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Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Note that the city is broken up into districts, and you move between them by using the World Map gates.  The quests for Denerim are presented in Appendix B if you have trouble keeping them straight  but they are introduced to you in the parts for each quarter/sector of the city as well.  Be aware that quests obtained in one district may have parts that require you to travel to a different district in order to complete them. 

As you enter Denerim you may notice that unlike previous areas some of the people there do not highlight so you cannot talk to them.  I do not know why this is, but then again if you cannot talk to them than it follows that they have nothing to do with any of the quests or interactions, right?

The Market District

This is the first area we visit when we enter the city.  If you look to the left in the open area past the entrance you will spot the local Chanter's Board  and the Chantry we may as well begin by checking that now, as there are a number of quests available on it.

Chanter's Board Quests

Back Alley Justice
Take out the bandits that are preying on the good people in the back alleys of the town.

Missing in Action
A veteran of the battle at Ostagar named Rexel has gone missing see if you can find him.

Fazzil's Request
Master Fazzil has lost his sextant when he was set upon by bandits and would like it recovered for him.

Loghain's Push
Provide support to Loghain's troops at least that is what they want you to do but you may just have other ideas in that regard.

Desperate Haven
Rescue the group of refugees that is cornered by darkspawn.

Skin Deep
Obtain samples of darkspawn skin for Knight-Commander Thames.

Just pick the quests you want from the list!

Before you get too busy with quests, let's talk to the folks we can talk to, and explore the area for lootables, shall we?

Theohild and Perpetua

Standing near the gate to the Chantry is Sister Theohild and Mother Perpetua, two preistesses of the Chantry.  Sister Theohild has a rather interesting take on the scripture that drives Perpetua to distraction, and the CS and dialogue sequence is both amusing and informative, so you should not miss it.

Sister Justine

Say hello to Sister Justine, a curator at the Chantry. In your chat with her you can learn what a curator does, perhaps more than you wanted to know in fact.  There seems to be a problem with the unscrupulous selling false relics, though Justine has a theory about that as well.

According to Justine her own research indicates that the ashes are real, that they were gathered and placed into an urn, and that the urn and ashes are likely hidden somewhere.  If she is correct than this may be a relic we can actually find!

Slim Couldry

Outside a nearby building is Slim, who knows that you are a Warden and says that he is a friend.  He does not seem to think much of Loghain, and he is willing to share information with you as long as you are willing to cut him in on the proceeds.

If you are looking to make some money from your Rogue skills, it appears that Slim is the man to go to if you are willing to pay him 1 sovereign, he will let you know about a certain Lady who has gone to the country and left her valuable in her inn room.  While there is a guard, he is not supposed to be much of a threat, and Slim thinks that you could make a good bit of profit by pilfering her valuables.


A merchant in the market center, Liselle offers to sell you some bath oils or scent.  You can ask her about herself, where she is from and why she left, and you can get quite a bit of detail about her past. She will direct you to the other merchants if you ask her the armorer in particular.  She points the way to the Chanter's Board, and suggests the Tavern nearby if you are looking for muscle work.

Wade's Emporium

Nearby the open market is Wade's Emporium, an armor shop. Herren, the shop keeper, would give PT Barnum a run for his money as far as self-promotion goes, but the armorsmith Wade puts the mickey to his bragging. Judging by their back-and-forth patter, they are boyfriends.

Wade's has a selection of general armor, but none of it is special.

Before you leave, go try to talk to Wade he gets very pissy at you for doing that.

There is a chest behind Wade that you should loot if you can there is a note inside that triggers a Codex entry, and there is a healing potion.  That pretty much wraps things up at Wade's Emporium!

Sergeant Kylon

The local law enforcement and is he in a bad mood.  It turns out that the men he has been assigned are mostly the useless and witless bastard sons of the local nobility.  They are not very effective do the chat options and you will see why. 

Kylon reveals that a wanted poster has been passed around with your picture on it, but tells you that he does not believe the charges that are laid against you and has no problem with your being there.  If you ask if he needs any help, he eagerly agrees that he could indeed!  There is a whorehouse called the Pearl nearby that he needs cleared out he does not want you to kill anyone, just rough them up a bit.

You may as well accept that quest it should be good for some XP.

Mages Collective Liaison

Around the back of this block of block of buildings is the representative of the Mages Collective, and if you have a chat with him he will tell you about what they do and how you can help them.  Beside him is a bag and as he explains, in every major settlement there is a similar outpost and sack and if you are interested you can do work for them and get paid for it.

The sack has three jobs in it:

Blood of Warning
Mark the doors of certain houses to warn them that the Templars are going to raid them.

