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Dead Island Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Total: 12


Recording #1
Starting the Investigation
During the quest “Passport to Life”, you'll find this on the table.

Recording #2
Meeting the Informant

Recording #3
Chaos in the Streets



Recording #4
Hiding in the Slums
During the quest Third Head of Cerberus, you'll find this on the corpse beside the third speaker.

Recording #5
Message for the Family
Inside the electronics shop, on the shelf. The electronics shop is marked in your map during the quest Radio Gaga.

Recording #6
A City in Ruins
Found as soon as you reach the police station during the quest “Lady in Trouble”. While in the underground parking lot, look for a dead cop near the door. The recording should be lying beside him.


Recording #7
Heading to the Jungle
After reaching the River Village, its on Mutatero's table.

Recording #8
Something Big is Coming

Recording #9
The Lab
After reaching the lab, its on the desk before Dr. West's lab.


Recording #10
The Prison
As soon as you reach the prison, look for it on the bench.

Recording #11
Documenting The Symptoms
After going up the second staircase with some supplies and workbench, enter the first ward to the left and find the recording on the bed. ID#093 should be in the desk nearby.

Recording #12
It's Covered In Blood
After getting Recording #11, exit the ward and you should find a sitting corpse in the middle of the fork. The last recording can be found beside him.

Note: In my gamesave, I can't pick up the damn thing so I thought it was probably glitched. After quitting the game and reloading it and even restarting the console, I am still unable to pick it up so be warned.


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Apr 29th 2013 zany2000
hi. im playing this game and where are the lockpicks please
ID #278699
May 27th 2015 Guest
lockpicks are in your skill trees when you get skill points
ID #561940