Minikit Guide - Chapter 6

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Minikit Guide - Chapter 6: Chemical Signature

LexCorp Juggernaut (minikit)
Required Characters: Cyborg, Superman, Poison Ivy, Lex Luthor

During the car chase scene, there will be two billboards you must shoot, each containing a minikit. See the video below to know their locations.

Minikit hunting

There are also three cabs you must destroy. Check the video below for more details.

Minikit hunting 2

After pulling the magnetic ball to the left, head back to the right to pull the minikit using the same fashion.

After calling the Bat Wing and destroying the sides of the vehicle, you'll find this in front of the truck.

(Free Play)

After pulling the magnetic ball to the left at the start of the checkpoint, destroy the golden beams to open the hatch and access the minikit.

After reaching the upper level of the truck, past the first checkpoint, you'll find some vines to the right. Switch to Poison Ivy and interact with it to reach a secret area. Destroy all three dancing robots to get the mini-kit.

After getting past the security camera, go to the left to find a citizen in peril. Jump down and deconstruct the black door to get this minikit.

Once you're on the top of the truck, make your way to the far right. Make your way to the front of the truck and destroy the golden window to get the minikit.

Finally, continue until you reach three rotating blue beams. Fly up in the middle to reach the last minikit for this level.


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Will not let me get the mini kit in the front window after I destroyed the gold cover on the truck

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