Minikit Guide - Chapter 2

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Minikit Guide - Chapter 2: Harboring a Criminal

Joker's Speedboat (Mini-kit)
Required Characters: Cyborg

First destroy the large golden spotlight to the right to find this mini-kit.

After getting Batman's Power Suit, destroy the spotlight in the far left. Reassemble it to become a silver cart then follow the grail of gold coins until a mini-kit appears.

Destroy the silver pipes to the left of the entrance to reveal this minikit

Destroy the first four blue billboards scattered around the first area. After getting Robin's Magnet Suit, pull the two pipes by the five, long blue pipes. Reassemble the pieces to create the last billboard. Destroy it to get the minikit.

When climbing the theater, make your way to the large pillar to the left. You should see some ladders there. Find the mini-kit behind the ladder.

After reaching the top of the theater and after pulling the orange handle to free the last part of the chopper, check the space behind to find this mini-kit. You may need a flying character to reach it.

During the speedboat chase sequence, watch out for the two yellow rollercoaster cars that are moving along the tracks. Destroy two of them to get the minikit.

During the boss fight with the Joker, ride the bumpcar in the lower left corner of the parking lot to reveal this minikit.

During the boss fight with the Joker, destroy all cars in the parking lot to get this minikit.

During the bossfight with the Joker, melt the golden parts holding the bulldozer. (These parts will only become golden after taking out the Joker's first heart) Drive it towards the truck. Assemble the ramp and park the bulldozer on the truck to reveal this mini-kit.


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How do you melt the pieces on the bulldozer?

Added 1st Mar 2015, ID #523060

trying to get the bulldozer onto the truck was difficult for me! I had fun failing though

Added 12th Mar 2014, ID #363550