Have You Seen Me?
Locate the missing mage Renold.

The Scrolls of Banastor
Find the five scrolls of Banastor and return them to the Collective.

Gorim the Dwarf

Gorim has a stall in the lane at which he is selling only the finest Dwarven steel. You can buy weapons or perhaps information and getting a little news from him would be an idea.

He will tell you about the Landsmeet, and the local nobles.  You might want to check out his wares to see if he has anything that you want to buy while you are here as well.

Fayd the Apprentice

The first time you talk to him there are no chat options.


Behind him is a book you can read to gain a Codex entry.  When you talk to him, he makes a comment about refugees and offers to show you his wares.  He has a general selection of weapons, armor, and crafting goods including some recipes you may want to buy.

Ser Landry

As you approach him he recognizes you accuses you of all of the ill that Loghain says you committed, and demands satisfaction from you.  What he really means is that he wants to kill you.  As far as I can tell he cannot be intimidated, and demands that you meet him behind the tavern for a duel.

No matter what you say, this guy wants to fight, and the conversation ends with this new quest being flagged.  You really have no choice here mate, you are going to have to kill him but that should not upset you too much, after all he is a rude and obnoxious git, right?

When you are ready, head to the alley behind the tavern and duel him.

Gnawed Noble Tavern

The building near where you met Ser Landry is the Gnawed Noble Tavern and when you enter on the left there is a book you can read to add a Codex entry. 

The room on the left (through a door) is full of Crimson Oar Mercenaries.  In this same room is the representative from Blackstone and his quest chest.  When you talk to any of the mercenaries you will get abuse or bragging both are amusing.

This is the inn that has Sophies room in it, but if your lockpicking skill is too low, you will have to come back after you have raised it. You do not have to loot that chest to complete the quest however so once you have broken in and looted the room return to Slim for another quest.

Back in the main room you can chat with the Bartender, who will share the news with you, and will sell you crafting resources, and recipes including an injury kit recipe and a Greater Health Poultice Recipe that are worth the expense.  He has ale (a gift) that you can buy as well.

Finally he can offer you jobs of questionable legality and when you ask offers you three now:

Correspondence Interruptous
Bring him 12 love letters you loot from the homes of the wealthy.

Solving Problems
Dump some bodies for him in the Marketplace.

Negotiation Aids
Deliver a stack of 15 toxin extract samples to the Bartender.

Blackstone Quests

The chest has one quest available Restocking the Guild requesting that you bring 20 health poultices to the representative.

Wonders of Thedas Shop

There are books and scrolls inside that earn you Codex entries so be sure to collect all of those. 

Speak to the Tranquil behind the desk to view their wares this is a Mage's Circle shop, so there may well be items that you want to get for your character if it is a mage and for Morrigan if not.

They sell some recipes here that you will likely want to buy, so if you do not have the money at the moment, make a mental note that they are here so you can return when you do.

Genitivi's Home

You can speak to Weylon, the scholar's assistant inside.  It seems that the brother has gone missing while on the trial of the Urn of Sacred Ashes, and Weylon believes that the reason he has disappeared is because he has gotten too close to the location of the Urn. 

It takes some arm-twisting, but eventually Weylon tells you where the scholar went so that you can add this as one more quest on your list of quests to do.

Unfortunately when you try to go into the scholar's study to read his papers, Weylon resists and you are forced to kill him.  Too bad, I rather liked him!

Inside the room you find the scholar's notes and the body of the real Weylon!  Well it turns out that we did not kill the scholar's assistant after all!  I know I feel better. 

Genitivi's research suggests that the Village of Haven in the mountains to the west may have some clues to the location of the Urn so mark that in your memory.

The Pearl

As you travel to the Pearl your journey will be interrupted by a combat confrontation, but when the screen loads you find yourself on the street in the Back Alley near some vials of glowing substance. 

After you take one of the vials a very powerful mob called the Revenant spawns, and you have to fight it.  From the strength of it, I would guess that this qualifies as a boss mob, but as there is nothing to explain what it is and is about, that is all I can tell you!

When you loot it you gain a Codex entry on The Black Vials read that for some confusing hints as to the meaning of this encounter.

Moving along through this area you pass through an open gate and are attacked by a band of Rogues if you get separated from your party by the portcullis dropping chances are you will fall in battle, but the gate will open again and your party can then defeat the Rogues and revive you. At the far end of this courtyard is the City Map gate that you can use to continue your journey to The Pearl.


There are books to add Codex entries here and some lootable containers so explore a bit before you get down to doing the quests.

