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L.A. Noire


L.A. Noire Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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There are a total of 95 vehicles in the game that you can drive -- and there are Achievements and Trophies that are associated with them and how you drive them.  The Achievements/Trophies are:

-- Auto Collector (Drive 40 different vehicles)
-- Auto Enthusiast (Drive 5 different vehicles)
-- Auto Fanatic (Drive every vehicle in the city)
-- Lead Foot (Keep the needle above 80mph for more than ten seconds while driving)
-- Miles on the Clock (Drive more than 194.7 miles)

Most of these you will unlock accidently by simply playing the game, though the Auto Fanatic one you will probably have to unlock intentionally, since the odds of you commandeering that wide a variety of vehicles is pretty slim...

-- The Vehicles of LA Noire Ticklist --

This Ticklist will help you complete the Auto Achievements/Trophies by allowing you to keep track of what you have driven.  Just print it out and use it when you play, checking the Showroom under the Extras Menu each time you play to tick off the ones you added last time. 

Once it gets close to the end, it would be an idea to look up the vehicles you still need on the web, and get familiar with their appearance to make it easier to spot them in the game.  Each listing includes the area where the vehicle is more easy to find, and in some cases (like the Bonus Vehicles) the exact location where the vehicle can be found.  Please note that these pointers are not definitive, meaning that I am not saying that these are the only places you can get a particular car, just where they are most liley to be encountered.

I like to receive email and tips for the guides, especially when they help make it a better guide, so if you have found a static location where a specific vehicle can always be found please feel encouraged to let me know that so it can be added to the guide!

-- 2-Door Vehicles (25 Total Types)

o -- Buick 2DR Sedanette (Wilshire Area)
o -- Buick Business Coupe (Westlake Area)
o -- Buick Coupe (Central District)
o -- Buick Custom (Hollywood Area)
o -- Buick Eight Convertible (Wilshire Area)
o -- Buick Eight Coupe (Central District)
o -- Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR (Central District)
o -- Chevrolet Styleline (Central District)
o -- Chrysler Town and Country (Downtown Hollywood Area)
o -- Cord Hardtop (Hollywood Area)
o -- DeSoto 2DR Custom (Westlake Area)
o -- Ford 2DR (Westlake Area)
o -- Ford Business Coupe (Westlake Area)
o -- Ford Convertible (Hollywood Area)
o -- Ford Custom (Central District)
o -- Ford Tudor Convertible (Wilshire Area)
o -- Ford V8 Sedan (Central District)
o -- LaSalle V8 Sedan (Westlake Area)
o -- Lincoln Continental Coupe (Wilshire Area)
o -- Nash Super 600 (Central District)
o -- Packard Clipper Eight (Central District)
o -- Packard Clipper Six (Wilshire Area)
o -- Pontiac Torpedo Six (Westlake Area)
o -- Packard Custom (Wilshire and Hollywood Areas)
o -- Studebaker Commander  (Westlake Area)

-- 4-Door Vehicles (19 Total Types)

o -- Cadillac LaSalle Series 50 (Downtown and Westlake Areas)
o -- Cadillac Series 61 (Westlake Area)
o -- Cadillac Series 61 Touring Sedan (Wilshire Area)
o -- Cadillac Series 75 Limousine (Hollywood Area)
o -- Chevrolet Sedan (East Downtown Area)
o -- Chrysler Airflow (Central District)
o -- DeSoto Custom Suburban (Central District)
o -- Frazer Manhattan (Central District)
o -- Hudson Super Six (Central District)
o -- International D Series Sedan
o -- Lincoln Zephyr Touring (Westlake Area)
o -- Oldsmobile Hydramatic 88 (Central District)
o -- Oldsmobile Sedan (Hollywood Area)
o -- Packard Clipper Eight (Central District)
o -- Plymouth P5 (East Downtown Area)
o -- Plymouth Sedan (East Downtown Area)
o -- Plymouth Special Deluxe Six (Wilshire Area)
o -- Pontiac Sedan Six (Central District)
o -- Willys Overland  (Central District)

