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Citizens in Peril
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Citizens in Peril

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Citizens in Peril

Citizens in peril are both available in missions and in the open map. They will appear as purple dots on the map when scanned. Citizens-in-Peril can be acquired during normal story play though some of them can only be rescued during Free Play and when you have the right characters. It will be easier to find them if you have the Peril Finder active.

The locations of the citizens are pretty much obvious so this guide will just feature their exact locations and positions.


Chapter 1: Theatrical Pursuits
Simply rescue the elderly woman being bullied to the left of the stage.

Chapter 2: Harbouring a Criminal
Head to the lower right and defeat the two thugs ganging up on a civilian.

Chapter 3: Arkham Asylum Antics
Use a flying character to locate the civilian in the northeast portion of the maze. You should be able to spot the civilian and his two bullies from above.

Chapter 4: Asylum Assignment

You'll find this civilian in the prison cell area, behind the silver gates.

Chapter 5: Chemical Crisis

In the checkpoint where Superman joins you, climb up the upper platform past where you'll get Robin's Hazard Suit. Destroy the glass part then hit the three valves to activate the fire system and save the trapped citizen.

Chapter 6: Chemical Signature
After getting Batman's Sensor Suit and reaching the rooftop, go to the left to find this poor soul.

Chapter 7: Unwelcome Guests
After escaping the crumbling cave, fly to the central platform and you should find a civilian (Alfred?) trapped in a fire. Put it out to rescue him.

Chapter 8: Destination Metropolis
You can find this guy near the end of the stage, just before you shatter the glass to reach the cockpit. You need to pull the magnetic pole to save this citizen.

Hammer time


Chapter 9: Research and Development
This guy is found on the second level of the lobby. (reachable only by flying) You need Aquaman to clean up the toxic spill around the citizen.



Chapter 10: Down to Earth
Just keep shooting down the helicopters until you rescue this citizen.

Chapter 11: Underground Retreat

When you reach the part of the railway where you need to clear through an electric field, you'll find this citizen behind the black pieces to the left.

Chapter 12: The Next President
Once you reached the rooftop checkpoint, go to the roof of a room to the left then pull the magnetic pole to rescue the citizen.



Chapter 14: Tower Defiance

You'll find the civilian on the rooftop, but you need to fly to the left to find him.

Chapter 15: Heroes Unite

The citizen is trapped in his car to the left. Destroy it using Man-Bat's sonic waves.


Free Roam

Left of Metro Station North. Freeze the water on the hydrant.

North of Botanical Gardens, near the bat terminal. Look for the large venus flytrap.

In the amusement park, look for the Clown Spray stall (where you can get another golden brick) and check the lot behind it to find the distressed civilian. Destroy the penguins to save the civilian.

A bit northwest of the Arkham Asylum entrance. Scan the map and look for a purple marker. Free the civilian by destroying the three parts of the giant venus flytrap.

Found in the ruins in the northwest corner of the first island. If you scan the map, it will appear as a purple marker. Free the civilian by destroying the three parts of the giant venus flytrap.

This civilian is found south of the Botanical Garden, trapped in a venus flytrap.

This civilian is found in the Harbourside Theatre, frozen solid. You need Superman's Heatray vision to free him.

Left of waterworks, frozen solid

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ID #470807 | Nov 12th 2014 Guest
Why are we always in Gotham City....can't get out????
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Um I've got all of these ones
Any more?
ID #303722 | Aug 9th 2013 Guest
Did you know Aquaman is not the only one to spray water without a certain suit? Some customized characters can with the right gun.[spoiler][/spoiler]