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Follow the dark path or use the light

Schematics Locations

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Schematics Locations

The main walkthrough in this guide will come across all schematics. In case you missed some, you may refer to this section for some general directions leading to them. Since most of them are inside secured supply rooms, it pays to carry at least one power node with you always.

Chapter 1
Elite Engineering Suit (Available in New Game , any difficulty)
Found on the seat in the same room of the first store.

Chapter 2
Power Node
 Found inside the first locked storage room, by the save point and past the walkalator.

Stasis Pack
 Found in the empty tracks in the tram platform.

Stasis Pack


Chapter 3
Pulse Rifle
 After surviving the derailment, check the shelves in the back of the train wreckage.

Pulse Rifle


Javelin Spears
 Near the end of Chapter 4, where the viewing deck is, you'll find the schematic on the floor behind the table and a chair. This on the left side of the marker replica.


Chapter 4
Security Suit
 Found on top of the shelf at the back of the security room.


Chapter 5
 Found in the room where you need to turn off the gravity drive.

Medium Health Pack
 Shortly after turning off the gravity drive, you'll need to exit to the other side. The schematics is just  floating around in the middle.


Line Racks
 After falling down from the maintenance vent, you'll the schematics on the next room, by the shelf.

Line Racks


Detonator Gun
 This one is hard to miss since its in the same with a savepoint and other goodies.

Detonator Gun


Chapter 6

Seeker Rifle
 Check the balcony outside the room containing the chapter's first save station.


Seeker Rifle


Pulse Rounds
 After meeting Ellie for the first time, check the farthest seats in the mezzanine to find the schematics  on the floor.

After clearing the gymnasium, find this schematic on the next classroom.

Elite Vintage Suit (New Game only)
 After reaching the transport hub, check the displayed rig to the left to find the schematics on the  floor.

Chapter 7

Ripper Blades
When you reach the large, zero-g area where you need to push the elevator up by shooting the thrusters underneath it, find the schematics lying on the floor at the bottom.

Force Gun
After the elevator sequence, you'll find yourself in a circular catwalk with cyst-laden lockers on both sides. One of these lockers contain the schematics.

Contact Beam
In the corridor leading to the Solar Panel Control Pod (and after the previously locked-down mainframe room), you'll find a secured supply storage room beside a save point in the far end of the corridor. You'll find the schematics inside.

Chapter 8

Vintage Suit
Inside the Operations Control Room (the small room near the starting point and where you'll get attacked by four necromorphs) is a secured storage room. The schematics are found inside.

Detonator Rounds
After meeting up with Stross and Ellie, exit to the large machine room. The schematics is on the floor, beside the corpse to your immediate left.

Large Med Pack
After meeting up with Stross and Ellie again near the end of the chapter, find the schematics on the shelf behind.

Chapter 9

Flame Fuel
After the small room with a breakable partition window, you'll find a narrow corridor with two ramps. The first ramp has two deployed mines. Destroy the mines then remove the barricades to the right to find the schematics on the floor, beside the dead body.

Seeker Shells
After clearing the large warehouse of stalkers, you'll find a guardian by the elevator. Check behind it to find some items and the schematics

Chapter 10

Force Energy
In the zero-G, centrifuge area, you'll find it on the ground below.


Force Energy


Chapter 11

Contact Energy
In the vacuum area where you need to move the lasers away from the shaft, hover to the right side of the shaft to find the schematics floating near the window.

Author's Note: I initially missed this schematic but for some reason, it was added to the first store I've accessed in Chapter 13 WITHOUT having the schematic at all. My brother who was playing on a separate file also confirmed that he got this even when he missed the schematic in Chapter 11.

Advanced Suit
After the spacewalk, you'll be in mining hall. Follow the catwalk to Mining Hall B door. There will be a secured storage to the right. You'll find the schematics there.

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Mar 21st 2015 Guest
THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST GAMES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jan 27th 2012 Daniel947
What about the newgame+ armor schematics?
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