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Follow the dark path or use the light

Weapons Guide

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Weapons Guide

This section will discuss the game's weapons in an attempt to evaluate their individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as their overall practicality.

Plasma Cutter
Found in: Acquired through the story event.
Primary: Targeting beam in vertical orientation, fires plasma energy capable of ripping through flesh and bones without difficulty.
ALT: Changes the targeting beam in horizontal orientation
Practicality: 4/5

The plasma cutter is a handy weapon that will serve you well in the first few chapters of the game. It is very accurate and can deal instantaneous damage.

Refurbished Plasma Cutter
Found in: First store, have a completed Dead Space saved game file.
Primary: Targeting beam in vertical orientation, fires plasma energy capable of ripping through flesh and bones without difficulty.
ALT: Changes the targeting beam in horizontal orientation
Practicality: 4/5

Exactly the same stats and function of an ordinary plasma cutter, this weapon's main difference is its skin.

Javelin Gun
Found in: Chapter 2 Store
Primary: Fires a metal rod capable of impaling enemies on the wall or floor.
ALT: The metal rod discharges an electric shock capable of damaging nearby enemies.
Practicality: 3/5

The Javelin Gun's primary fire is already powerful enough to take down enemies. However, it has a slow firing rate, making it inadvisable when facing multiple and/or faster necromorphs. Its ALT fire however, can be used to deal extra damage or draw out enemies in hiding.

Line Gun
Found in: Chapter 2 Store
Primary: Fires a wide horizontal energy capable of cutting through multiple enemies.
ALT: Fires a timed mine with a large blast radius and capable of dealing heavy damage
Practicality: 4/5

Best used in corridors with less obstacles, the Line Gun can make things easier for you by cutting through several necromorph limbs in a straight line. Its weakness however, is that if its projectile hits an obstacle, the cutting power is drastically reduced.

Pulse Rifle
Schematics found in Chapter 3
Primary: Fires automatic pulse rounds
ALT: Releases a pulse grenade that explodes on impact, dealing considerable damage in a large blast area
Practicality: 5/5

This could easily become one of your main weapons all-throughout the game. It is the only automatic weapon you can get, and its explosive grenade launcher feature is a must have for almost any situation. It has pinpoint accuracy and no recoil – perfect for taking out enemies at any distance. Well-placed and timed grenade shots are also best in dealing with larger targets such as brutes and nests.

Schematics found in Chapter 5
Primary: Fires a hovering, rotating blade that can slice through multiple enemies.
ALT: Releases a high-speed disc blade
Practicality: 5/5

This weapon is unstoppable when dealing multiple enemies up close. When its duration and damage is upgraded, expect nothing that can go through you up front. Its long range ALT fire is also helpful if you want to dismember pesky enemies at a distance without changing weapons.

Detonator Gun
Schematics found in Chapter 5
Primary: Deploys a mine that releases a tripwire. Capable of sticking on walls as well.
ALT: Disables the targeted mine, making it recoverable
Practicality: 3/5

Perfect when playing hide and seek against stalkers or dealing with large necromorphs, you can lay down mines on tight corners to trap unsuspecting or aggressive enemies trying to flank you. Mines that hit the target explode on impact as well, dealing the same damage as a deployed mine.

Seeker Rifle
Schematics found in Chapter 6
Primary: Fires a high-damage shells capable of hitting targets at long ranges with pinpoint accuracy
ALT: Rifle enters in Zoomed state, allowing enhanced precision and damage.
Practicality: 2/5

The only sniper rifle in the game, this weapon boasts the ability to deliver heavy damage to enemies at long ranges. The bad news is, you'll be facing necromorphs in short-mid range most of the time, making the Seeker Rifle a bit impractical in most situations.

Schematics found in Chapter 6
Primary: Fires a steady stream of fire, igniting enemies and will continue to burn for a few more seconds, dealing extra damage
ALT: Releases an incendiary grenade
Practicality: 3/5

Good for taking out multiple enemies and stopping them on their tracks, the flamethrower might seem to be a good choice. As a downside, it uses fuel rather quickly. The flame's range is only limited so you'll need to change to a long rage weapon to deal with enemies at a distance.