Collect the body and a letter

In a room in the back of The Pearl you will find the third body that you need to collect and a container in that room with one of the letters you also need to collect.  After you gather up these quest items,

The Resistance Meeting

The door opposite the room with the body is the meeting place of the so-called Grey Warden resistance support group knock on it and use the first selection as the pass phrase.  Once you are inside however you realize that the resistance is really a trap set up by the Arl's forces!

They give you one chance to surrender like you are going to do that!  It is time to fight!

Sanga the Proprietor

Once you have finished with the back rooms, head back to the inn proper and have a chat with Sanga, the madam that runs this fine... err... establishment.  She will offer to show off the talent you can pick one to frolic with if you like.  Make, female, both, she does not care as long as you have the 40 silver to pay for the services.

The White Falcons

Remember the mercenaries that the Sgt. wants you to rough up?  These are them.  They do not intimidate but remember that you are not *supposed* to kill them! 

Once you get into the fight and do some damage, they fold like a wet paper bag, begging for mercy.  Since you are not supposed to kill them, this is where you show mercy I guess, so tell them to empty their pockets and leave and you pick up a cool 2 gold pieces for your efforts!


The first mate on Captain Isabela's ship, he is full of information about his captain, and you may as well get it from him, right?    The ship's name is The Siren's Call, and according to Casivir, Isabela considers herself to be a duelist, and judging by his feelings she is a pretty good one.


Standing in the back of the tavern room, Isabela is willing to chat and seems to be somewhat impressed with you!  There are several chat options you can pursue with her, and you may as well do that so you can learn what it is she thinks is a duelist.

You can ask her to teach you the duelist skills and she will teach you the basics if you ask, but you have to have a drink and a game with her before she will teach you.  You do not actually have to play the game with her you can continue as she talks up the game, or you can try to catch her hand with dexterity.

When you catch her hand you discover that she is cheating but evidently that was the whole point as it was a test to see how quick and resourceful you were.  She announces that she will be honored to teach you her skills, and does as it unlocks your first specialization, the Duelist.

Unless you want to buy a prostitute, this wraps up what you have to do at The Pearl.  Now would be a good time to head back to the Market Square and dump that last body down the well and turn in that quest.

On the way back to the Market you run into the Sgt, who thanks you for a job well done but a group of White Falcon mercenaries interrupt the meeting, and you are forced to fight them.  After the fight, the Sgt. pays you your reward, commenting that it surprises him that people actually choose to fight you!  Yes, I am surprised as well :)

Back in Market Square

Now continue on the the Market Square using the World Map and then dispose of the body, and then head to the tavern to talk to the Bartender.

On your way out, go talk to Sgt. Kylon again, he has another mission for you this time he wants you to take out the mercenaries in the tavern nearby.

The Crimson Oars Mercenaries

These are the loud mercenaries we noticed before in the room with the Blackstone Agent.  You have a choice here you can either fight them or you can persuade them to leave the district and move to a tavern at the Docks.

To persuade them to leave, a compelling argument is that there are no "willing" women at this fine establishment.  That logic clicks in the leaders head, and he orders his men to leave with him for a tavern at the docks.  Mischief managed!

Return to Sgt. Kylon and collect your reward of 3 gold sovereigns.

Done?  Good!  Now head back to the City Map and select the Dirty Back Alley.

The Dirty Back Alley

As you arrive here you will see through the gates a band of thugs go ahead and engage them now.

Once they are defeated, run up the far stairs and mark the door to a Blood Mage's relative, and then return to the World Map gate and select Dark Alley from the menu.

On the way you will get a confrontation stop in the Back Alley where you will make quick work of a group of Bandits! Once they are defeated, return to the World Map gate and continue on.

The Dark Alley

Another band of bandit thugs awaits you here, angry over the killing of their friends.  This can be a tough fight if you let them surround you, so try not to do that! 

The fourth and final door to be marked for the Blood Warning Quest is in this area so go ahead and mark it now.

That is all that there is to do here for now, so head back to the City Map gate and select Rundown Back Street.

Rundown Back Street

As you should expect by now, another group of bandit thugs is waiting for you as you enter the area actually this is the third group and it should be the last for this quest!  Taking them out may be a bit on the challenging side, but when you are done you will feel good about it I know I did :)

Near by you find the body of a dead Templar named Ser Friden and on it is a document that initiates a quest called The Last Request.  Friden was sent to deal with blood mages in the city, but it seems that the mages have dealt with him! 

There is a nearby door labeled "Dirty Hovel" that you can enter, and inside is Layson the Deserter, the subject of the quest Dereliction of Duty.  You have to kill him he does not give you a choice and once he is dead you can loot the Guild Supplies from his body to return them to the Blackstone Agent.

