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Achievements / Trophies
Dead Space 2

Achievements / Trophies

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Achievement and Trophies

This section will feature some help and pointers on how to unlock various achievements in the game. Self-explanatory and story-related achievements are excluded. In case you're not familiar with the enemy types, you may want to check this guide's Enemy List to know the different types of necromorphs you'll have to deal with. You can also access the in-game Achievement list which will also keep track of your progress in some achievements. We've only dealt with achievements, but unlocking the corresponding trophies shobe similar.

Mission Impossible (50G)
Complete the game on Zealot setting

Romper Stomper (25G)
Stomp 10 Containers

Vacuum Cleaner (30G)
Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked out yourself.
You must not get sucked out yourself for the kills to count. If you're getting dragged out to the vacuum, shoot the red triangle to close the blast doors. Alternately, you can shoot the window from a distance and immediately take cover to avoid getting sucked out. Using the Line Gun's ALT fire near the window then taking cover will help as well.

Made Us Whole (10G) 
Complete the game on any difficulty setting

Frozen in Time (10G) 
Kill 50 Necromorphs while they are in Stasis (single player only)
As long as the enemy is hit by your stasis and glows blue when you kill it, it will count. Upgraded stasis will help unlocking this achievement faster. This can be done along with Think Fast achievement if you kill the enemy using a kinesis object while it's in stasis.

First Aid (10G) 
Use Quick Heal ten times (single player only)
Quick heal by pressing B. Isaac will automatically use the more potent health pack (medium pack over the small pack)

Epic Dismemberment (50G)
Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)
Just dismember every necromorph you encounter and you'll be able to unlock this achievement in one, if not, two playthroughs. Stomping on intact necromorph (human bodies, obviously do not count) corpses will also count so make it a habit to squash any necromorph you kill along the way.

…And Stay Down (10G) 
Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single player only)
Best way to “create” crawling enemies is by dismembering their legs then kill them by stomping. Stasis may be needed for slowing down fast enemies like slashers.

Think Fast (15G)
Kill 30 Necromorphs with Kinesis objects
Use rods and other items scattered to kill enemies using kinesis. Upgrading your rig's DMG stat will also increase the damage done by thrown kinesis objects. You can get the kill counts along with the Frozen in Time achievement if you put the target in stasis mode before shooting a kinesis object towards it.

The Nanny (10G) 
Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them
Crawlers are the explosive babies that you'll first encounter in the Nursery/ School section of Chapter 6. You need to behead them to kill them without detonating their explosive sacs. You can also use the Force Gun to kill them instantly, without detonating them.

You can maximize your crawler kills for the first time by luring them to the door, opening it and standing by it. The crawlers won't follow you to the door but will clump together in one side of the room. From there, you can safely pick them off accurately. Refer to the video below for more info.


Daycare Bug


C-Section (10G) 
Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with Primary Fire before it stands up
First, obtain the schematics for the Contact Beam in Chapter 7, in the locked supply room right after the mainframe room where you can get the Peng Treasure.

Once equipped and loaded, use its ALT fire to knock down an enemy then immediately use stasis to ensure that it doesn't stand up immediately.


C-Section Achievement


Going for Distance (20G)
Impale an enemy and make him fly through the air for 17 meters – it must stick to the surface
You can use a kinesis object or the necromorph's own limb (e.g slasher) to pin it on the wall.


Going for Distance


Taste of your own Medicine (20G)
TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface using a Slasher's arm – it must stick to the surface
The best way to do this is by using stasis on a charging slasher, then shoot off its arm. Immediately use kinesis on the arm and shoot it back to the slasher. Make sure that you're facing a nearby wall to impale it. Upgrading the duration of the stasis and rig's DMG (kinesis damage) will help but not entirely necessary.

It's a Trap! (20G)
Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state
The schematics for the Detonator Gun is found near the end of Chapter 5, after the elevator ride out of the Church of Unitology. Its inside the same office where you can find the savepoint.
It's easier to do this against enemies that aggressively charge towards you. (e.g slashers, stalkers) Straight, tight corridors and bottlenecks are also a good spot to lure enemies towards the mines that you'll deploy. Take note that you can deploy the mines on walls as well. Only mine kills will count; if a mine disables an enemy and you kill the limping necrom by any other means, then it won't count.

Necro Flambé (10G) 
Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower
The Flamethrower schematics is found in the backroom of the classroom right after the gymnasium in Chapter 6. This is before you reach the small playground leading to the exit.

Peek a Boo! (20G)
Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode
(The Seeker Rifle schematics is found at the start of Chapter 6, just outside of the room containing the chapter's first save point. )
You can shoot a stalkers head as it peeks from its cover. If one is rushing towards you, putting it in stasis is imperative. Just zoom in and kill it to earn the achievement.


Peek a Boo Achievement


Brute Juke (10G)
Kill a Brute without taking damage
There are many ways to kill a brute but the most effective (that worked for me at least) is using stasis Javelin's ALT fire.

Brute Juice Achievement


Shoot the Limbs! (10G) 
Dismember 25 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)

Bouncing Betty (10G) 
Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back
A Cyst will react to a nearby body so you can trigger it pre-maturely by throwing something towards it and immediately grabbing the mine it releases. Alternately, you can just approach it yourself, grab the mine, walk afar then throw it back to unlock the achievement. I was a bit careless in the video though but hey, the achievement matters right?


Bouncing Betty Achievement


You can also do this later in Chapter 7, after the elevator sequence. There's some stasis capsules that you can throw to the nearby cysts, slowing them down. It will be much easier to unlock this achievement using this method.