Force Gun
Schematics found in Chapter 7
Primary: Fires an AoE shockwave, throwing lighter enemies off and knocking back average-sized necromorphs.
ALT: Fires a concentrated blast capable of piercing through multiple targets. Heavy damage
Practicality: 3/5

This is the weapon of choice for taking out crawlers without detonating them. For larger necros, you need to use stasis then use the gun's ALT fire to kill, since the shockwave won't be strong enough to kill them.

Contact Beam
Schematics found in Chapter 7
Primary: Fires a charged particle projectile that deals massive damage
ALT: Releases a shockwave that will knock down even larger enemies.
Practicality: 2/5

This weapon's ALT fire will certainly help you get out of tight situations thought its primary fire won't be that much of a help most of the time. You'll end up using stasis often if you want to use this massive weapon.


Comments for Weapons Guide

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29 comments, latest first.
Jun 26th 2015 Guest
pulse rifle is vgood for zero g areas allso the ripper has got me through swarms of the kiddie necros if used properly little tip on final boss use any gun except ripper when heart is exposed blast it with contact beam 3 or 4 times should do it\
ID #575934
Oct 25th 2014 Guest
A fully upgraded Contact Beam is the best weapon in the game. It's only drawbacks are its rate of fire and its expensive ammo. But its main weapon will kill the most powerful necros in a max of 2 shots. Usually just one. Its alt fire with a power node in the special circuit will knock a swarm of enemies back like the Force Gun plus stasis all of them at the same time even if you're out of stasis so you can pick them off at your leisure. You can kill the last boss in less than a minute. I carry the Plasma Cutter, Line Gun and Detonator Mines.
ID #462604
Sep 2nd 2013 Guest
Okay lets get this strait i beat the game without buying a gun... i used the plasma cutter the whole time
ID #307970
Aug 28th 2013 Guest
Tbe best gun ever is the pulser rifel and seeker rifle they are awsome once upgraded and the s eeker rifle is great for stalkers and brute necomorphs!The pulser rifle is awsome with hords and i usally upgrade it then stock up on about 600 rounds of ammo that will last me 2 chapters.The line gun is great like a shot gun on crack AND steriods.I never used the forse gun and i never really found much use for thejavlin gun. FROM:Isac {:~)

ID #307220
Feb 25th 2013 Guest
lets just say you beat the game on hardcore. The Hand Cannon has unlimited ammo. can beat most bosses by simply saying bang bang pew pew pew.
ID #258578
Feb 4th 2013 Guest
I have the force gun which can help me take down the smaller ones(the pack) and knock the other ones back long enough to switch to the other more reliable gun the plasma cutter, the pulse rifle to keep some at bay and kill other ones and the contact beam for dealing with those pesky stalkers just wait till one charges then fire at will it always gets the job done in one hit dead. and the line gun i have to say is very good too.
ID #250189
Jan 22nd 2013 Guest
I think it needs to be said. Use the flamethrower on those children necromorphs Most of the time they disappear before you can do anything to get the ammo drop, if they die from the flamethrower it drops immediately every time.
ID #245498
Jan 14th 2013 jlambertson
Everybody upgrades the plasma cutter first because it's old reliable. Then my 2nd weapon of choice is the line gun because upgraded I really feel it's the second most efficient killer in the game, second only to the contact beam. The line gun cuts and kills multiple enemies at the same time. Anybody who has been trapped in a tight space with more than one creep coming at you knows the value of that. The pulse rifle gives the player a fast continuous rate of fire so you can "spray" groups of weaker enemies. It's not very powerfull however. The most awsome weapon in the game is the contact beam but it's painfully slow unless upgraded. When fully upgraded it lets go of it's charge automatically and it is fast. Then it's almost like cheating.
ID #242602
Jan 1st 2013 Guest
I found myself mainly relying on the ripper for tight situations, and when used correctly it makes very short work of swarms and stalkers. Its alt fire was also helpful when dealing with a brute that's been put in stasis. The pulse rifle never left my side as well, since it deals with those little leech things really well and it's alt fire helped against the regenerator. I also kept the plasma cutter since it's ability to shift how it's fired helped take care of those creepy mine things. All in all, it seems the lay out of all the weapons are good if you have the right ones to back it up
ID #234285
Nov 25th 2012 Guest
I prefer the Ripper, but it is obviously a cheat weapon. It is very useful especially in the last two chapters, where the regenerator appears. I think the Contact Beam is the best weapon in the boos fight. Just my opinion. Smile
ID #212621
Nov 11th 2012 Guest
The line gum alt fire rocks. Stasis almost any of the big morphs and lay a mine......Poof!!!
ID #207545
Oct 18th 2012 Guest
Dude. Plasma Cutter refurb, all the way.