Back to the Market Street

Now that you have dealt with the final group of bandits, return to the Market District and speak with Chanter Rosamund next to the Chanter's Board near the Chantry to receive your reward of 4 gold sovereigns.

Next you need to see the Agent from the Mage's Circle, to collect the single gold sovereign for completing the quest Blood of Warning.

Loghain's Push Quest

Go to the City Map gate and change it to World Map, then select the icon marked "Civil War" and activate it to travel there.  You will encounter a group of Bannorn Knights who are resisting being conscripted by Loghain's men and a battle ensues.  Jump into the battle and keep fighting until the enemy is defeated!

On your way back to town you will encounter an Abomination which I think is a fairly strong demon or maybe minor demon is more accurate.  You have to kill it to continue, so kill it!  After you kill the Abomination move ahead and to the left to discover the body of Renold loot his journal and you will recall that he is part of another quest we are doing, called Have You Seen Me?  This is for the Mages Collective.

After the fight return to Denerim and seek out the Chanter's Board Mistress and the Mage's Collective Agent to receive your reward.

Now it is back to the World Map and the Refugees location outside of town. On the way you are attacked by a pack of wolves and after you defeat them note the nearby sign posted to warn that wolves frequent the area very helpful to know :)

Continue on at the World Map point to reach the field where the refugees are supposed to be and they are there but as you arrive a powerful group of darkspawn also arrive and attack.  You need to help the refugees take out the darkspawn, which really means take them out yourself.

After you finish off the darkspawn say hi to a refugee so they can properly thank you, then head back to town.

Talk to Slim

To get the next break-in tip you will have to pay Slim 4 gold sovereigns but according to him the haul from this one  silver bars will more than make up for the up-front cost.  The Arl is storing the silver he has stolen from the city in his warehouse until he can have it smuggled out of the city and you are going to steal it!

Be aware that there is a very strong and large force of high-end guards you will need to defeat, so go in prepared, with plenty of potions! 

The Calenhad Docks

On the way to the docks you have an encounter with a Drake and a bear-like demon after slaying both you will loot an item from the Drake a Drake Scale that triggers the quest Drake Scale Armor which appears in the quests list under Denerim.

There is not a lot to do at the docks, though there are some lootables and there is a Mage's Collective Agent offing the following quests:

Places of Power
Find and activate four mystical sites of power, located in the Brecillian Forest, the Deep Roads, Denerim, and the Circle Tower.

Careless Accusations
Track down and stop a small group of adventurers from giving false testimony of alleged blood magic.

Notice of Termination
Find the three apprentices and give each their notice of termination.  Two are in Denerim and the third is in Orzammer.

Thy Brother's Killer
Travel to the Brecillian Forest and slay the cabal of maleficarum.

Herbal Magic
Bring ten bundles of Deep Mushrooms to the mage's collective.

There is also a tavern here The Spoiled Princess that has a few interesting points going for it.  There is a chest inside that has one of the love letters you need to collect, there is a woman named Larana inside, who you need to tell about her husband's death for the quest Notices of Death for the Blackstone Irregulars.

Speak to the Bartender

First ask him about Brother Genitivi he claims he has never heard of him but clearly he is lying. If you ask about the impostor named Weylon, he tells you that the person you are looking for is not there and suggests that you should be on your way as soon as possible. 

If you tell him that you would like a drink that gives you access to his merchandise and he has some items you may want to buy.  There are some trap plans, a gift item (wine), and a selection of crafting supplies.  If you are low on health potions for the Supply quest you should be able to get a few from him as well.

As you exit the tavern you are attacked by a group of cultists that could not have something to do with your search for the Brother, could it?  The leader has a set of Ceremonial Armor on him that has some pretty high requirements and a negative armor effect probably not worth using in other words.

That is all for now so head over and say hello to the Templar guarding the docks now!

He actually intimidates pretty easily and willingly takes you over to the Tower despite his rough bluffing.

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Aug 4th 2012 Guest
You can persuade Sir Landry, that you may be innocent, if your skill lvl of coercion is high enough. Mine was maxed out when I met him so I'm not certain as to what level you need exactly.
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May 21st 2012 Guest
Ok I'm totally confused I've beat it as human and dwarf but I'm stuck in denerim as a elf how do I talk to my cousin in denerim!?!?!?
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Apr 27th 2011 Guest
In the warehouse there is another room blocked by something how do you get in?
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Oct 31st 2010 Guest
what about that rude women in denerim market?!
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