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Chapter 2: Harbouring a Criminal
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Chapter 2: Harbouring a Criminal

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 2: Harbouring a Criminal

Head to the lower right and defeat the two thugs ganging up on a civilian. You can also find four billboards here you can destroy. Assemble the broken pieces near the helicopter to fix the canopy.

Use your batarang to destroy the flashing pieces on the sides of the blue trailer. Destroy the machine inside and re-assemble it to unlock the Power Suit. Change into this suit and destroy the shiny silver pieces nearby.

Destroy the silver spotlight and re-assemble it to unlock Robin's Magnet Suit. Destroy the other spotlight and reassemble it to become a silver cart. Follow the grail of gold studs until a mini-kit appears. Grab it.

Next, have Robin pull the two blue pipes out of the way, then reassemble the broken pieces to create the last blue billboard. Destroy it to get another minikit. Go to the left again and destroy the silver pipes this time to reveal yet another minikit.

Climb up the blue pipes and grapple hook in the middle. Jump to the upper ledge and pull the blue metallic fans so you have something to walk on.

Continue to the right side and defeat the goons. Pull the blue mechanism then switch to Batman. This should break down the lego pieces below which you can reassemble to fix the helicopter's engine.

Next, ride the lift then use Batman's Power Suit to break the metal door open. Pull the ladder down using the Magnet Suit then climb up. Bomb the silver piece ahead then pull it again using the Magnet Suit. Pull the blue piece again, then grab unto the grappling handle.

Destroy the blocks at the end of the ledge then reassemble it to become a zipline. Use the grappling handle to reach the rooftops then continue to the right to find another blue piece. Pull it then use the grappling handle to reach the other side. Defeat the goon there then use Batman to pull the stuck lego pieces. They should fall to the ground. Reassemble the last pieces to fix the helicopter's broken rotor blades. Ride it to continue with the story.

In this next phase, you'll have to chase Joker in his speed boat. You have to use your Batwing's projectiles to completely drain his life bar. His minions will appear from time to time so when they do, destroy them all first before focusing your fire again on the joker. You have to repeat this 4 times until all his hearts are gone.

Chasing the Joker


After the scene and checkpoint, you'll have to fight him again on the ground. There are two minikits you can get here. First, destroy all the cars in the parking lot then for the other, simply ride the bumpcar in the lower lefthand corner.

To take out the Joker's first heart, push the green paddle to aim the cannon towards him then use Batman's power suit to pull the trigger.

For the second phase, assemble the pieces near the clown face to the upper right corner of the parking lot. Blast its teeth then assemble the blue pieces so Robin can walk on it. Reach the top then destroy the gray cover. Pull the rods out so the swinging signs to take out the Joker's second heart.

For the final phase, destroy the large vehicle where his goons came from then dis-assemble it by alternately blasting the silver parts and pulling the blue parts. Once completely destroyed, reassemble the pieces to become a giant hammer then use Batman to pull it and defeat the Joker.

Let me introduce you to these unbreakable toys



To the Batcave

Activate the terminal then choose the vehicle of your choice. For this instance, I opted to select the Batmobile. You can then test your weapons by destroying the silver statues. Press B to use the bombs and press and hold X to use the machine gun. Silver statues can only be destroyed using bombs.

After destroying the statues, the gate will open. Follow the transparent blue studs to reach your objective. Once you reached the terminal with the bat logo, activate it to reach the batcave. Once inside, use the lift to continue with the story.

After the scene, you'll be controlling Bruce Wayne. Head to the right and activate the terminal there. Activate the terminal then select the location with the bat logo. Place a beacon there to proceed with the story.

Drive to the Arkham Asylum then activate the terminal. Drive to the entrance to proceed. You'll be inside the maze.

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Comments for Chapter 2: Harbouring a Criminal

7 comments, latest first.
ID #580600 | Jul 6th 2015 Guest
There is a third minikit on this level. Drive the construction vehicle onto the flatbed truck and a minikit will unlock.
ID #517834 | Feb 18th 2015 Guest
How do u get out of the maze and to the next chapter
ID #504069 | Jan 19th 2015 Guest
How do you climb the blue metallic fans. I can't get past the first fan blade.
ID #500033 | Jan 11th 2015 Guest
I keep trying to use the grappling hook and it isn't working
ID #338535 | Jan 3rd 2014 Guest
How do you activate the terminals?i drove straight to the bat cave and the terminals were not working
ID #319746 | Nov 16th 2013 Guest
thanks this helped alot
ID #247759 | Jan 30th 2013 Jamie082
What buttons on ps3 do you press to access the terminal? I know that you press the triangle to scan it but I've tried to hit every other button and nothing works! I'm so frustrated! Please help!