Bouncing Betty Achievement (Alternate Method)


Skewered in Space (15G)
Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow out
It doesn't matter if you get sucked out; as long as you impale a necromorph to the fragile glass, causing it to break, you'll get the achievement


Skewered in Space Achievement


Hard to the Core (50G)
Complete the game on Hard Core setting

Clean Cut (10G) 
Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot (single player only)
Lurkers are those tentacled babies that love to crawl on walls. They can shoot projectiles at a distance as well. Since you can't change the orientation of the Line Gun, you need to shoot them while they're on the ground. As usual, using stasis to slow them down will be very helpful so you can have a steady aim and sever the tentacles in one shot.


Clean Cut Achievement


Lawnmower Man (10G)
Kill 4 enemies with the same Ripper blade
Best used against those pesky packs of necromorph kids that swarm at you. Upgrading the Ripper's duration and damage is helpful but not necessary.


Kids Gone Crazy


Fully Loaded (50G)
Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons
It is suggested that you exploit the Unlimited Power Nodes trick.

The Sampler Platter (20G)
Kill a Necromorph with every Weapon in the game (single player only).
You need to kill a necromorph using the weapons listed below. Kills also count if you happen to use a DLC or non-retail versions of the weapons. Most weapons need schematics to unlock them on the store. Schematic locations are already revealed along the way in the main walkthrough. Check the Schematics section for more details.

Plasma Cutter: Default
Javelin Gun: Available in the store in Chapter 2
Line Gun: Available in the store in Chapter 2
Pulse Rifle: Chapter 3
Ripper: Chapter 5
Detonator: Chapter 5
Seeker Rifle: Chapter 6
Flame-thrower: Chapter 6
Force Gun: Chapter 7
Contact Beam: Chapter 7

Lightspeed de Milo (10G)
Dismember the Lightspeed Boy Statue
You have two chances to do this; first is when you first visit the shopping area of the station in Chapter 3. The second time is when you meet Ellie for the first time in Chapter 6.


Lightspeed de Milo Achievement


Looking good (10G)
Purchase the Advanced Suit
Find the schematic in Chapter 11, after your little space walk to re-align the space lasers. Head inside the office, and walk across the catwalk. It is inside the emergency supply room that can be unlocked with a power node.

Fully Outfitted (30G)
Upgrade your RIG and Stasis completely
You may want to sell extra ammo, semi-conductors and other unneeded stuff to earn credits and purchase more power nodes to get this achievement early. If not, you'll have to resort to the Unlimited Power Node trick.

Picking favorites (30G)
Upgrade 1 Weapon completely
You may want to sell extra ammo, semi-conductors  and other unneeded stuff to earn credits and purchase more power nodes to get this achievement early. If not, you'll have to resort to the Unlimited Power Node trick.

The Engineer (10G) 
Collect 10 Schematics
Weapon, ammo and armor schematics count. Refer to the Schematics Location section for details.

My Boom Stick (20G)
Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun's Alt-Fire (single player only)
Best done when attacked by the pack for the first time in Chapter 3, in the long hallway. Shoot the Line Gun's mine and run towards it to lure the enemies. Make sure you're at a safe distance to avoid getting hit by the explosion. If you seem to be having problems timing the explosion, you can just plant the mine then stay near its blast radius. You'll suffer damage but it won't kill you. After getting the achievement, just restart the checkpoint to start again with full HP.


My Boom Stick Achievement


Shock Therapy (10G)
Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 3 others (single player only)
Best done when attacked by the pack for the first time in Chapter 3, in the long hallway. Shoot a Javelin spear on a pack then run towards it to lure the enemies. Trigger the electrical shock to kill all nearby enemies. Make sure you're at a safe distance to avoid getting electrocuted yourself.


Shock Therapy Achievement


Collect Peng (20G)
Find the Peng treasure
Finding this unique treasure requires some minor tinkering and strategy. It is found in Chapter 7, after getting locked out by ANTI, the AI. First, you need to activate re-route then take the maintenance vent. This will take you to the mainframe room. Remove the GRIP covers, grab the blocks and place them in the panel to the left. Take note that the color of the block must turn blue. Just place all blocks until they all turn blue. Look behind you to reveal a new re-route panel. Activate it and the maintenance vent will take you directly to the Peng treasure, along with other goodies.

See the video below for more details.


Peng Treasure Achievement


The Librarian (10G)
Collect 100 logs
Take note that story-related logs do count but it won't hurt collecting the scattered audio and text logs along the way to bolster your collection. You can get it early, provided that you're collecting all those collectible logs you can find.

The Electrician (10G) 
Collect 10 Semiconductors
Semi-conductors are usually found inside emergency supply rooms (requires power node to open) or dropped by major necromorphs such as guardians, brutes or nests. You don't need to keep them in your inventory or storage; even if you sell them as soon as you find them, they will count towards the achievement.

Secret Achievements

The Fugitive (50G)
Escape the Facility
Cross your Heart, Hope to Die (30G)
Survive the Eye Poke Machine
The Final Sacrifice (50G)
Destroy the Marker
Clever Girls (10G)
Survive your first encounter with Stalkers
Torment Me No More (20G)
Kill the Tormenter
The Graduate (20G)
Win the fight at the School
Patient on the Loose (15G)
Get your first Suit
Derailed (20G)
Survive the Train Sequence
One Small Step (10G)
Get through the first Zero-G area
Hornet's Nest (30G)
Destroy the Tripod Nest
Operation! (15G)
Snare the Shard with the Ishimura
Knock Knock (25G)
Complete the Drill Ride
Elevator Action (15G)
Knock off every Tripod during the Elevator Sequence
Shut Down (10G)
Defeat the AI
Powered Up (15G)
Complete the Solar Array Puzzle

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