Banoi Herals Excerpts

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by vhayste  

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Banoi Herals Excerpts

Total: 40


Banoi Herald #1
After reaching the beach house with other survivors. You can grab this before heading outside. If you missed it the first time around, you can go back here:

Banoi Herald #2
In the surfboard rental shop, on the table.

Banoi Herald #3
In the counter in the first floor of the Lifeguard Tower

Banoi Herald #4

Banoi Herald #5

Banoi Herald #6

Banoi Herald #8

Banoi Herald #9

Banoi Herald #10

Banoi Herald #11
Inside the bunker leading to the jungle, on the shelf of the workbench. The bunker's door can be blown open during the main mission “Devastator”.

Banoi Herald #12

Banoi Herald #13
(Quest: Born to be Wild) Inside the medical room where you'll get the morphine, on the table.

Banoi Herald #14
(Quest: Born to be Wild) After giving the morphine to Ken, you'll be asked to go to the Security Room. You'll find a small office after opening the new door. The herald should be on the desk.

Banoi Herald #15
During the quest Born to be Wild, in the small corner after the hotel's kitchen area.

Banoi Herald #16
During the quest Born to be Wild, inside the pantry of the hotel.


Banoi Herald #17

Banoi Herald #18
2nd floor of the church

Banoi Herald #19

Banoi Herald #20

Banoi Herald #21

Banoi Herald #22
During the quest A New Broom Sweeps Clean, after entering the house, look immediately to your right to find it.

Banoi Herald #23
In the bathroom, during the quest In Cold Blood

Banoi Herald #24
(Quest: Bitter Return)
Inside the workbench room, in the third floodgate leading to the exit.

Banoi Herald #25
They say this is in the manager's room but I wasn't able to find it. I've read in several forums that other players seems to have the same problem as well. Probably a glitch.

Banoi Herald #26
In the security room of the supermarket

Banoi Herald #27
Quest: Supermarket Journey
After breaking open a door that leads to a small kitchen. Find the excerpt on the table.

Banoi Herald #28
Quest: Lady in Trouble
Police station, 3rd floor, on the table in the second room.

Banoi Herald #29
Quest: Lady in Trouble
Police station, On the table of the room just past the prison cells.

Banoi Herald #30
Quest: Welcome to the Jungle
Inside the bus hanging by the broken bridge

Banoi Herald #31
On the table near the workbench. Be careful since this spot spawns 4-5 smugglers.

Banoi Herald #32
Quest: Soldier of Fortune


Banoi Herald #33
I can't find this one myself but according to Wiki, it should be around this place. Like #25, this seems to be glitched as well. This doesn't really matter since you don't need to find ALL collectables to get the corresponding trophies. This only matters if you're a strict completionist.

Banoi Herald #34
Quest: Rotting Flesh
Inside the same room where you need to retrieve the tissue samples

Banoi Herald #35
In the same living quarter where you'll find the questgiver Connor.

Banoi Herald #36
Quest: Rats in the Lab
Inside the first room to the right, on the desk at the back.

Banoi Herald #37
Quest: River Trip
After meeting Will, check the bathroom behind him


Banoi Herald #38
Quest: Chasing the White Rabbit
After finding Recording #12, find the small ward to the right. See the video below for more details. This area is past the second stairwell with supplies and workbench.

Banoi Herald #38

Banoi Herald #39
Quest: Full Metal Jacket
On your way to the senior guard's office, look on the floor beside near some chairs.

Banoi Herald #40
Quest: River Trip
On the table, inside the laboratory lobby


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What about #7?

Added 13th Sep 2015, ID #608160

Banoi herald #25. The managers office is across from the door where you fight the 1st gang you fight in market. You have to kill the 2 dead cops.

Added 11th Sep 2015, ID #607223

dony understand how to make weapons

Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #117581