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The Landsmeet

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Landsmeet

You are likely aware that there are four possible endings to this game and if you want to get all four in a single play-through, you will have to be very careful in making your saves.  If you want to get all four, do the following otherwise skip to the sample ending below.

To Get All Four Endings

(1) Create a save outside of the Landsmeet Chamber.
(2) Decide to make Loghrain a Grey Warden (Alistair will quit the party)
(3) Meet with Riordan and than make another save.
(4) Turn down Morrigan's offer to you and make another save prior to accessing the roof.  When you turn down her offer, Morrigan quits the party.
(5) Kill the Arch Demon by sacrificing yourself.
(6) Load your third save.
(7) Kill the Arch Demon by sacrificing Loghain.
(8) Load the second save.
(9) Kill the Arch Demon by accepting Morrigan's offer.
(10) Load the first save.
(11) Instead of accepting Loghain, kill him. Alistair will stay in the party.
(12) Turn down Morrigan's offer and she will leave the party.
(13) Sacrifice Alistair to kill the Arch Demon.

That is all four endings you will get the Achievement / Trophy

Sample Ending

As you enter the Landsmeet Chamber, the Loghain protests the accusations made against him accusing you, the Arl, practically everyone present, of selling out the Kingdom.  Loghain repeats the scheme that he cooked up so long ago that it was the Grey Warden's that caused the death of the King.

Loghain has no intention of being convinced of anything he is on the offensive and he clearly believes that he can win.  Anora makes her appearance and betrays you and Loghain changes his strategy, pushing for his daughter's position as Queen to be ratified.

Loghain orders that you be taken outside to be executed and the battle begins!

Just as the battle hits its peak, the Chantry's Revered Mother appears and stops the battle!  The Landsmeet agrees to a duel to settle the argument and we are asked if we accept.  We do for Alistair and we are his champion!

The fight with Loghain is not to the death as soon as you wear his health down to a sliver, he yields.

* To have Loghain become a Grey Warden you must choose to give his daughter the crown.

* If you give the crown to Alistar, he will kill Loghain.

If you chose to make Loghain a Grey Warden, Alistair will leave your party, you will view that ceremony, and then his daughter Anora comes in to address you as a group.  I get the definite feeling that being rid of him was what she wanted, any way that she could get it, as long as it did not look like it was her doing it!

The Last Crime Wave Quest

Before you head off to Redcliffe for the beginning of the end, you may want to wrap up any outstanding quests that you have including the final quest in Slim's Crime Wave series, as  once you begin the end game there is no turning back and once you slay the Arch Demon, the game is essentially over.  While you can do the DLC content after the game ends, you cannot do any of the main story quests and side-quests that you failed to finish.

Talk to Slim in Denerim Markets to learn that he now has more accurate information for you about the items we are supposed to steal, including the actual location of the vault.  He does not want a finder's fee from you he just wants to make this right.  After you agree to complete the job, head to the City Map and select Bann of West Hill's Estate.

You enter the Estate through a fireplace, and the room you arrive in is empty.  Go through the door ahead and as you round the corner, beware the pressure plate trap on the floor disarm that now so you do not have any accidents.  Disarm the second trap on the floor ahead, and then take out the House Soldiers that you encounter next.  Continue along the hall, disarming traps and taking out soldiers you can loot side-rooms if you like, though at this stage in the game you should have more than enough gold for what is to come.

Make your way through the hall with red rugs, then the hall with blue rugs, and you will arrive at the door which you will need to unlock to get in.  This takes you outside, through a series of narrow high-walled passages, and you will see one that branches to the left and goes down take that and unlock the Metal Door, then kill the soldiers inside, and head to the back of this chamber. 

In the next chamber is a concealed door reveal that and pass through, and then through the next door and you will find another floor trap to disarm.  There are five more traps here to disarm you may as well get the XP for doing that and then you are good to unlock the door to the vault.  Inside there are containers to loot, one of which contains what you came for: the Tears of Andraste.

As you work your way towards the exit marked on the map, you will notice that a force has gathered to block your path you know what you have to do to them, right?  Of course you do!  After you take them out, exit the cellars, turn left, and take the exit (City Map) ahead.

Upon your return to the Market District, have a chat with Slim he is thrilled!  If you give the Tears to him, he will have them delivered to the Chantry by anonymous courier, and that pretty much wraps up the quest.  Congratulations!  You have completed the final quest in the side=quest series!  All that is left after this is to complete the story line, so on to the end!

Note: Before you head to Redcliffe, check your supplies, because once the final battle is started you will not be able to re-supply!  If you look under Crafting in the character menu, you should have at a minimum, two or three full stacks of Flasks (99 to a stack), and two or three full stacks of Elf Root.  Depending on your class, you may want more reagents if you are a Mage or like to use certain potions / bombs, but you know what you need.

Having the Elfroot and Flasks means that after each battle you will be able to replenish your supply of healing potions and believe me, you are going to use a LOT of those in the battles to come.  If you are worried about spending all of your money don't worry about that! It is not like you have anything esle you can spend it on you are headed to the end of the game, and when it ends, it really ends, so there is no point in saving money.

If you need to buy more supplies here are some helpful pointers:

Deathroot: The Dalish Camp Armorer has an unlimited supply.
Elfroot: The Dalish Camp Armorer has an unlimited supply.
Flasks: Bodahn in your Party Camp has an unlimited supply.  

You can also add supplies to the crates in your camp that will strengthen your allies though I am not really certain what effect this actually has on their participation in the fights.  I did not use the troops until the boss fight with the Arch Demon, which is probably a good idea, because that is a fairly tough fight...

Once you have completed your preparations, head over to Redcliffe Village.

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Comments for The Landsmeet

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Aug 9th 2013 Guest
Thanks helped me a lot
ID #303689
Aug 26th 2011 Guest
A. You don't have to have it so everyone attacks you on Loghains orders, if they put it to a vote and you did all the proper side quests the landsmeet will rule in your favor.
B. Also you can become queen if you are a female noble, human, and marry Alister. (You can marry Anora if your a male human noble but it doesn't really have the same impact as queen in the end details.) If you are any other race you can become the Kings mistress if you 1. have a romance with Alister (so, be a female)and 2. "harden" Alister during his personal quest. You harden him by telling him everyone is out for themselves and that he should toughen up. Then later when he brings it up again keep insisting he be strong. He'll be less funny, goofy Alister but not by much. And he makes a stronger King and doesn't mind it as much. (Thats also how you get the "secret threesome/foursome possiblity as well.)
C. Also, if you tell Anora you will support her and make it clear you want her as queen (even if you dont really) she won't betray you at the Landsmeet. Then you can turn around and say I choose Alister as king anyway. ^_^
ID #70156