Just can't stop the feeling of slicing arms in one shot, and carrying 500 cartridges of the stuff.
ID #197863
Jul 30th 2012 Guest
I think the bottom line is that it all depends on you're playing style. Pulse rifle, Contact Beam, and Flame Thrower are my main weapons with the trusty Plasma Cutter kept handy for certain enemies. When the Regenerater makes his appearance I'm all Contact Beam while on the run, then the Pulse Rifle takes care of The Boss at the end, usually in 10 seconds or less. Contact Beam is also pretty good for killing the Regenerater in that room with the big fan.
ID #170067
Jul 2nd 2012 Guest
The reason why plasma cutter couldn't get 5/5 is it's bad for crowd control, for example in the final boss fight, it's pretty much useless unless you use it on Nicole, sure it can take out a few of the pack, but sooner or later you'll get overhelmed.
As someone has already said, the seeker rifle is underrated, I used it as my 4th gun and it's great, I had it half upgraded and it could easily kill an enchanced necromorph in 2 shots if you know how to aim, it deals such massive damage that I took out an enchanced brute's arm in 5 shots while he was in stasis - and it wasn't even fully upgraded and I wasn't using the alt firing mode. It's really a handy weapon for dealing massive damage to a few enemies and for easy dismemberment (again, if you have atleast average aim), the problem with it is that it is useless against swarms of enemies and it's alt fire is rather rarely used, cause it makes aiming difficult up front. I'd give it 4/5 because it suits it's purpose - dealing high damage to enemies close and massive damage to those afar.
As for my "weapon build", I maxed out plasma cutter first because it offers a lot of damage for easy dismemberment and can 1 shot weaker enemies. For my 2nd weapon I take the line gun. I noticed it's one of the best weapons early in the game but it gets less useful in the endgame, especially when I don't tend to upgrade it so I end up not buying ammo for it later and just using it from time to time when I run out of ammo for my other guns. #3 is of course the pulse rifle, it gives great crowd control and decent damage, but is more useful for keeping enemies at bay (that's because I don't upgrade it). I ended up buying the seeker rifle as my 4th gun and it blew my expectations. This gun is my weapon of choice and I usually walk around with it cause it can easily kill enemies in 1 or 2 shots and if a necromorph crashes trough the roof, I can be sure that it's going to be food for me, not the other way around ;D.
I guess I wrote my comment a bit (a bit? :O) too long but I just wanted to write my opinion.
ID #159403
Apr 19th 2012 Guest
The Plasma Cutter should've gotten a 5/5. ammo is dirt cheap, plentiful, and it's useful in ANY situation, including boss fights. i never could get the hang of the Ripper, but if it got a 5, no way the Cutter shouldn't get one as well.
ID #134972
Mar 19th 2012 Guest
Ripper 5/5?!?wtf it sux if there is two u have to panick and aim and the floor to get them because they get close and the blade is like 10 feet away...javelin rocks hardcore on da bed and the game...just aim..alt I
If maxed I used that ish like a pro
ID #124489
Feb 24th 2012 Guest
Contact beam is the best gun in the game hence the most expensive ammo. It kills anything with ease if you can aim . A little brain engagement in the planning sector will help.

Another Really powerful weapon (when fully upgraded especially) is the Seeker Rifle. Its well placed shots can easily ruin brutes and shred other enemies . Some might disagree with this but i guess its just preference.

The problem with the above guns is that they require some skill sooo if you cant trust your hands and reaction to destroy there are weapons such as the ripper - really a cheat weapon against all but toughest foes, even not upgraded - and linegun - really easy to use (just aim between the limbs you require cut). Both weapons get tougher when upgraded but are still slower at killing enemies than the first two.

