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04 - Doll Factory
Condemned 2: Bloodshot

04 - Doll Factory

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Condemned 2 Guide
Mission 04: Doll Factory

At the start of the mission, examine the map to the right of the door and select “Walker Doll Factory” from the list of options for a Perfect rating. Afterwards, head through the door and go down the stairs.

Factory Map

Tank Room

Forensics -- There are six tanks in this area which you must identify. Each tank is either a mixing tank or a settling tank. Check out the poster above the table that's across from the stairs that you used to enter the area to learn the difference between the two. As you can see, the mixing tanks are connected to pipes, while the settling tanks are not. There are four mixing tanks and two settling tanks (one of which is tipped over, so examine its lid instead). Identify the six tanks correctly and send the results to Le Rue to earn a Perfect rating.

Tank Info.

Mixing and Settling Tanks

When you're ready to move on, make your way to the area behind the three mixing tanks and head up the set of stairs there. Start across the catwalk and examine the controls that you come to. There's a lock on the controls, but Le Rue suggests that the manager must have written the combination down somewhere in his office, which is located at the very end of the catwalk. Once in the manager's office, select the UV Light from the Forensic Tools menu and flash it next to the stack of packaged dolls to reveal the combination printed on the wall. The padlock combo is 17-23-10.

Door Controls

Padlock Combination

Enter the combination to release the controls and then use the controls to open the rollup door below. Do whatever you can to avoid the demonic dolls that crawl under the door, as hitting one will cause it to explode. Either throw a weapon at the doll from a safe distance, or get close enough to the doll so that it will arm itself, then back away from it to avoid taking damage from the explosion. Duck under the rollup door to enter the next area. Be ready to press the Player Response button when the prompt appears. Make your way to the back of this area and enter the Ventilation Control Room. Push aside the steel shelf and crawl through the vent.

Antenna (1/2): Once you're out of the vent, turn right to spot the radio on a workbench.


Assembly Line

Proceed through the door across from the vent. Be careful, though, as there are a couple of rioters in this room. Take them out, then make your way to the other end of the room and head through the door there. There are more of those demonic dolls in this area, so remain vigilant. Walk along the conveyer belt and open the flap at its end. Close the flap again once you're through, then open the flap across from it, head through, and close that flap again. With both flaps in place, hit the switch on the nearby pillar to start the conveyer belt. Now walk along the outside of the belt until you reach some shooting flames. Stall here until one of the boxes on the now operational conveyer belt is about to reach the fire. Move past the fire while it's being blocked by one of the doll boxes to make it safely across.

Conveyer Controls


Emitter (1/3): Walk to the end of the hall that's beyond the shooting flames and go through the door on the right. Move past the first stack of boxes and you should be able to see the emitter attached to the wall to your left.


At the end of the hall that is beyond the fire, step through the door on the left. Activate Antenna (2/2) in the corner at the far end of the room and then head through the nearby door. Slowly walk down this hall, because about midway down a burning man will break through the wall and run towards you. Quickly hit him with your melee weapon, or simply run away so as not to be set ablaze yourself. After that incident, make your way to the end of the hall and turn the valve there to cut off the gas. Proceed through the opening created by the burning man and climb to the top of the stairs.



Safety Foreman's Office

To make it any further you'll need to fetch a gas mask from the Safety Foreman's office, The entrance to the office is blocked by some junk, but there are a couple of propane tanks propped up against the door that can be used to clear the way. Search the room for a container that has one of those demonic dolls in it and take a doll from it. Aside from being downright creepy, these dolls also explode shortly after being thrown. Toss the doll behind the workbench that is blocking the office door to set off the propane tanks, knocking the workbench aside.


Foreman's Office

Enter the Security Foreman's office; be ready to press the Player Response button when the prompt appear shortly after entering. Open the file cabinet drawer that is marked   “Masks” and press the Player Response button when the prompt appears. The masks aren't where they should be, but one can be found in the bottom drawer of the desk closest to the flames. Be careful after putting on the mask, because a burning man will lunge at you.

Mask Drawer


Exit the office and head through the second door. Move the debris off of the trapped man and then go through the door on the left. Move to the other end of the catwalk and drop down to the catwalk below.

