Chapter 3: Arkham Asylum Antics

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 3: Arkham Asylum Antics

Head to the right and destroy the two glass tubes to stop the fountain. Assemble the pieces then use the grappling hook to drain the water and unlock Robin's Acrobat Suit. Place his stick on the hole in the wall, then double jump to reach it and jump to the other side. Continue around the path and defeat the goons. Grab the handle to topple the statue's hat. Assemble the pieces to unlock Batman's Power Suit. Double jump again to reach the wall with the jumping lego pieces to create grappling handles for Batman.

Switch to Batman and cross the gap. Change to his Power Suit then destroy the silver wall to the upper right. Climb the wall then destroy the silver statue to topple it and destroy Catwoman's bike. Follow the path then continue to the left to find a silver winged statue. Destroy it then reassemble it.

Switch to Robin and use his bubble ability. Jump on the mechanism and use to move the bat logo to the far end of the wall. This will unlock Batman's Bat Suit. Go to the right and use the Bat Suit's Sonic Gun to shatter the glass pieces. This will take care of Two-Face's truck. Backtrack to the left a bit then go down then left again to find a glass wall. Shatter it to find a mini-kit.

Head to the right then down to encounter Bane's Mole Machine. Go back to the left first then switch back to your Power Suit. Take the lower left path and follow it to find a silver statue. Blow it then use the ramp or just follow the hallway to find two grappling handles. Both characters must pull it down to activate it.

This will unlock Robin's Ice Suit. Change to that and use it to freeze the gushing water from the silver statue you destroyed earlier. This will stop the mole machine and complete the level. Talk to the commissioner to start the next chapter.


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When Robin pulls the hat off the first statue, revealing Batman's Power Suit, blow up the statue (it's silver) for a Minikit.

Added 29th Sep 2015, ID #612520

what button is sonic gun on power suit????????

Added 31st May 2015, ID #563916

Sonic gun is on Bat Suit, not the Power Suit.

Added 29th Sep 2015, ID #612522

How do you talk to commissioner borden?

Added 7th Mar 2015, ID #525622

How do you defeat two face?

Added 7th Feb 2015, ID #512712

Hey guys who were in the Ice suit situation,I found a way to get it . First you go back to the Bat suit go back to where the Ice suit was supposed to be and keep shooting the gun until it brakes and it will. Trust me.

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498793

I am having the same problem - it sends me back to the batcave and just keeps showing me level 3. I am never able to speak to the commissioner....

Added 3rd Jan 2015, ID #495228

Please help, my son is in the batcave and it is showing he has 3 levels, but we cant work out how to move to level 4, can anyone please help???? Thanks.

Added 4th Dec 2014, ID #480460

what hole? where is it im on ps3

Added 1st Aug 2014, ID #429185

How do you use both batman and robin to pull grappling handles

Added 24th Jan 2014, ID #347506

What hole in the wall?

Added 27th Sep 2013, ID #311407

im in apart where you can create your own character i don't know how to get out from that part please help me.. in psvita

Added 24th Sep 2013, ID #310952

Where is commissioner Gordon???

Added 6th Jul 2013, ID #295431

after draining the fountain and changing robin into the acrobat suit, i am able to throw the stick into the wall but not able to get to it with a double jump. I keep coming up short.

Added 20th Apr 2013, ID #275972

Us too

Added 17th Oct 2015, ID #617340

AFTER changing robin into the acrobatic suit, he thru the stick into the hole in the wall and double jumped but not able to grab the stick....

Added 4th Apr 2013, ID #270508

Freeze suit never appeared for me after pulling levers

Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #249886

Never got the freeze suit...

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #235905

HOW do you change into the freeze suit?

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231198