Flamethrower and Pulse rifle - both have ability to keep enemies at bay because with every shot they stun them and due to their fast firing rate you would be able to feel safe even while being swarmed, so if you find yourself being approached by numerous enemies of different kinds these weapons might just be the "hail Mary" (flamethrower is very underrated).

Plasma cutter is just nice . Its nice to carry around because it doesn't take my space in your inventory, its nice cause its easy in use, and its nice because it packs a punch.

Javelin is a great weapon however it eats up its ammo too fast if you use the secondary attack (when fully upgraded it becomes even deadlier) but do not worry because ammo is cheap at the store (so this might be a good workhorse).

Aaaand finally - the two weapons that one could call support weapons - gravity gun and detonator - even fully upgraded they both aren't that great on their own.
Once again if you are new to shooting or just not very good and tend to get swarmed a lot then use gravity gun if not , then dont waste you inventory space and most notably - your power notes.
Detonator is actually a cool support weapon but in reality you will be moving fast enough that you wont be setting up many traps. Its grenades do some damage when planted (especially when upgraded to explode) but on contact are rather pathetic.

Everything depends on your skill... different people like different weapons because they suit their gaming style.
ID #117776
Feb 19th 2012 Guest
Frankly, I find that the plasma cutter and line gun are my go-to weapon. Fully upgraded, the line gun can kill a brute from the front in 3 or 4 shots, and its ability to tear through multiple opponents is matched by no other weapon that I know of. Also, the line is wide enough to chop all limbs off a lurker in a single shot.

I also keep the force gun, which is great for dealing with swarmers and can take a guardian down fast.

Finally, I have the contact beam, which is good for the endgame. I'm currently experimenting with its upgrade that causes those hit by its alt fire to go into stasis.
ID #116553
Feb 15th 2012 Guest
the line gun is awesome. i didn't get it yet but i heard that it can hit through 3 enemies.
ID #115285
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
Hand Cannon-A foam finger you receive after you beat the game on hardcore, like me Smile
ID #112538
Jan 27th 2012 Guest
All guns are xtremely awesome when fully upgraded. I don't think the javelin gun got enough credit. it's gotten me outa alot of tight spots. along with the force gun. i also think the seeker rifle and line gun are undercreditted.
ID #109691
Oct 2nd 2011 Guest
ID #78088
Sep 28th 2011 Guest
There isn't a "best weapon," but I recommend carrying the pulse rifle, force gun, detonator mines, and contact beam. Between the four, you can deal with every situation from chapter 1 to 14 with relative ease. The ripper and line gun are the least ineffective weapons in my opinion, since they offer VERY limited responsiveness.
ID #77134
Jul 23rd 2011 Guest
i used the pulse rifle ( isnt that good, but never fails you when your running low on ammo on other guns ) the contact beam has to be the best and most powerful gun in the game (except for plasma cutter) final boss in 8 shots including hurting nicole and killing the pack, the javelin is very good at the start and half way through the game but the stalkers in chapter 9 ( when you vs the guardian straight before exitting the room) is the last time you can kill the stalkers with 1 shot,
plasma cutter is by far the best gun available and once fully upgraded, with the regenerators its impossible to get touched, i used the plasma cutter for the first 5 chapters easy as
the 4 guns above should get the best ratings because they are pretty much the strongest and most ammo efficient guns in the game
ID #60590
Jul 1st 2011 Guest
seeker rifle is a powerful weapon
ID #53772
Jun 26th 2011 Guest
A fully upgraded javelin could kill the boss in 10secs.
ID #52328
May 9th 2011 Guest
the contact beam is perfect for killing the final boss,and when it is fully upgraded it can kill the final boss with a few shots.
ID #42204
Feb 25th 2011 Forgoten_Scars
Don't see the Hand Cannon~ ;D
ID #30493
Feb 14th 2011 Guest
the Contact Beam is a great weapon. It can kill a brute on medium difficulty in 2-3 shots. its my trump card, i love that gun! it needs much more then a 2/5. Note: the end boss/phase is a breeze with this gun and about 15 rounds.
ID #29211