Trapped Man

Assembly Line 2

Ignore your Spectrometer for now and slide down the nearby ladder to fight off the burning enemies below. Afterwards, move through the ruined cabin and turn the valve attached the pipeline behind it. Shutting off this valve lowers the flames that are blocking off the doll container along the broken conveyer belt. Take a doll from the container and climb back up the ladder. Stand a safe distance away and throw the doll next to the shelves and other junk that are blocking the way to the next valve. If thrown correctly, the way will be cleared when the doll goes off.



Emitter (2/3): Once the garbage has been moved out of the way, head to the very back of the area. The emitter is attached to the wall next to the furnace. Be careful though, as a couple of burning dolls will emerge from the furnace.


Turn the valve here and then slide back down the ladder. Shutting off the valve stopped the other flames that were blocking your way before, so move through the ruined cabin again and pass by the conveyer belt. There are a couple of burning enemies to watch out for here. There's a storage locker which contains a couple of health packs too, so seek it if you need to restore your health. Move down the corridor near the painting on the wall to reach the next area.

Boss Battle -- Use the switch to operate the conveyer belt and you will attract an especially disconcerting individual. This strange character is quite deadly; she is very quick and wields a “lollypop” saw that can dish out some serious hurt. It would be best to get this weapon out of her hands right off the bat, so hit her with the Disarm Attack Combo (Hook Attack Combo Attack). Once the weapon is out of her hands, feel free to take it for yourself. Try your best to parry her attacks and hit her with a few combos until she retreats. A cabinet by the entrance to this area holds a few health packs, so sprint over to it if you need to restore your health.


Health Packs

It's not over yet; your enemy has taken refuge on the catwalk at the other end of the room where she has two containers of exploding dolls at her disposal. She'll throw the dolls at you from the catwalk, but you can fight back with your own arsenal. There is a container of dolls tucked away behind the furthest pillar in the room. You must use these dolls to bring her down by throwing them over to the catwalk she is on, avoiding the dolls thrown towards you at the same time. She moves fast, so you'll have to time your throw just right to catch her in the doll's blast radius.

 A good time to throw it is while she's running across the catwalk to one of the doll containers; throw the doll near the container that she is going for before she reaches it and hopefully she will take some damage. All the while you'll have to work to avoid the blasts from the dolls thrown at you, so sprint to the other side of the room if one lands near you, or seek refuge behind the pillar. Hit her with exploding dolls enough times and she will run off.


Doll Container

After the fight, head up the ramp to reach the catwalk and go through the door. Move down this hall until you reach the elevator.


When you reach the service elevator, Le Rue will ask you to tell him its ID. Examine the sign on the elevator. Careful now, this is “shaft” 4C, but “service elevator” 3B, so select “Service Elevator 3B” from the choices to earn a Perfect rating. Afterwards, try to start the elevator to find that it is not operational.

Forensics -- You're going to have to correctly rewire the elevator panel to get the elevator up and running. The smaller panel on the other side of the elevator is correctly wired, so you can use that one as a guide to rewire the bigger one. Connector #1 is the Bare wire, Connector #2 is the Thick wire, and Connector #3 is the Stripped wire.

Correct Wiring


Unfortunately rewiring the panel does not completely repair the service elevator as it has blown a fuse, so you'll have to find a replacement. Climb through the hatch at the top of the elevator to get out.

Emitter (3/3): Walk down the steps outside of the elevator until the Spectrometer icon appears on screen. At this point, head down the last set of steps and scan the wall to the left to spot the emitter.


Climb the stairs up to the top of the elevator shaft and make your way to the end of the path. Enter the room beyond the debris and take one of the fuses that are on the table there. Attempt to return to the elevator and a doll will appear. It explodes and breaks the wooden boards below it, causing you to fall down to the floor below. Guess whose back? It's that strange woman you faced at the assembly line. She'll have her Lollypop Saw here too, so quickly get it out of her hands and pick it up for your own use. Try to parry her attacks and hit her with a few combos or your Stun gun to allow you to get a few hits in. There is a cabinet in this area that holds a few health packs that can be used to restore your health if need be. When your opponent falls to her knees, drag her over to the nearby skull icon to end her with a brutal environmental kill.



Duck under the debris blocking the doorway and drop back down into the elevator. Replace the fuse to start the elevator and complete the mission.

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Fun game you got to think its made by Sega a horror game but its great
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My husband played this game and it was good until te point he almost broke my controllee. I hate when he gets games like these. But it keep his mind busy.
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this game is fun
people should make a nothere one
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