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1:1 Welcome to Banoi
Dead Island

1:1 Welcome to Banoi

Dead Island Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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1:1 Welcome to Banoi

Passport to Life
Bring the security keycard to the lifeguard tower from the Bungalow #11
400 XP, Nail D' Mod,

Once in control, you'll gain one level and one SP that you can use to purchase one upgrade. Next, talk to Sinamoi to receive a new quest. (Passport to Life). Head to the back room and talk to Steven to receive another quest (The Lost). (see the sidequests section of this guide for individual walkthroughs of all sidequests)

Head out and you can track the main quest for now. You can explore the nearby areas to find more weapons and other items. Weapons degrade very quickly so it is wise to stock up with as many spare weapons as you can. Continue following the path and kill enemies along the way. You may encounter a survivor in the middle of the bloody pool. Ignore or talk to him, then enter the bungalow nearby.

You can find a collectable (Tape #01 Starting the Investigation) on the small table near the books. Break the door open then continue to the bedroom. There's a walker zombie inside the bathroom so kill it then recover the security card on top of the table. Make your way back to Sinamoi and hand him the card to complete the quest.

Go to the Lifeguard Tower and get rid of all the undead in the area.
600xp, Homemade Cleaver

Talk to Sinamoi again to start another quest. Follow the main path to the beach. You'll eventually encounter a survivor inside a truck surrounded by zombies. Kill them all to rescue the man and earn 500 exp.


Beach Rescue


Follow the man inside the supply shack and grab another collectable on the desk. (Banoi Herald Excerpt #2) There's also a good amount of cash inside the cash register. There's also a workbench inside where you can upgrade, repair or create modified weapons. Continue following the path until you reach the Lifeguard Tower. Clear all enemies and finally open the door to find a brute zombie inside. Using blunt weapons will stagger the enemy for a few seconds and it will be open after it swings its arms. Use these chances to deal further damage. Just move back in between its attacks to avoid getting damaged.




Continue inside and continue clearing the building. There's a workbench by the garage and another collectable further inside (Banoi Herald Excerpt # 3) by the counter, beside the LCD monitor. Continue upstairs and open the hatch. Kill all the zombies there then finally, contact Sinamoi to complete the quest.

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ID #417371 | Jul 12th 2014 Guest
Apparently there's another zombie in this building but I cnt find it :( please hell
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