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09 - Magic Theatre
Condemned 2: Bloodshot

09 - Magic Theatre

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Condemned 2 Guide
Mission 09: Magic Theatre

Your first task is to defeat Ethan's alcohol demon. Once the demon has been dealt with, you'll no longer need to consume alcohol to steady your aim. The demon isn't too hard to take down; hit him with a Sprint Attack as he charges towards you and then hit him while he's down to end it. When that's over and done with, climb up the stairs behind the counter and head through the double door at the top. You have to pull a couple of levers to gain access to the Ticketmaster.

Alcohol Demon


There are two elevators on opposite ends of the walkway; each will bring you to one of the levers. Step into one of the elevators and you will be contacted by Rosa. Ask “See anything about the Oro's purpose, their objective?” to earn a Perfect rating. Afterwards, step out of the elevator and pull the lever in that area and then take the elevator back up to the walkway. Defeat the two women that were attached to the wheels on either side of the elevator and then make your way to the elevator at the opposite end of the walkway. Defeat the two women there too and then step inside the elevator. Pull the lever in this area to gain access to the Ticketmaster.



Emitter (1/1): Attached to a pillar in the area that the eastern elevator (refer to your GPS) brings you to. It's on the pillar to your right as soon as you step out of the elevator. Can't miss it.


Antenna (1/1): The radio is sitting on one of the cases in the area that the western elevator (refer to your GPS) brings you to. When you step out of the elevator, turn right and move behind the bunch of cases visible in the distance to spot it.


When both levers have been pulled, return to the walkway and down the stairs that lead to the Ticketmaster in the middle of the room. Push the three swords around his cage into him to spawn some enemies. Fight off the enemies and then proceed through the doorway behind the Ticketmaster's cage. You will be contacted by Rosa again when you step through the doorway. First, ask “Are you suggesting this organization is responsible for all that's wrong in the city?” and then “Does he describe how Sonic Generation works?” to receive a Perfect rating.


Field Kit

After, turn either left or right and move down the corridor in this direction. Go through the double door that opens up and approach the stage. The two Player Response prompts in this mission occur here, so be ready. Step onto the stage and wait for the curtains to be drawn.

Boss Battle -- First kill the woman that hops off of the wheel and then move over to the case at the far end of the stage. To defeat this guy, you'll have to throw a bottle at him while he's on one of the three pedestals surrounding the stage. He will disappear when the bottle hits and reappear on one of the other pedestals. When he reappears in the platform above the spike table, pull the lever next to it to defeat him.



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