Minikit Guide - Chapter 1

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide by vhayste  

Minikit Guide - Chapter 1: Theatrical Pursuits

Harley Quinn's Monster Truck (Mini-Kit)
(Required characters: Lex Luthor, Joker, Cyborg)

At the start of the chapter, use Lex Luthor's Deconstructor Beam to destroy the black parts of the Batwing. This will reveal the level's first mini-kit.

Beside the Batwing is a silver table. Change to Batman's Power Suit and blow it up. (1/3) Find the other two silver tables and blow them up as well to reveal the next mini-kit. (See pictures below)

Next, switch to Robin and equip his Acrobat Suit. Head to the right to find a pole slot. Place his pole there and swing on different poles until you reach the mini-kit.

In the second area past the band room is costume area with a golden lock. Melt it to enter then pull the Blue Bike using Cyborg. This will open a trap door. Jump through it and head to the left. Go up the ladder to reach the secret room. In that room, you have to shatter the glass pieces, using Black Canary, Man-Bat or Batman's Bat Suit's Sonic Gun. Next, switch to Joker and power up the switch to the left, behind the iron bars. Finally operate the colored pressure switches. Step on them in the order of the colored notes on the wall behind the organ.

Dragon/Castle stage area - This minikit is located right behind the windows of the castle props.

In the Dragon/Castle stage area, deconstruct the black pieces to the right then power on the switch using Batman's Electricity Suit or Joker's default ability. Ride the horse prop and the mini-kit will appear after the horse hits the plate.

In the second checkpoint, break the glass in the middle of the room then melt the golden studs inside to get this mini-kit.

Next, freeze the water to the far right then destroy the gas canister. Rebuild it to become a zipline and the mini-kit will appear in the far end to the left.

After defeating Two-Face, use Robin's Acrobat Suit to reach the the mini-kit in the far right, by the ceiling.

In the last checkpoint and while fighting the Joker, simply destroy the three green windows to get this mini-kit.