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Follow the dark path or use the light


Skulls Location Guide

Dead Island Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Skulls Location Guide

Skulls are another set of collectibles in the game which will allow you to craft Developer mods. These are very powerful weapons which requires some basic materials, a lot of money and diamonds. Diamonds can be acquired by doing the continuous/ repeatable quest with Svetlana in the “Time for Booze” quest. You need to give her champagne, which can be farmed from the Supermarket or the Hotel’s kitchen area. The actual farming process will definitely take a while but it is worth it since you’ll also get XP and cash along the way.

After finding a skull, you need to find its “drop-off” location where you can place and activate it to receive the blueprint. This section will show you where to get the skulls and where to place them.

The stats seem to be randomized or refreshed whenever you preview and cancel a developer mod. Use this trick to get a weapon with higher stats.

Brown Skull
This can be acquired early in the game during the main quest “Black Hawk Down”. After escorting Nikolai to the bunker, look for a small manhole to the right of the workbench. If you forgot to get this earlier, you can just fast travel to Resort Bunker #2.

Enter the manhole and you'll reach the other bunker in the northern beach. Kill the suicider in the room and the skull should be among the pile of corpses on the floor.

Brown Skull Location

Now return to the previous bunker and fast travel to the lifeguard tower. Mark and head to this location:

Watch the video below to learn how to reach the altar where you need to put the brown skull and get your reward.

Brown Skull Drop

Green Skull
Put a marker on this location and head there. Watch the video below to learn how to find the green skull.

Green Skull Location

You need to backtrack to the Supermarket to get to the drop off location. You can do that by following these series of videos.

Slums to City Hall

Backtrack to Supermarket

Look for the part in the supermarket with liquors. Behind it is an aisle clay pots and next to it is an aisle of teddy bears.

Green Skull Drop

Blue Skull
To find the purple skull, you need to start the Uninvited Guest quest. Put a marker on this location and head there. This location is nearest to the warehouse so you can start from there instead.

Kill all the enemies inside until you reach the second floor. After dropping off the purple skull on the kitchen, check out the bathroom just across it then smash the glass cover of the shelf containing the Blue skull.

Purple Skull Drop and Blue Skull Location

To find the drop off, mark this location and head there:

If its your first time to go there, you may encounter Jose Garcia. Rescue him to receive some ammo and this bunker that was previously locked should be open. Go inside the find a workbench and another blueprint.

Blue Skull Drop part 1

Back track a bit then look for a manhole on the floor. Enter it then climb the ladder. Grab a LPG tank there then place it on the locked door. Shoot it to blow the door open and place the skull on the marked wall inside.

Blue Skull Drop part 2

Orange Skull
(Quest: Supermarket Journey)
After reaching the supermarket cellar, fight your way inside until you reach the first staircase. Check the pushcart behind it to find the skull.

Orange Skull Location

In case you missed this during your main quest to the supermarket, you can still return – however, it will be a dangerous and troublesome trek. You need to return to take the sewers to the City Hall, then take the sewers again leading to the Supermarket.

Watch the video below to learn how to backtrack to the city hall:

Slums to City Hall

Backtrack to Supermarket

After entering the sewers again leading to the supermarket, climb the only ladder in the area to find that the previously blocked door is already open. Just go inside the find the shrine where you can place the orange skull.

Orange Skull Drop

In case the orange skull is still not in your possession, continue following the path. It is pretty much straightforward so you can just move along until you reach the next door leading to the supermarket.

City Hall to Supermarket

Skull Purple
(Quest:  Bitter Return)
On your way out through the sewers, you'll finally encounter a room with a floater and some toxic drums. Climb the only ladder there to find a small shrine on the upper level. You'll have a second chance during the main quest “Lady in Trouble”.

Purple Skull Location

To drop off the purple skull, you need to start the Uninvited Guest quest. Put a marker on this location and head there. This location is nearest to the warehouse so you can start from there instead.