Surf into the river then use Waterfall to climb the waterfall here.  Note that if for whatever reason you have not caught a Marill they spawn easily Surfing here.  If you have not captured a Barboach yet, the pool at the top of the waterfall is an excellent place to do so using the Super Rod, fishing while Surfing or from shore.

At the top of the waterfall on the left is a treasure ball containing a Rare Candy!  Now there is a useful item!