-- Sports Vehicles (8 Total Types)

o -- Cadillac V16 Convertible (Hollywood Area)
o -- Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible (Hollywood Area)
o -- Ford DeLuxe Convertible (Westlake Area)
o -- Lincoln Continental Convertible (Hollywood Area)
o -- Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster (Wilshire Area)
o -- Mercury Custom (East Downtown Area)
o -- Nash La Fayette Convertible (Hollywood Area)
o -- Oldsmobile S98 Convertible  (Wilshire Area)

-- Service Vehicles (19 Total Types)

o -- American LaFrance Fire Truck (Wilshire Area)
o -- Buick Ambulance (Central District)
o -- Chevrolet Civilian Van
o -- Chevrolet Pickup (Westlake Area)
o -- Chevrolet Pickup 2 (Central District)
o -- Chevrolet Tow Truck (Wilshire Area)
o -- Chevrolet Van (Westlake Area and Central District)
o -- Dodge Fuel Truck (Wilshire Area)
o -- DeSoto Custom Suburban Taxi (Central District)
o -- Ford Ambulance (Central District)
o -- GMC Pickup (Central District)
o -- Heil Colecto-Pak (Central District)
o -- International D Series (Central District and East Downtown Area)
o -- International KB5 (Hollywood Area and East Downtown Area)
o -- International KB6 (East Downtown Area)
o -- International KB8 (East Downtown Area)
o -- International KB8 (Polar Bear Ice Truck)
o -- International Metro KB1M (Wilshire Area)
o -- Nash Deluxe 600 Army (South Hollywood Area)

-- Bonus Vehicles (15 Total Types)

o -- Cadillac Town Car (Alco Station at Fountain and Bronson)
o -- Chrysler Woody (In the ally near 7th and Vermont)
o -- Cisitalia Coupe (Alco Station at Vermont and Melrose)
o -- Cord 810 Softtop (In the Mateo Street industrial garage)
o -- Davis Deluxe (In the garage of the house on Melrose on the Hollywood/Wilshire border)
o -- Delage D8 120 (Behind Meisner’s Hardware Store in the ally at Beacon and Union)
o -- Delage D8-120 S Poutout Aero-Co (In the garage at Normandie and Lemongrove)
o -- Delahaye 135MS Cabriolet (In a residential garage near Franklin and Ivar)
o -- Duesenberg Walker Coupe (The Garage at the Auto Club near Santa Monica and EL Centro)
o -- Ford H Boy (Alaco Station at Kingsley and Beverly Blvd)
o -- Phantom Corsair (Alaco Station at 3rd and Traction Ave)
o -- Stout Scarab (The industrial garage at 4th and Whittler Blvd)
o -- Talbot GS26 (Alaco Station at Bixel and 6th)
o -- Tucker Torpedo (The Garage at Oakwood and Western Avenues)
o -- Voisin C7 (Alaco station at La Brea and Sunset)

-- Police Vehicles (9 Total Types)

o -- Buick Super (Found in Story)
o -- Cadillac Series 62 Convertible (Found in Story)
o -- Chevrolet Coroner's Van (Found in Story)
o -- Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR (Police Version Found in Story)
o -- Ford Police Special (Found in Story)
o -- Hudson Commodore (Found in Story)
o -- International Police Wagon (Found in Story)
o -- Nash Super 600 (Found in Story)
o -- Studebaker Commander (Found in Story)

The Bonus vehicles can only be obtained in the special garages in the game noted in their listing here.  Also be aware that some vehicles can ONLY be obtained after you reach a certain Rank.

Some vehicles can only be found through commandeering, while others can only be found parked.  Each of the vehicles listed in this ticklist includes my best effort at helping you find it, so please do not email me asking me where to find vehicle X, because if I did not provide you with more information about it in this ticklist, that means that I don't have more information, sorry.

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