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Enemies Guide
Dead Island

Enemies Guide

Dead Island Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Enemies Guide

The undead are everywhere. And to make matters worse, they come in different types and sizes. Knowing the different enemies you’ll have to face in order to survive the zombie outbreak is essential to your survival. This section will introduce you to the various foes you’ll need to overcome - both living and undead, and also show some basic methods of fighting them.

These are the common enemies you’ll find throughout the island. They’re usually in groups and have slow-moderate speed. They are dangerous in groups so try to avoid getting surrounded by them. They have the tendency to grab you and while you’re struggling, other undead will attack and damage you.

Be careful when dealing with burning walkers since you'll get hurt with their fire if they come too close. Also, don't bother shooting the bodies of armor-clad walkers as these won't stop them on their tracks.

Some of them are also known to use weapons which they brandish around. They are also known to throw these weapons with frightening accuracy. Best stop their tracks using well-placed kicks then plow them down with your weapons or finish them with stomps. Decapitating them and blowing their heads off also works wonders.

Infected and Walker Killing

They are fast, agile and extremely vicious. You will know if they’ve spotted you once you hear a bone-chilling shriek. They are easy to deal with alone. Just kick them to stop them on their tracks and stagger them, before cutting their head off or cracking their heads open. They are also known to climb rooftops, robbing you of your only safe solace.

Be careful however, when several infecteds are attacking at once. They can easily go in frenzy, clawing and swinging their arms multiple times, dealing continuous damage or instant death if you ever get cornered. When facing several infected, you’re only hope is either using your Fury skill or kicking and swinging your weapon like crazy. They should be priority targets especially if they attack alongside with a mob of walkers.

These are larger version of walkers and they are almost, always solitary. They can deal solid damage which can knock you off your feet. When facing them, always take out the smaller fries first and stay out of its range. It is easier to take down alone.

One good strategy when dealing with these rotten muscular freaks is by using blunt or sharp weapons. Blunt weapons can break its arms while sharp weapons can cut them off, promptly lowering its threat level. A thug however, will attempt to headbutt you, which will still deal considerable damage. You can just perform a hit-and-run attack. Rush in, land a hit or two, then jump away before his arms hit you.

Thug Killing

Do not ever, ever attack it using melee weapons or by kicking it. Its explosion is powerful enough to tear a group of walkers to shreds and even deal massive damage against hulking rams. Fortunately, these type of volatile undead are not that common. It’s better to take them out using guns or thrown weapons. In case you don’t have a ranged weapon or you’re somewhat feeling lazy in throwing your weapon, you can just promptly get near it to “light its fuse” then quickly move back to a safer distance. If ever you’re facing one in an enclosed space, hide behind a wall or something sturdy to protect you from the explosion. You can also use them to cause collateral damage to their fellow zombies and make your job easier.

Suicider Killing

This bloated, ranged undead is capable of shooting corrosive liquid at a considerable range. They are very weak against melee attacks and can be easily dealt with by charging towards them and slashing the hell out of them. Just be careful of their continuous stream of corrosive liquid. This is their only way of protecting themselves up close. Just move behind it and you shouldn't take that much damage. These enemies are common in the jungle area of the island, especially near bodies of water.

Floater Killing

These crazed tanks are known to charge towards any survivor. As long as you’re dealing with them alone, they’re probably as easy as walkers to take down. Lure a Ram then let it lock on to you. Once it started its charge, evade and rush towards it while it has its back exposed. This is its only weapon point so land 2-3 hits and jump away before it kicks you. Repeat the same process until its dead. With a strong weapon, you can take down a ram with only two repetitions. Rams are also known to follow you in stairs or even tight spaces. Don't let this happen or you'll be in trouble.

Ram Killing

These are tougher and more dangerous versions of infected. They are fast and agile, and they can perform leaping attacks that can catch you off guard or a series of damaging blows that can easily rip you to shreds. You can stop its charge by kicking it then slashing while its staggers. Just remember to use backsteps often; this is probably hard in tight, confined spaces. If you see some infected tagging along with a butcher, pray hard or use your fury skill.

Butcher Killing 1

Butcher Killing 2

Punks, Gang Leaders and Looters
These are human opportunists which will promptly attack anyone and anything on sight. They are commonly encountered in the slums of Moresby, inside barricaded positions. They are usually armed with guns but you’ll also encounter some wielding wooden planks and other weapons. These human enemies spawn regularly in their designated barricaded locations, making them cheap sources of guns and ammo.

Dealing with the firearm wielding ones are easy, as long as you have guns as well. However, melee-wielding punks are dangerous. Kicks don't stop easily so you need to swing your weapon and hopefully your swipe kills them before they hit you.

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